Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee has its roots in the Roorkee College established in 1847 as the first engineering college in India, which was soon rechristened as Thomason College of Civil Engineering in 1854 after its mentor James Thomason. After about 100 years of distinguished services, the college was elevated to the University of Roorkee as the first Engineering University of independent India on November 25, 1949. On 21 September 2001, the university was converted into an IIT by the Government of India. It has now 21 academic departments/centers offering 12 undergraduate courses in engineering and architecture, 3 dual degree programs in engineering, and over 48 postgraduate courses in engineering, architecture, sciences, computer applications, and business administration besides research programs at the doctoral level.
In view of the increasing importance of the Electronics Engineering discipline, a separate Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering was established in 1964 to offer Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics & Communication and Master of Engineering degrees in (a) Advanced Electronics and (b) Applied Electronics & Servomechanisms. In 1968, the postgraduate programme was restructured with specializations in the areas of Communication Systems, Control and guidance, Microwaves and Radar, and Solid-State Electronics. Two new undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Computer Science and Technology were started in the year 1982. Keeping in view the activities of the Department, the name was changed to Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering. In January 2013, the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering was been bifurcated into two separate departments, i.e., 'Electronics and Communication Engineering' and 'Computer Science and Engineering'.
Currently, the department offers degree in B. Tech., M. Tech. and Ph.D. programmes.
The Department has successfully completed a large number of sponsored research projects funded by DRDO, DST, UGC, ISRO, DOE, AICTE, MCIT etc. Besides, the Department provides R &D and consultancy services to various industries.