Ph.D. Alumni
S.NO. Year Name of Candidate Topic Supervisor
353 2023 Pooja Chauhan Differential Protection Schemes For Low-Voltage DC Microgrid Dr. C. P. Gupta & Dr. Manoj Tripathi
352 2023 Ankan Chandra Protection Of Distribution System Integrated With Renewable Energy Sources Dr. G. K. Singh & Dr. Vinay Pant
351 2023 Rashmi Prasad Quantification,Analysis, And Assistance To System Inertia Dr. N. P. Padhy
350 2023 Ankur Srivastava Investigation On Grid Connected Transformerless PV Inverter Dr. Jeevanand Seshadrinath
349 2023 C.P.Pramod Interpretability Of Randomized Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Systems Dr. G. N. Pillai
348 2023 Muneer V Investigation On Three Phase CHB Based SAPF And UPQC Dr. Avik Bhattacharya
347 2023 Prateek Singh Automated Arrhythmia Detection Using ECG Signals Dr. Ambalika Sharma
346 2023 Sukhlal Sisodiya Demand Side Management In Power Distribution System Dr. G. B. Kumbhar
345 2023 Jitendra Sharma PID Controller Design For Interval Type Systems Using Stability Boundary Locus Dr. Rajendra Prasad & Dr. Yogesh Vijay Hote
344 2023 Harshit Mohan Direct Power Control of Induction Motor Drives Dr. M. K. Pathak & Dr. Sanjeet Dwivedi
343 2023 Pravin Kumar Islanding Detection And Voltage-Frequency Control Of Microgrid Dr. Vishal Kumar & Dr. Barjeev Tyagi
342 2022 Fatimatelbatdul Husari Deep Learning Based Intelligent Fault Diagnosis Of Electric Drive System Dr. Jeevanand Seshadrinath
341 2022 Rubell Sen Goopta Investigations On Reduced Switch Multilevel Inverters Dr. Avik Bhattacharya
340 2022 Gagandeep Singh Dua Monitoring And Protection Of Reconfigurable Distribution Networks And Microgrids Using Synchrophasor Measurements Dr. Barjeev Tyagi & Dr. Vishal Kumar
339 2022 Rupak Chakraborty A Study On Modular Multilevel Converters For Medium Voltage Dc Transmission Systems Dr. Anubrata Dey
338 2022 Abhisek Mishra Synchrophasor Technology For Islanding And Restoration Of Smart Distributed Generation System Dr. Premalata Jena
337 2022 Reddipalli Bhargav Protection Schemes For Low- Voltage Dc And Hybrid Ac/Dc Microgrid Dr. C. P. Gupta & Dr. Bhavesh R. Bhalja
336 2022 Soumyendu Banerjee Compression Of Electrocardiogram Signal And Steganography Dr. G. K. Singh
335 2022 Sanjay Kumar PMU Placement Considering Component Reliability Of Power System And Its Application For Online Voltage Stability Monitoring Dr. Barjeev Tyagi, Dr.Vishal Kumar & Dr. Sunita Chohan
334 2022 Juttu Tejeswara Rao Secured Third Zone Protection Under Stressed Conditions Of Transmission System Dr. Bhavesh R. Bhalja
333 2022 Subho Paul Residential Area Energy Management Using Demand Regulation And Storage Devices Dr. N. P. Padhy
332 2022 Ajay Kumar Maurya Investigations On Solar And Ocean Wave Based Hybrid Energy System Dr. S. P. Singh
331 2022 Maneesh Kumar Planning, Operation Control Of An And Isolated Microgrid with Renewable Energy and storage Dr. Barjeev Tyagi
330 2022 Samba Raju Chiluveru Development Of Speech Enhancement Algorithms For Real Time Application Dr. Manoj Tripathi
329 2022 Prachi Indian Sign Recognition Language Dr. R. S. Anand
328 2022 Gaurav Cognitive Assessment Based On Psychophysiological Parameters Dr. R. S. Anand & Dr. Vinod Kumar
327 2022 Rohit Kumar Investigation On Voltage Regulation And Current Sharing In Dc Microgrid Dr. M. K. Pathak
326 2021 Thomas Joseph Dynamic State Estimation and Optimal Control of Multi-Area Power System Using PMU Dr. Barjeev Tyagi & Dr.Vishal Kumar
325 2021 Jose Thankachan Multiport Solar-Assisted SRM Drive For EV/HEV Applications With Integrated Driving/Charging Capabilities Dr. S. P. Singh
324 2021 Kanhaiya Kumar Loss Of Life Assessment Of Distribution Transformers In Active Distribution Systems Dr. G. B. Kumbhar
323 2021 Mahendra Kumar PIDA Controller Design AND IT Applications Dr. Yogesh Vijay Hote
322 2021 Ashish Rohila Analysis And Interpretation Of Heart Rate Variability Dr. Ambalika Sharma
321 2021 Toshi Sharma Investigation On MRAC Based Direct Torque Control Of IPMSM Drive Dr. Avik Bhattacharya
320 2021 Shivam Jain Design of AMC and ADRC Controllers for Linear and Time Delayed systems with Fractional Aspect and Their Applications Dr. Yogesh Vijay Hote
319 2021 Pushkar Prakash Arya Advanced Internal Model Controller Design for time Delayed Processes Dr. Sohom Chakrabarty
318 2021 Surender Hans Design Devevopment and Control of Flexible Needle For Percutaneous Intervention Dr. Felix Orlando Maria Joseph
317 2021 Phanindra K. Ganivada Synchrophasor Technology Assisted Protection schemes For Active distribution Network Dr. Premalata Jena
316 2021 Sandhya Prajapati Solar Photovoltaic Systems for Energy Applications some simulated Investigations Dr. E. Fernandez
315 2021 Vishal Kumar Gaur Fault Detection and Location Algorithms for Transmission Line Dr. Bhavesh R. Bhalja
314 2020 Sachinanda Sen Modeling And Control Of Islanded Microgrid With Inverter Interfaced Pv-Battery Sources Dr. Vishal Kumar
313 2020 V. G. Durgarao Rayudu Model Order Reduction For Linear Dynamic Systems And Controller Design Dr. Indra Gupta & Dr. Rajendra Pratap
