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Inductivily Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICPMS-MS)
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About Instrument and its applications-
The ICP-MS at IIT Roorkee caters to the need of various users from all over the country since 2005.Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) is the fastest multi-element trace element analysis technique. ICP-Q-MS is mainly used for rapid, precise and accurate trace (<1000 ppm) element determinations in liquid and solid samples, but other applications include isotopic determinations and speciation studies. The power of modern ICP-Q-MS resides in its ability to rapidly measure trace elements at very low detection limits (to sub parts per trillion levels) as well as minor and major elements (at parts per million levels) in the same analytical run on suitably diluted samples. Type: Inductively Coupled Plasma Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

ICP-MS Applications:
The most common applications for ICP-MS are in biological, environmental, geological, and industrial fields. The following is a modest list of materials that have been analyzed by ICP-MS.
Archeological Applications: raw materials
Biological and Applications: bones, feathers, hair, human breath, milk, shells, stomach contents, teeth, tissues, urine, zooplankton.
Plants: barks, fertilizers, fruits, grass, leaves, mushrooms, roots, tree rings, wood.
Foods: beverages, food packaging, juices, milk, metabolites, rice flour, seafood, wine. Health sciences: pathology, chemotherapy drugs, illicit drugs, medicines, toxicology studies, metabolism studies, dietary supplements. Earth Science Applications: fossils, minerals, meteorites, rocks, soil, waters.
Environmental Applications: atmospheric deposits (wet, dry), pollution, brines, car exhaust particles, coal fly ash, dust, gases from landfills, organic waste, paint, snow, sludge.
Industrial Applications: alloys, automobile catalytic converters, ceramics, dyes, glass, nuclear industry products, paint, paper, petroleum based products, plastics, rare earth element compounds, steel, silica, superconductors, sulfides.

General Information-
Make- Agilent
Model- 8900 ICP-MS Triple Quad
Year of Installation- 2020

1) Detection range and limit : Li to U, up to sub ppb
2) Frequency : 40 MHz, free running
3) Power : 1600 Watts
4) Torch : Concentric Quartz Tube
5) Injector : Alumina, 2.0 mm i. d.
6) Spray Chamber : Scott Type
7) Nebulizer : Cross flow design with Gem Tips
8) Variable speed Peristaltic Pump 9) Dynamic Reaction Cell

Sample Requirements-
Nitric acid based liquid samples

Contact Person-
Mr. Kamal Singh Gotyan
Senior Scientific Officer
Tel: +91-1332-285384