Major Research Areas
Major Research Areas
Major Expertise of the Department
Application of Geophysical Signal Processing for Earth System
Biostratigraphy, Organic Evolution and Paleoclimate
Crustal Deformation Studies and Transient Behaviour Analysis using GPS Data
Electromagnetic and Magnetotelluric Methods
Engineering Geology
Forward and Inverse Modeling of Resistivity data for Ground Water Prospecting
Forward and Inverse Modeling of Seismological Data
Gravity and Magnetics Prospecting
High pressure & high temperature lab investigation
Himalayan Tectonics and Orogeny
Integrated reservoir characterization
Metamorphic and Precambrian Tectonics
Oceanography and Paleooceanography
Ore Deposit Geology
Remote Sensing and GIS
Rock Physics & Petrophysics
Sedimentology and Basin Analysis
Seismic Hazard Assessment
Seismic Signal Processing for Hydrocarbon Exploration
Seismic Travel Time and Attenuation Tomography
Strong Motion Seismology
Structural and Deformation Geology
Subsurface Investigations using Ambient Noise Studies