312 2020 Teenu Techel Davis Investigations On Capacitor Voltage Balancing For Three-Phase Hybrid Multilevel Inverter Dr. Anubrata Dey
311 2020 Parveen Kumar Authentication Of Document Images Dr. Ambalika Sharma
310 2020 Haris Ahmed Applications of DMC Based SST For Renewable Energy System Dr. Avik Bhattacharya
309 2020 Ginbar Ensermu Geleta Investigation of DC Microgrid Stability For Source Disturbances Dr. Avik Bhattacharya
308 2020 Gururaj M. V. Performance Investigation Of A DFIG Interfaced With A Microgrid Dr. N. P. Padhy
307 2020 Sabhadia Hareshkumar Parshottom Photovoltaic Battery Based Power Management Scheme For Islanded Microgrid Dr. Biswarup Das
306 2020 Soumitri Jena Improved Schemes For Busbar and Breaker-Failure Protection Dr. Bhavesh R. Bhalja
305 2020 Kiran Singh Investigation on Six-Phase Self Excited Induction Generator Dr. G. K. Singh
304 2020 Sneha Singh Fusion Of Multimodal Neurological Images Dr. R. S. Anand
303 2020 Dogga Raveendhra Improved Power Quality Transformerless Power Converters For Solar PV System Dr. M. K. Pathak
302 2019 Saran Satsangi Integrated Volt/Var Optimization in Distribution Presence of Systems in Distributed Generation Dr. G. B. Kumbhar
301 2019 Shanti Chandra Data Compression Of ECG Rhythms Dr. Ambalika Sharma & Dr. G. K. Singh
300 2019 Vishwanatha Siddhartha Modeling, Analysis And Control Of Non-Isolated Dc-Dc Converters Dr. Yogesh Vijay Hote
299 2019 Arvind Kumar Prajapati Model Order Reduction For Linear Dynamic Systems And Its Application Dr. Rajendra Pratap
298 2019 Sudharsana Rao Potturu Reduced Order Modelling For Control System Design Dr. Rajendra Pratap
297 2019 Praveen Kumar FPGA Prototyping For Microgrid Protection Dr. Vishal Kumar & Dr. Rajendra Pratap
296 2019 Sweta Tripathi Segmentation and Detection Of Abnormalities in Brain Mr Images Dr. R. S. Anand & Dr. E. Fernandez
295 2019 Naveen Yalla Investigation On Multi Point Clamped-Multilevel High Power Factor Converters Dr. Pramod Agarwal
294 2019 Tushar Tyagi Capacitance to With Frequency Conversion Based On Recursive Discrete Fourier Transform Dr. P. Sumathi
293 2019 Krishna Murari AC-DC Load Flow Analysis For Distribution Systems Renewable Generations Dr. N. P. Padhy
292 2019 Rinalini Lahon Cost-Based Energy Management For Cooperative Microgrids Dr. C. P. Gupta & Dr. E. Fernandez
291 2019 Jyoti Shukla Small Signal Stability Constrained Distribution System Reconfiguration Dr. Biswarup Das
290 2019 Chinmaya K. A. Analysis of Six-Phase Induction Machine For Renewable And Sustainable Energy Applications Dr. G. K. Singh
289 2019 Bhatt Kunal Ashvinkumar Controlled Application For Switching Transmission Lines And Power Apparatus Dr. Bhavesh R. Bhalja
288 2019 Janardhana Kotturu Investigation on Power Quality Improvement Using UPQC Dr. Pramod Agarwal
287 2019 Jayendra Kumar Feature Extraction And Classification Of Radiographic Weld Images Dr. S.P. Srivastava & Dr. R. S. Anand
286 2019 Narendrababu A. Three-Phase Multipoint Clamped Inverters And Modulation Strategies Dr. Pramod Agarwal
285 2019 Soumi Ray Brain Images Analysis For SDH And EDH Trauma Classification Dr. R. S. Anand, Dr.Vinod Kumar & Dr. N. Khandelwal
284 2019 Pannala Sanjeev Power Control & Management of DC Microgrid Dr. Pramod Agarwal & Dr. N. P. Padhy
283 2019 Yogesh K. Sariya Functional Network Connectivity Analysis of Human Brain Dr. R. S. Anand
282 2019 Santosh K. Singh Performance Analysis of UPS Inverters Systems Dr. Sumit GhatakChoudhuri
281 2019 Guruswamy K. P Analysis And Control of Bidirectional Dc-Dc Converters Dr. S.P.Singh
280 2019 Yogesh Kumar Manibhai Makwana Protection of Distribution Systems During Distributed Generators Environment Dr. Bhavesh R. Bhalja
279 2019 Hanwate Sandeep Devrao Approaches of PID Controller Design With Applications And Experimental Validation Dr. Yogesh Vijay Hote
278 2018 Bhavin Jagdishbhai Shah Damping Of Inter-Area Mode Oscillations Using Facts Controllers Dr. Pramod Agarwal & Dr. G. N. Pillai
277 2018 Mahamad Nabab Alam Protection Coordination In Transmission And Distribution Systems Dr. Biswarup Das
276 2018 Akhilesh Mathur Short-Circuit Analysis Of Unbalanced Distribution Systems Dr. Vinay Pant
275 2018 Yarlagadda Srinivasa Rao Power Quality Improvement Using Modular D-Statcom Dr. M. K. Pathak
274 2018 Vadthya Jagan Investigations On Enhanced-Boost Z -Source Inverters Dr. Sharmili Das
273 2018 Sukanta Halder Investigations On Multi-Level Inverter Fed Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive Dr. Pramod Agarwal & Dr. S. P. Srivastava
272 2018 Shihabudheen K V Modeling And Control Using Improved Neuro-Fuzzy Systems Dr. G. N. Pillai
271 2018 Sarangthem Sanajaoba Singh Simulated Performance Of A Hybrid Energy System For A Remote Area Dr. E. Fernandez
270 2018 Arun Balodi Analysis Of Mitral Regurgitation Using Echocardiographic Images Dr. M. L. Dewal & Dr. R. S. Anand
269 2018 Afroz Alam Optimal Placement Of Protective Devices In Distribution System Dr. Vinay Pant
