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Grazing Incidence-X-Ray Diffractometer (GI-XRD)
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About Instrument and its Applications-
X-ray Diffraction (XRD) is a high-tech, non-destructive technique for analyzing a wide range of materials, including fluids, metals, minerals, polymers, catalysts, plastics, pharmaceuticals, thin-film coatings, ceramics, solar cells and semiconductors. Throughout industry and research institutions, XRD has become an indispensable method for materials investigation, characterization and quality control. Example areas of application include qualitative and quantitative phase analysis, crystallography, structure and relaxation determination, texture and residual stress investigations. This new X-ray diffraction system features the PhotonMax high-flux 9 kW rotating anode X-ray source coupled with a HyPix-3000 high-energy-resolution 2D multidimensional semiconductor detector that supports 0D, 1D and 2D measurement modes, allowing all applications to be handled with a single detector, eliminating the inconvenience of preparing and switching individual detectors for different applications. The HyPix-3000 detector can be used to obtain 2D powder diffraction patterns, which can be processed to deliver superior qualitative analysis by using all the 2D pattern information.

General Information-
Make- Rigaku
Model- Smart Lab
Year of Installation- 2019

1) X-Ray Source : 9kW for Photon Max Rorating Anode
2) Detector : HyPix-3000 high energy resolution 2D HPAD detector
3) Smallest angular step size: 0.0001 degree
4) Reproducibility : +/- 0.0001 degree
5) Angular range (2Theta): 5 degree to 120 degree

Sample Requirements-
Thin film or Solid sample

Contact Persons-
Mohd. Danish
Junior Lab Assistant
Tel: +91-1332-286302

Mr. Ravindra Saini
Technical Officer
Tel: +91-1332-286272