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Fluorescence Lifetime System (TCSPC)
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About Instrument and its applications-
Fluorescence spectroscopy is among one of the powerful analytical probes being used extensively for analysis and characterization of compounds/materials in chemistry, materials science, physics, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, environmental science, nanotechnology etc. A variety of light emitting diode (LED)/laser diode (LD) devices are employed as light source to generate ns/ps pulses over a wide spectral range. The pulse excites the sample from which the emission can be detected in UV-VIS range. The fluorescence decay kinetics along with the lifetime data usually provide an unambiguous identification of fluorescing material. The present fluorescence lifetime system is able to probe fast kinetic decay taking place in sub-nanosecond to fractions of second time domain. Besides, this method is also used to analyse the complex photochemical and energy transfer processes occurring in the excited state. Polarization accessory may be used to determine the fluorescence anisotropy.

General Information-
Model- FLS-1000-xs-t
Year of Installation-2023

1) Excitation Sources: Pulsed Light Emitting Diode (EPLED) of wavelength 250 nm, 340 nm and 380 nm and Picosecond Pulsed Diode Laser sources (EPL) with wavelength of – 405 nm, 450 nm, 510 nm and 635 nm
2) Emission Monochromator: Focal Length 3250 mm, Spectral resolution 0.05 nm, Grating to cover from 200 nm to 1700 nm, Slit (Continuously variable 5 micron to 12 mm)
3) Fluorescence Detection range: 200 nm to 850 nm
4) Sample Holder: Available for Solid, Thin Films, Liquid Samples
5) Polarization Accessory: Automated with computer controlled (240 - 2300 nm) in the excitation and emission path
6) Temperature Range: -10 to 105 degree Celcius

Sample Requirements-
Liquid: 3-5 ml ( ≤ 5X 10-5 M))
Powder: 5-10 mg
Thin-Film: Minimum sample size (~15 mm x 10 mm)

Contact Person-
Dr. Jay Singh Meena
Technical Officer-II
Tel: +91-1332-285779/286170