268 2017 Shailendra Kumar Bhasker Algorithms for Differential Protection of Indirect Symmetrical Phase Shift Transformer Dr. Manoj Tripathy & Dr. Vishal Kumar
267 2017 Sahaj Saxena PID Control Strategies via IMC For Linear and Interval Systems Dr. Yogesh Vijay Hote
266 2017 Omhari Gupta Protection Aspects of Transmission Line and Microgrid In The Presence of Switching Devices Dr. Manoj Tripathi
265 2017 Nishant Jain Segmentation and Classification of Liver Ultrasound Images Dr. Vinod Kumar
264 2017 Nagendra Kumar Frequency Regulation In Deregulated Environment Dr. Barjeev Tyagi & Dr. Vishal Kumar
263 2017 Mithun Mondal Localization of Partial Discharge In Transformer Winding Using Terminal Measurements Dr. G.B. Kumbhar
262 2017 Jitendra Kumar Adaptive Distance Relaying For Power Networks Dr. Premalata Jena
261 2017 Harikrishna M. Adaptive Protection Schemes For Microgrid Environment Dr. Premalata Jena
260 2017 Bhavik Rajnikant Patel Face Image Analysis For Soft Biometric Classification Dr. R.P. Maheshwari & Dr. R. Balasubramanian
259 2017 Anubhav Agrawal Matrix Converter Fed Induction Motor Drive Dr. Pramod Agarwal & Dr. Sharmili Das
258 2017 Amit Narwal Order Reduction For Linear Systems and Control System Design Dr. Rajendra Prasad
257 2016 Venkata Ramana Naik N Investigations on Direct Torque Control of Induction Motor Drive Dr. S.P.Singh
256 2016 Swati Sondhi Fractional Order Based Techniques For Stability Analysis and Controller Design Dr. Yogesh V.Hote
255 2016 Suraparaju Krishnamaraju Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Controllers For Renewable Energy Systems Dr.G.N.Pillai
254 2016 Subramanya M.B. Classification of B-Mode Ultrasound Kidney and Liver Images Dr. Vinod Kumar, Dr. S. Mukherjee & Dr. Manju Saini
253 2016 Sanjiv Kumar Performance Enhancement of Multilevel Inverter For Induction Motor Drive Dr. Pramod Agarwal
252 2016 Sandeep Kaur Distributed Generation Planning Using Hybrid Optimization Approaches Dr. J.D.Sharma (Late) & Dr. G.B.Kumbhar
251 2016 Sachin Singh Design and Evaluation of Enhancement Techniques For Single-Channel Speech Dr. Manoj Tripathy & Dr. R. S. Anand
250 2016 Pushkar Tripathi Fault Classification and Location In Series Compensated Transmission Line Dr. G. N. Pillai & Dr. Hari Om Gupta
249 2016 Pratul Arvind Detection, Identification and Location of Faults In Distribution System Dr. R. P. Maheshwari
248 2016 Poddar Monappa Gundappa Heart Rate Variability Analysis and Classification Dr. Vinod Kumar & Dr. Yash Paul Sharma(Chandigarh)
247 2016 Padma Ganasala Fusion of Anatomical and Functional Neurological Images Dr. Vinod Kumar
246 2016 Novalio Daratha Voltage Control In Distribution System With Distributed Generation Dr. J. D. Sharma (Late) & Dr. Biswarup Das
245 2016 Nandkishor Wasudeorao Kinhekar Demand Side Management Using Smart Grid Technology Dr. N. P. Padhy & Dr. Hari Om Gupta
244 2016 Nagendra H Evaluation of Physiological Parameters For Cognitive Performance Dr. Vinod Kumar & Dr. S.Mukherjee
243 2016 Nagashettappa Biradar Denoising and Segmentation of Echocardiographic Images In Multiple Views Dr. M.L.Dewal & Dr. Manoj Kumar Rohit(Chandigarh)
242 2016 Man Mohan Garg Modeling and Control of Dc-Dc Converters Dr. Yogesh Vijay Hote & Dr. Mukesh Kumar Pathak
241 2016 Ksh Milan Singh Vibration Parameter Estimation Technique For Ultrasonic Measurement Systems Dr. P. Sumathi
240 2016 Kishore Kumar Pedapenki Investigations on The Soft Computing Techniques In Shunt Active Filters Dr. S. P. Gupta & Dr. M. K. Pathak
239 2016 K S Sajan Synchrophasors Based Power System Monitoring and Voltage Control Dr. Barjeev Tyagi & Dr. Vishal Kumar
238 2016 Dhanavath Suresh Mli Based Active Power Filter For Power Quality Improvement Dr. S.P. Singh
237 2016 Aurobinda Panda Improved Power Converter For Distributed Photovoltaic Generation System Dr. M.K. Pathak & Dr. S.P. Srivastava
236 2016 Ashok Manori Development of Protection Algorithms For Compensated Power Network Dr. Manoj Tripathy & Dr. H.O. Gupta
235 2016 Ashok Kumar Dohare Ecg Analysis and Heart Disease Classification Dr. Vinod Kumar & Dr. Ritesh Kumar
234 2016 Arvindkumar Ramrekha Yadav Classification of Hardwood Species Using Multiresolution Feature Extraction Techniques Dr. R.S. Anand & Dr. M.L. Dewal & Dr. Sangeeta Gupta
233 2016 Arif Iqbal Analysis of Six-Phase Synchronous Motor Dr. G.K. Singh & Dr. Vinay Pant
232 2016 Afzal Sikander Reduced-Order Modelling For Linear Systems and Controller Design Dr. Rajendra Prasad
231 2015 Vyas Bhargav Yashvantrai Protection of Series Compensated Transmission Lines Dr. R.P. Maheshwari & Dr. Biswarup Das
230 2015 Vikramaditya Dave Development of Nanostructured Dielectric Hydrophobic Thin Films For High Voltage Insulator Dr. Hari Om Gupta & Dr. Ramesh Chandra
229 2015 Neeraj Gupta Probabilistic Analysis of Power System With Wind Generators Dr. Vinay Pant & Dr. Biswarup Das
228 2015 M.Germin Nisha Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Using Learning Machines Dr. G.N. Pillai
227 2015 Lal Bahadur Prasad Intelligent Adaptive Optimal Control of Dynamical Systems Dr. Hari Om Gupta & Dr. Barjeev Tyagi
