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Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Spectroscopy
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About Instrument and its applications-
EPR is a non-destructive analytical technique and is the only method available for the direct detection of paramagnetic species. Free radicals and transition metal ions can be identified and quantified in solids, liquids, gases, cells, and in vivo. The difference between the energies of two possible spin states of a free electron in an applied magnetic H is ΔE = gμBH where μB is Bohr's magnetron and g is the Landé factor (almost exactly equal to 2 for a free electron). The absorption of electromagnetic radiation at the resonance frequency ν = ΔE/h induces transitions from the low-energy level to the higher level. The resonance frequency lies in the X-band between 9-10 GHz.

1) Physics: Susceptibility, semiconductors, Quantum dots, Defect centers
2) Chemistry: Free radicals formation, ET reaction kinetics, Organo metallic, catalysis, molecular magnets, electrochemical studies and spin labels
3) Biology: Enzyme reaction. ET reaction, folding & dynamics, metal centers, structural elucidation.
4) Material research: Polymers, glasses, superconductors, corrosion, fullerenes, carbon dating
5) Medical research: In vivo free radical concentration and EPR imaging.

General Information-
Make - BRUKER BIOSPIN, Germany
Model- EMXmicro A200-9.5/12/S/W
Year of Installation- 2019

1) Source: Microwave X Band
2) Accessories:
(a) UV irradiation
(b) Goniometer
3) Operation mode:
Powder, liquid and crystal samples at Room Temperature and down to 100 K
4) Software: Bruker WIN EPR Acquisition and Processing

Sample Requirements-
1) Clearly state the type of analysis required, Powder/Solution and also Room Temperature/Low temperature.
2) For liquid samples, suggest name of solvent.
3) Provide minimum 15-20 mg of solid sample in powder form.
4) Provide minimum 3-5 ml of liquid sample.

Contact Person-
Dr. Jay Singh Meena
Technical Officer-II
Tel: +91-1332-285779/286170