e-learning portal
The department of earthquake engineering has started a new portal for e-learning particularly for the students to provide them study material for the remaining contact hours of the current/on-going semester in the form of e- lectures/homemade video lectures/lectures in pdf/ppt. etc. As we know, this resource material may not be a substitute for the class room teaching but may be useful to you in this lock-down period. It is also requested, kindly to suggest what effort may be made further to enhance the capability of the e-learning portal through your valuable feedback.
Course Material
Seismic Evaluation and Retrofitting of Structures EQN-514 (Prof. Pankaj Agarwal)
Advance Earthquake Resistant Design (Prof. Yogendra Singh)
EQN-563 Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures (Prof. Manish Shrikhande)
Agrawal, P., & Shrikhande, M. (2006). Earthquake resistant design of structures. PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.
Training programme on Strong Motion Data Processing (Prof. Manish Shrikhande)
Finite Element Method EQN-504 (Prof. Manish Shrikhande)
NPTEL Course on Finite Element Method and Computational Structural Dynamics
Computer Systems and Programming (Prof. Manish Shrikhande)