226 2015 Kalpana Saini Processing of Echocardiographic Images With Reference To Mitral Regurgitation Dr. Manoj Kumar Rhoti & Dr. M.L. Dewal
225 2015 Himanshu Chaudhary Robot Manipulator Control Using Intelligent and Evolutionary Computing Techniques Dr. Rajendra Prasad & Dr. N.Sukavanam
224 2015 Gitanjali Mehta Analysis and Design of Photovoltaic and Fuel Cell-Based Converter Systems Dr. S.P.Singh
223 2015 Dhanesh Kumar Sambariya Small Signal Stability Enhancement Using Power System Stabilizer Dr. Rajendra Prasad
222 2015 Deep Gupta Denoising and Segmentation of Ultrasound Medical Images Dr. R.S.Anand & Dr. Barjeev Tyagi
221 2015 Charu Sharma Placement of Phasor Measurement Units and Control of Rotor Angle Stability In Power Systems Dr. Barjeev Tyagi
220 2015 Amit Kumar Singh Design of Control Schemes For Distillation Column Dr. Barjeev Tyagi & Dr. Vishal Kumar
219 2015 Ambarisha Mishra Investigations on Sensorless PMSM Drive Dr. Pramod Agarwal & Dr. S.P.Srivastava
218 2015 Ajay Shiv Sharma Gene ontology Data Mining and Systems Biology of Cancer Dr. Rajendra Prasad & Dr. Hari Om Gupta
217 2014 Yatindra Kumar Feature Extraction and Interpretation of EEG Signals Dr. M.L. Dewal & Dr. R.S. Anand
216 2014 Vasundhara Mahajan Power Quality Improvement Using Multilevel Inverter Based Hybrid Power Filter Dr. Pramod Agarwal & Dr. H.O. Gupta
215 2014 Sreenivasarao D Power Quality Improvement Using D-STATCOM Dr. Pramod Agarwal & Dr. Biswarup Das
214 2014 Satish Kumar Optimal Placement of Distributed Generation In Distribution Networks Dr. Barjeev Tyagi & Dr. Vishal Kumar
213 2014 Santosh Rangarao Desai Reduced-Order Modelling In Control System Dr. Rajendra Prasad
212 2014 Rakesh Maurya Performance Investigations of Low Voltage High Current Power Supply Dr. S.P. Srivastava & Dr. Pamod Agarwal
211 2014 Patel Jatinkumar Jagamohandas Control Strategies For Wound Rotor Induction Generator In Wind Energy Conversion System Dr. S. P. Gupta & Dr. S. P. Singh
210 2014 Megha Agarwal Enhanced Qualitative Approaches For Content-Based Image Retrieval Dr. R.P. Maheshwari
209 2014 Jitendra Virmani Analysis and Classification of B-Mode Liver Ultrasound Images Dr.Vinod Kumar & Dr.Naveen Kalra
208 2014 Jignesh Ashokbhai Makwana Performance Investigation of Switched Reluctance Motor Drive Dr. Pramod Agarwal & Dr. S.P. Srivastava
207 2014 Jayaram Nakka Improved Power Quality AC/DC Converters Dr. Pramod Agarwal & Dr. S. Das
206 2014 Giribabu Dyanamina Investigations on Sensorless Vector Control of MLI Fed Induction Motor Drive Dr. S.P. Srivastava & Dr. M.K. Pathak
205 2014 Emjee Puthooran Image Compression For Telemedicine Dr. R.S. Anand & Dr. S. Mukherjee
204 2013 Derminder Singh Analysis of Six-Phase Synchronous Machine Dr. G.K.Singh
203 2013 Tirupathiraju Kanumuri Progressive Image Coding for Region-Based Medical Image Compression Dr. M.L. Dewal & Dr. R.S. Anand
202 2013 Subhash Kumar Joshi Investigation into Performance of Transformer Feeding Non-Linear Loads Dr. H.O. Gupta & Dr. Pramod Agarwal
201 2013 Narasimharaju B.L. An Improved Bidirectional Converter Dr. S.P. Singh & Dr. S.P. Dubey
200 2013 Krishna Singh Image Classification for Plant Leaves Dr. Indra Gupta & Dr. Sangeeta Gupta
199 2013 Jainy Sachdeva Identification of Tumors on Brain MR Images Dr. Indra Gupta & Dr. Vinod Kumar & Dr. Niranjan Khandewal
198 2013 Harvendra Singh Bhadauria Denoising and Segmentation of Hemorrhagic Brain CT Images Dr. M.L. Dewal
197 2013 Gyan Ranjan Biswal Optimal HMI of Hydrogen Cooling System for Large Generators with Enhanced System Reliability Dr. R.P. Maheshwari & Dr. M.L. Dewal
196 2013 Durga Sukumar Gadwala Investigations on Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive Dr. M.K. Pathak
195 2013 Patel Janak Kumar Baldevbhai Segmentation and Analysis of Color Images Dr. R.S. Anand
194 2013 Mohammad Arif Speech Modeling and Compression Dr. R.S. Anand
193 2013 Devender Kumar Sani Some Approaches for Order Reduction of Linear Interval Systems & Controller Design Dr. Rajendra Prasad
192 2012 Tirupathi Raju Kanumuri Progressive Image Coding for Region-Based Medical Image Compression Dr. R.S. Anand & Dr. M.L. Devel
191 2012 Nitin Gupta Power Quality Improvement With Shunt Active Power Filter Dr. S.P. Singh & Dr. S.P. Dubey
190 2012 Subrahmanyam Murala Design and Integration of Feature Descriptors for Content-Based Image Retrieval Dr. R.P. Maheshwari & Dr. R. Balasubramanian
189 2012 H.S. Bhadauria Denoising and Segmentation of Hemorrhagic Brain Ct Images Dr. M.L. Dewal
188 2012 G. Durga Sukumar Investigations on Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive Dr. M.K. Pathak
187 2012 Gyan Ranjan Biswal Optimal HMI of Hydrogen Cooling System for Large Generators with Enhanced System Reliability Dr. R.P. Maheshwari & Dr. M.L. Dewal
186 2011 Abha Rajoria A Methodology for Design of Optimal Hybrid Energy Supplying Remote Areas Dr. E. Fernandez
185 2011 Nareendra Singh Beniwal Failure Analysis and Performance Enhancement of Distribution Transformers Dr. H.O. Gupta & Dr. D.K. Dwivedi
