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Macromolecular Crystallographic Unit (MCU)
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About Instrument and its applications-
The Macromolecular Crystallographic Unit (MCU) at IIC, IIT Roorkee has the newly installed X-ray diffractometer Rigaku Micromax 007 HF with HyPix-6000 detector. It has the most advanced detector and provides the solution for current and future macromolecular crystallography applications. It has high precision and unique telescopic two-theta arm with 2x faster movement compared to the previous generation to get the quick data collection. It has microfocus beam for mounting small crystals. It is noise-free and does direct photon counting generating high accuracy data. It has a readout time of 3.7 ms (standard) / 0 ms (in zero dead-time mode) while the earlier machine had 1 min readout time with 1 min dead-time. The maximum frame rate is 100 fps while the earlier machine had only 3 frames per min.

General Information-
Make- Rigaku
Model- Micromax 007 HF
Year of Installation- 2021

1) Direct, digital X-ray photon counting
2) No phosphor blooming, no afterglow
3) Single pixel point spread function with top-hat profile
4) 100 μm x 100 μm pixel size
5) Detector face 77.5 mm x 80.3 mm
6) No dark noise, no readout noise
7) Frame rate of 100 Hz
8) Electronically gateable
9) Radiation tolerant design

Sample Requirements-
Protein crystals

Contact Person-
Dr. Shriniwas Yadav
Technical Officer-II
Office Tel: +91-1332-284560