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Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM)
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About Instrument and its applications-
The magnetic properties of solids are very important, and attempts to understand them have led to a deep insight into the fundamental structure of many solids, both metallic and nonmetallic. The VSM is the instrument used to measure the magnetic moment, the most fundamental quantity in magnetism, of solid samples. When a sample material is placed in uniform magnetic field, a dipole moment proportional to the product of sample susceptibility and applied field is induced in the sample. If the sample is made to undergo sinusoidal motion as well, an electrical signal will be induced in suitable located stationary pick-coils. This signal, which is at the vibration frequency, is proportional to the magnetic moment, vibration amplitude and vibration frequency. The instrument displays the magnetic moment in e.m.u. units.

General Information-
Make- Lake Shore
Model- 7410 Series VSM
Year of Installation- 2019

1) Dynamic Range: 1 × 10-7 to 103 emu.
2) Time constants (TC): 0.1, 0.3, 1.0, 3.0, or 10.0 s
3) Reproducibility: Better than ±0.5%, or ±0.1% of full scale, fixed rotation angle and range, with sample replacement
4) Magnetic field :
a) At Room Temperature: ±3.1T
b) At Oven( RT to 1273K): ±2.2T
c) At Low Temperature (15K to RT): ±2.2T
5) Noise Floor (emu RMS) :
a) At Room Temperature: 0.75 µemu
b) At Oven( RT to 1273K): 2.5 µemu
c) At Low Temperature (15K to RT): 2.5 µemu
6) Rotation : up to 360° continous with resolution of 0.1°.

Sample Requirements-
1) Powder Sample: 5 mg to 20 mg
2) Solid or Thin Film sample: Max. Sample Dimension: 1 mm x 2 mm x 3 mm

Contact Person-
Dr. Vipin Chawla
Technical Officer - III
Tel: +91-1332-284580