184 2011 Chetan Dattatray Kotwal SSR Analysis of Power System Compensated by Series FACTs Controllers Dr. H.O. Gupta & Dr. G.N. Pillai
183 2011 Sonal Singhal Zn1-xCdxS Semiconductor Nanostructures for Optoelectronic Application Dr. H.O. Gupta & Dr. Ramesh Chandra
182 2011 Narendra Digambar Londhe Behavioral Study of Ultrasound Wave Propagation in Biological Tissues Dr. R.S. Anand
181 2011 Dinesh Kumar Rajoria An Intelligent Approach for Spoken Hindi Paired Word Recognition Dr. R.P. Maheshwari & Dr. R.S. Anand
180 2011 Anil Gonde Balaji Local and Global Descriptors Using Wavelet-Based Features for Image Retrieval Dr. R.P. Maheshwari & Dr. R. Balasubramanian
179 2011 Madhukar M. Waware Multilevel Inverter Based Active Filter Dr. Pramod Agarwal
178 2011 Subhash Chandra FPGA Based Chip Design for DC-DC Converter Dr. Pramod Agarwal & Dr. Indra Gupta
177 2011 Sandeep Bhongade Automatic Generation Control in Regulated and Restructured Power System Dr. H.O. Gupta & Dr. Barjeev Tyagi
176 2011 Vijay Rajaram Rathod Analysis and Interpretation of Radiographical Weld Images Dr. R.S. Anand
175 2010 Patel Jatinkumar Meghajibhai Condition Monitoring of Ball Bearing Faults in Rotating Electrical Machines Dr. S.P. Gupta & Dr. Vinod Kumar
174 2010 Chetan Kotwal SSR Analysis of Power System Compensated by Series FACTS Controllers Dr. G.N. Pillai & Dr. H.O. Gupta
173 2010 Anil Kumar Quadrature Mirrors Filter Bank for Sub Land Coding Dr. G.K. Singh & Dr. R.S. Anand
172 2010 Rohit Bhakar Power Network Restructuring and Pricing Dr. N.P. Padhy & Dr. H.O. Gupta
171 2010 Ramesh K Shunkari Psycho-somatic Effect on Heart Rate Variability Dynamics Dr. R.S. Anand
170 2010 Ramdayal Patidar Modeling Control and Application of Active Power Filters to Improve Power Quality Dr. S.P. Singh
167 2010 Nidhi Taneja N.N. Kulkarni Security Solutions for Still Visual Data Dr. Indra Gupta & Dr. B. Raman
166 2010 Kanwardeep Singh Congestion Management Under Transmission Open Access Dr. J.D Sharma & Dr. N.P. Padhy
165 2010 Jyoti Prakash Mishra Simulation of Al Based Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drives Dr. S.P. Gupta & Dr. N.P. Padhy
164 2010 Jagdish Kumar Voltage Control In Distribution Systems Using Multi-Level Inverter Based Satcom Dr. Pramod Agarwal & Dr. B. Das
163 2010 Harisheekesha P.N. Impact of Dispersed Generation on Voltage Reactive Power Control of Distribution Systems Dr. J.D. Sharma
162 2010 Dheeraj Kumar Palwalia Analysis and Control of Standalone Generator Dr. S.P. Singh
161 2010 Sanjay Kumar Sinha Automatic Generation Control in Regulated and Restructured Power System Dr. Rajendra Prasad & Dr. R.N. Patel
160 2010 Shiv Kumar Tomar Reduction of Linear Dynamic Systems in Control Engineering Environment Dr. Rajendra Prasad
159 2010 Chandra Bhan Vishwakarma Model Order Reduction of Lines Dynamic Systems for Control Systems Design Dr. Rajendra Prasad
158 2010 Arup Kumar Goswami Cost-Benefit Analysis of Voltage Sag Voltage Mitigation Strategies Dr. G.K Singh & Dr. C.P. Gupta
157 2010 A. Senthil Kumar Analysis of Six Phase Self Excited Induction Generator Dr. G.K. Singh & Dr. R.P. Sani
156 2010 Patel Rajesh Kumar Meghaji Bhai Condition Monitoring of Ball Bearing Faults In Rotating Electrical Machines Dr. S.P. Gupta & Dr. Vinod Kumar
155 2009 Thanga Raj C Optimal Design & Control of 3 Cp Induction Motor Dr. S.P. Srivastava & Dr. P. Agarwal
154 2009 K.S. Aprameya Ultrasonic NDE Modeling for Prediction of Flaw Response In Polycrystalline Metal Dr. R.S. Anand & Dr. B.K. Mishra
153 2009 Vibhkar K. Shrimali Segmentation and Interpretation of Ultrsound Medical Images Dr. Vinod Kumar
152 2009 Vadirajacharya K Performance Investigation of Unified Quality Conditioner Dr. H.O. Gupta & Dr. Pramod Agarwal
151 2009 Prathiban P. Performance Investigation of SVM Based CSI Fed Induction Motor Drive Dr. S.P. Srivastava & Dr. Pramod Agarwal
150 2009 Mohmmad Ahmad Ansari Content-Based Medical Image Compression with Transform Coding Dr. R.S. Anand
149 2009 Deepak Nagaria Modeling and Control of Doubly Fed Induction Generator used for Wind Power Applications Dr. G.N. Pillai & Dr. H.O. Gupta
148 2009 Damanjeet Kaur Distribution System Planning Dr. J.D. Sharma
147 2009 Bhalodi K. Hirjibhai Investigations on Multilevel Inverter for Induction Motor Drive Dr. Pramod Agarwal
146 2009 Annapurna Bhargava STATCOM Damping Controller for Power System Dr. Biswarup Das & Dr. Vinay Pant
145 2008 Nidhi Singh Ms Reduced-Order Modeling and Controller Design Dr. Rajendra Prasad & Dr. H.O. Gupta
144 2008 Narayan Prasad Patidar Voltage Security Assessment Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques Dr. J.D. Sharma
143 2008 Salman Hameed Power System Stability Enhancement With Fuzzy TCSC Controller Dr. Vinay Pant & Dr. Biswarup Das
142 2008 Manoj Tripathy Application of Neuro –Fuzzy Techniques for Power Transformer Differential Protection Dr. H.K. Verma & Dr. R.P. Maheshwari
141 2008 Sidhartha Panda Power System Stability Improvement With Facts Controllers Dr. R.N. Patel & Dr. N.P. Padhy
