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Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM)
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About Instrument and its applications-
Scanning probe microscopy covers several related technologies for imaging and measuring surfaces on a fine scale, down to the level of molecules and groups of atoms. SPM technologies share the concept of scanning an extremely sharp tip (3-50 nm radius of curvature) across the object surface. The tip is mounted on a flexible cantilever, allowing the tip to follow the surface profile. When the tip moves in proximity to the investigated object, forces of interaction between the tip and the surface influence the movement of the cantilever. These movements are detected by selective sensors. Various interactions can be studied depending on the mechanics of the probe. SPM techniques available at IIT Roorkee to cater to the needs of students and workers include a scanning probe microscope core with modules including AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy), STM (Scanning Tunneling Microscopy) and MFM (Magnetic Force Microscopy).

General Information-
Make- NT-MDT
Year of Installation- 2005

1) Built-in, closed loop capacitive sensors:
Result in accurate and reproducible measurements. Even when scanning areas are as small as 50x50 nm, their exceptionally low noise levels (down to 0.1 nm typically) allows NTEGRA to image and modify the surface with the sensors engaged.
2) Integrated optical viewing system:
a) Can help to zoom in to target the SPM tip on that exact area then control the scanning process in real time.
b) HRV (High Resolution Viewing) System allows one to peer under the working probe by combining the STM and AFM head into one module.
3) XY sample positioning range, resolution: 5x5 mm, 5 µm
4) Positioning sensitivity: 2 µm
5) Scan Range: 100x100x10 µm/ 3x3x2.6 µm
6) Noise level:
a) Z (RMS in bandwidth 1000 Hz): 0.04 nm (typically), less than 0.06 nm.
b) XY ((RMS in bandwidth 200 Hz): 0.2 nm (typically), less than 0.3 nm (XY 100 µm)
7) Optical viewing system:
a) Optical resolution: 1 µm (0.4 µm optional, NA 0.7)
b) Field of view: 4.5-0.4 mm
c) Continuous zoom: available

Sample Requirements-
Solid or Thin Film (Sample Dimension: 1.5 cm2 x Thickness upto 3 mm)

Contact Person-
Dr. Vipin Chawla
Technical Officer-III
Tel: +91-1332-284580