140 2008 Dattaraya Narayan Gaonker Grid Interconnection and Islanding Operation of Distributed Generation System Dr. R.N. Patel & Dr. G.N. Pillai
139 2008 M. Carolin Mabel M. Performance Evaluation of Wind Energy Conversion System Dr. E. Fernandez
138 2008 Abdul Hamid Bhat Three-Phase High Power Factor Converter Dr. Pramod Agarwal
137 2008 Dheeraj Kumar Khatod Optimal Planning of Distributed Generation Systems Dr. Vinay Pant & Dr. J.D. Sharma
136 2007 Girish Parmar Model Order Reduction and Its Application in Control System Design Dr. R. Prasad & Dr. S. Mukherjee
135 2007 Ranjan Maheshwari Physiological Manifestations Under Venom Interaction and Their Analysis Dr. H.K. Verma & Dr. Vinod Kumar
134 2007 Rameshchandra Bhalja Development In Digital Protection of Transmission Lines Dr. R.P. Maheshwari
133 2007 Bhavesh Kumar Rameshchandra Bhalja Developments In Digital Protection of Transmission Lines Dr. R.P. Maheshwari
132 2007 Vishal Kumar Power Distribution System Operation Under Cold Loop Pickup Dr. Indra Gupta & Dr. H.O. Gupta
131 2007 Vijander Singh Dynamic Simulation and Control of Distillation Column Dr. H.O. Gupta & Dr. Indra Gupta
130 2007 Sulochana Wadhawani Nee Ahuja Ms Analysis for Fault Identification in Rotating Electrical Machines Dr. S.P. Gupta & Dr. Vinod Kumar
129 2007 Sishraj P. Simon Investigation of Ant Colony Models for Solving Unit Commitment Problem Dr. N.P. Padhy & Dr. R.S. Anand
128 2007 Jacob Ragtend I Unit Commitment Problem Under Regulated and Deregulated Power System Dr. N.P. Padhy
127 2007 Sidharth Panda Power System Stability Improvement With Facts Controllers Dr. R.N. Patel & Dr. N.P. Padhy
126 2007 Dinesh Birla Coordination of Directional Overcurrent Relays In Power Networks Dr. H.O. Gupta & Dr. R.P. Maheshwari
125 2006 Devi Krishna Pal Singh Investigation on Multi Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive Dr. G.K. Singh
124 2006 Ashish Thakur Feature Extraction In Ultrasound Medical Image Dr. R.S. Anand
123 2006 Mrs. Alaknanda Feature Extraction In NDE Weld Images Dr. R.S. Anand & Dr. Pradeep Kumar
122 2006 Yogendra Kumar Restoration of Electric Supply In Distribution Dr. Biswarup Das & Dr. J.D. Sharma
121 2006 Rahul Dubey Chip Architecture for Motor Control Dr. Pramod Agarwal & Prof. M.K. Vasantha
120 2006 Sukhwinder Singh Medical Image Compression and Analysis Dr. H.K. Verma & Dr. Vinod Kumar
119 2005 Ashwani Kumar Identification and elimination of Harmonics in Power Systems Dr. J. D. Sharma & Dr. Biswarup Das
118 2005 Dilbag Singh Analysis and Interpretation of Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Variability Dr. S.C. Saxena & Dr. Vinod Kumar
117 2004 Abdel Moamen Mohmmed Abdel Rahim Ahmed Optimal Power Flow With Facts Devices Dr. N.P. Padhy
116 2003 P.K. Modi Voltage Security Enhancement using FACT Devices Dr. J.D. Sharma & Dr. S.P. Singh
115 2003 Arun Kumar Wadhwani Computer Aided Analysis and Interpretation of EMG Signal for Disease Diagnostics Dr. S.C. Saxena & Dr. Vinod Kumar
114 2003 Kripa Shankar Verma Optimal Transmission Dispatch Using Facts Devices In Open Power Market Dr. H.O. Gupta
113 2003 Amar Nath Tiwari Investigation on Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Dr.ive Dr. S.P. Srivastava & Dr. Pramod Agarwal
112 2003 Vinod Kumar Giri ECG Data Compression for Telemedicine Dr. S.C. Saxena & Dr. Vinod Kumar
111 2003 Yog Raj Sood Wheeling of Electrical Power Under Deregulated Environment of Power System Dr. H.O. Gupta & Dr. N.P. Padhy
110 2003 Ashok Kumar Pandey Design and Development of Modified Self Com Mulating Csi-Fed Induction Motor Dr.ive Dr. V.K. Verma & Dr. Pramod Agarwal
109 2003 Shailendra Jain Investigations on Shunt Active Power Filter for Power Quality Improvement Dr. H.O. Gupta & Dr. Pramod Agarwal
108 2002 Ajat Shatru Arora Development of Control Strategies for EMG Operated Prosthetic Hand Dr. S.C. Saxena & Dr. R.C Chauhan
107 2002 Munir Ahmed A.K. Al-Geelani Investigations on Cycloconverter-Fed Induction Machine System in Generating Mode Dr. S.P. Gupta
106 2001 Vinay Pant Analysis of Multi-phase Induction Machine Dr. S.P. Srivastava & Dr. G.K. Singh
105 2001 S.K. Jain Isolated and Grid Mode Operation of Induction Generators Dr. S.P Singh & Dr. J.D. Sharma
104 2001 L.M. Waghmare Developments In ANN Based Controllers for on-Line Process Control Application Dr. S.C. Saxena & Dr. Vinod Kumar
103 2001 Sa'ad Ahmed Saleh Al Kazzaz Intelligent Diagnostic and Monitoring of Electrical Drives Dr. S.P. Gupta & Dr. Vinod Kumar
102 2001 S.T. Hamde Analysis and Interpretation of ECG Signals Using Wavelet Transforms Dr. S.C. Saxena & Dr. Vinod Kumar
101 2000 P.S. Puttaswamy Micro Computer Controlled Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive Dr. S.P. Gupta & Dr. V.K. Verma
100 1999 Ram Naresh Optimal Operation of Interconnected Hydro Power Plants Dr. J.D. Sharma
99 1999 Rajan Hari Chile Development in Model Reference Adoptive Digital Control Dr. H.K. Verma & Dr. S.C Saxena
98 1999 Sushil Chauhan Artificial Neural Network Applications to power System Security Assessment Dr. M.P. Dave
97 1998 P.K. Kulkarni Ambulatory Monitoring and Analysis of ECG Signals Dr. H.K. Verma & Dr. Vinod Kumar
96 1998 Mohmed Zaid Abdul Karim Simulation Study of Cycloconverter Fed Induction Motor Drive Dr. S.P. Gupta & Dr. M.P. Dave
95 1998 G. Vijaya Artificial Neural Network Based ECG Classification Dr. H.K. Verma & Dr. Vinod Kumar
94 1998 Laxmi Srivastava Artificial Neural Network Approach to Power System Voltage Security Assessment Dr. S.N. Singh & Dr. J.D. Sharma
93 1997 A. Trivedi Performance Improvement of Vibration Transducers and Their Applications Dr. H.K. Verma & Dr. S.C. Saxena
92 1997 Vimal Bhanot Secure Operation of Power System Under Critical Loading Conditions Dr. H.O. Gupta & Dr. J.D. Sharma
91 1996 Indra Gupta Distribution System Load Management Dr. H.O. Gupta & Prof. M.K. Vasantha
90 1996 R.P. Maheshwari Development in Adaptive Relaying for Transformer and Line Protection Dr. H.K. Verma
89 1996 Narendra Kumar Control of Static Var System for Improving Power System Performance Dr. M.P. Dave
88 1995 Saranjeet Singh Mehta Development of Pattern-Recognition Techniques for Analysis of EEG Waveforms Dr. H.K. Verma & Dr. S.C. Saxena
87 1995 Ram Avtar Gupta Analytical and Experimental Investigations Cycloconverter Fed Cage Induction Motor Drive Dr. S.P. Gupta & Dr. Bhim Singh
86 1995 Naseer Ahmad Laway Adaptive Coordination of Directional Over Current Relays of Large Scale Power Systems Dr. H.O. Gupta
85 1995 Mrs. Surekha Bhanot Dynamic Modeling and Control of A Tubular Reactor Prof. M.K. Vasantha & Dr. Surendra Kumar
84 1995 Pramod Agarwal Microprocessor Controlled Current Source Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive Dr. V.K. Verma
83 1994 Chottan Sahu Analysis and Performance Improvement of Displacement Transducers Dr. S.C Saxena
82 1993 S.P. Singh Analysis and Design Optimization of Self Cage Induction Generator Dr. Bhim Singh & Dr. M.P. Jain
81 1993 R.S. Anand Ultrasonic Imaging System for Flaw Characterization Dr. D.S Chitore & Dr. Vinod Kumar
80 1993 P.S. Dotihal Investigations on Variable Speed Load Commutated Inverter Dr. Bhim Singh & Dr. R.B. Saxena
79 1992 K. Soundara Rajan Microprocessor Based Protection and Monitoring of Large Generators Dr. H.K. Verma
78 1992 Ashwani Kumar Digital Processing of Low Frequency Random Signals Using Orthogonal Functions Dr. Vinod Kumar & Dr. P. Mukhopadhyay
77 1992 Satya Prakash Srivastava Design and Performance Investigations on Static Converter Fed Synchronous Motor Drive Dr .V.K. Verma & Dr. Bhim Singh
76 1991 S.B.L Saxena Analysis and Performance Improvement of Inductive Transducers and Thermistors Dr. S.C Saxena
75 1990 S.K. Nagar Digital Control of Linear Dynamic System Dr. J.D. Sharma & Dr. Jayant Pal
74 1990 Kisnin Lal Valecha Microprocessor-Based Instrumentation for Conductor Vibration Measurement Dr. H.K Verma & Dr. S.C Saxena
73 1990 Rajendra Prasad Analysis and Design of Control Systems Using Reduced Order Models Dr. Jayanta Pal & Dr. A.K. Pant
72 1990 Arjun Kumar Shandilya Emergency State Identification and Operation of Power System Dr. J.D. Sharma & Dr. H.O. Gupta
71 1990 Desai Bhupendra Thakur Lal on Line Protection, Operation and Loading of Power Transformers
70 1990 Puspa Kumar Reactive Power Control in A.C. and Integrated AC-DC System Dr. J.D. Sharma & Dr. Bhim Singh
69 1989 G.C. Kakoti Digital Algorithms & Relaying Schemes for Protection of Power System Dr. H.K. Verma
68 1989 Ganga Agnihotri Economy and Security Based Load flow Solution of Large Scale Power Systems Dr. J.D. Sharma & Dr. H.O. Gupta
67 1989 D.S. Emmanuel Myoelectric Signal Analysis in Hansenology Dr. Vinod Kumar & Dr. P. Mukhopadhyay
66 1989 Shaktidev Mukherjee Reduced Order Modeling and Its Application in an Industrial Process Dr. R.N. Misra
65 1987 K.C. Pradhan Design and Analysis of Large Electronic Circuits Dr. J.D. Sharma & Dr. S.C. Saxena
64 1987 V.N. Pande Microprocessor Aided online Processing of Electrocardiographic Signal for Diagnosis and Prosthesis Dr. P. Mukhopadhyay & Dr. H.K. Verma
63 1987 P.S. Bimbhra Analysis and Performance of Semi Converter Fed D.C Dr.ives Dr. D.R Kohli
62 1986 S.K. Chaudhary Distribution System Planning Dr. J.D. Sharma
61 1986 S.P. Gupta Steady State and Transient Analysis of Chopper Controlled Kramer Drive Dr. V.K Verma
60 1986 A.M. Basha on Application of Microprocessor to Substation Relaying Dr. H.K. Verma
59 1986 K.C. Pradhan Design and Analysis Large Electronic Circuits Dr. J.D. Sharma & Dr. H.O. Gupta
58 1985 S.K. Chaudhary Long Range Distribution System Planning Dr. J.D. Sharma
57 1985 Ranjit Singh Amar Singh Yadav On Dynamic Stability of EHV AC-DC Power Systems Dr. V.K. Verma
56 1985 Surendra Nath Singh Development of Induction Logging Devices Dr. M.L. Dewal
55 1984 P. Koteswara Rao Optimal Utilization of Exhaustible Resources Dr. P.K. Swamee & Dr. A.K. Pant
54 1984 Shobh Nath Singh Performance Analysis of Chopper Controlled Separately Excited D.C Motor for Motoring and Regenerative Breaking Dr. D.R. Kohli
53 1984 V. Sitaraman Application of Finite Element Method To The Thermal Analysis of Electrical Machines Dr. R.B. Saxena
52 1984 M.D. Desai Analysis of Electrocardiogram and Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Systems Dr. S.C. Saxena
51 1984 K. Srinivas on Some Aspects of Power System Planning Problems Dr. K.B. Misra & Dr. J.D. Sharma
50 1984 Vinod Kumar Modeling of Human Visual and Kidney Systems Dr. S.C. Saxena & Dr. P. Mukhopadhyay
49 1983 K.A. Palani Swamy Optimal Generation Scheduling Under Emergency Mode of Operation Dr. J.D. Sharma & Dr. K.B. Misra
48 1983 Vinod Kumar Bansal Design and Development of Reliability Analyzer Dr. K.B. Misra & Dr. M.P. Jain
47 1983 Pramooray Gayalal Purohit Stability Analysis of Induction Motors Under Various Modes of Operation Dr. M.L. Dewal
46 1983 Dilip Sunder Narayan Chitore Modeling of Human Auditory Mechanism Dr. S.C. Saxena & Dr. P. Mukhopadhyay
45 1983 Abdul Majid Chara Optimal Sequencing and Operating Policies of Multipurpose Multi Reservoir River Basin Project Dr. A.K. Pant
44 1983 Shamsuddin Ahmad Analysis of Chopper Controlled D.C Motor Drives Including the Effect of Some Mechanical Factor Dr. D.R. Kohli
43 1982 B.N. Sarkar Performance of Divided Winding Rotor Synchronous Generator Under Abnormal Operating Condition Dr. P. Mukhopadhyay & Dr. V.K. Verma
42 1982 Surendra Kumar Sequencing and Scheduling of Generating Systems Dr. J.D. Sharma & Dr. L.M. Ray
41 1982 A.K. Ghai Application of Microprocessor to Power System Problems Dr. P. Mukhopadhyay & Dr. H.K. Verma
40 1982 K. Ramachandran Worst-Case Design of Circuits Dr. J.D. Sharma & Dr. S.C. Gupta
39 1981 M.L. Devel A New Digital Scheme for Industrial Application Dr. S.C. Gupta & Dr. J.D. Sharma
38 1981 Jayanta Pal Reduced-Order Models for Control Studies Dr. L.M. Ray
37 1981 J.P. Gadani on Some Aspects of Power System Reliability Analysis Dr. K.B. Misra
36 1980 R.B. Misra Graph Theory Application for Reliability Evaluation and Optimization Dr. K.B. Misra
35 1980 Hari Om Gupta Performance Optimization of Electronic Circuits Dr. J.D. Sharma
34 1980 R.K. Jain Electro-Magnetic Field Analysis of Electrical Machines by Finite Element Method Dr. G.C. Nayak & Dr. P. Mukhopadhyay
33 1980 D.G. Bhardwaj Application of Certain Optimization Techniques Cage Induction Motor Design Dr. K. Venkatesan & Dr. R.B. Saxena
32 1980 V.L. Shrikhande State Variable Models of Linear Dynamical System From Input Output Description Dr. L.M. Ray
31 1980 R.P. Sood Computer Methods of Short Circuit Studies for Protection of Large Power System Dr. T.S.M. Rao & Dr. L.M. Ray
30 1979 D.N. Khandelwal Optimal Maintenance Policies for Machines Subject Deterioration and Random Break Down Dr. L.M. Ray & Dr. J.D. Sharma
29 1979 K. Eapan Phase Locked Loop D.C. Motor Speed Control System Dr. S.C. Gupta & Dr. K. Venkatesan
28 1979 S. Mukhopadhyay Coordination of Controls for The Optimum Stabilization of Power Systems Dr. L.M. Ray
27 1979 K. Ramchandran Transmission Expansion Planning Dr. J.D. Sharma & Dr. S.C. Gupta
26 1979 N.P. Kohli Optimal Power Systems Operations Using Mathematical Programming Dr. L.M. Ray
25 1979 T.V. Avadhanlu Evaluation and Optimization of Steady-State Performance of an Inverter –Fed Induction Motor Drive System Dr. R.B. Saxena
24 1978 A.K. Gupta Application of Optimization Techniques to Biological Systems Dr. P. Mukhopadhyay & Dr. J.D. Sharma
23 1978 V.N. Mittal Steady-State and Transient Analysis of a Static Slip –Energy- Recovery Drive Dr. S.C. Gupta & Dr. K. Venkatesan
22 1978 Ved Prakash Batra Self-Excited Oscillations of Synchronous Machines Connected to Series Compensated Transmission System Dr. T.S.M. Rao & Dr. L.M. Ray & Dr. V.K. Verma
21 1978 Ramadh Thakur Stimulation Techniques in System Reliability Evolution
20 1977 Harish Kumar Verma Static Relays for the Protection of 25kV Single-Phase Traction Over Head Equipment Dr. T.S.M. Rao
19 1977 Suresh Chandra Saxena Analysis of EMG Signal and Its Application in Prosthesis Control Dr. P. Mukhopadhyay
18 1977 M. Venkata Rao Excitation Stabilizers for Reducing Sensitivity of Synchronous Machines Connected to Power System Dr. M.P. Dave
17 1977 K. Raja Reddy Application of Decoupling Technique to Some Power System Problems Dr. M.P. Dave
16 1977 E. Balagurusamy Reliability Analysis of M-Order Systems with Non Identical and S-Dependent Units Dr. K.B. Misra
15 1976 V.K. Verma Power System Transient Stability as Affected by Voltage Regulator and Governor Through Liapunov's Direct Method Dr. P. Mukhopadhyaya & Dr. M.P. Dave
14 1976 Jagdish Chandra Kohli Optimal Scheduling in Thermal Generating System Dr. M.P. Dave
13 1975 Syed Mumtaz Peeran on Some Aspects of Mathematical Modeling and Stability of Power System Dr. T.S.M. Rao
12 1974 Jay Dev Sharma Optimization of Reliability of a Series System Dr. T.S.M. Rao & Dr. K.B. Misra
11 1974 K. Venkateshan on Certain Aspects of Analysis of Machine Control Problems Dr. P. Mukhopadhyay
10 1973 Dashmesh Raj Arora Analysis of Biocontrol Systems: Human Visual Control System Modeling Dr. P. Mukhopadhyay
9 1972 M.P. Jain Proximity Effect of Bus Bars Dr. L.M. Ray
8 1972 Malay Raj Mukherjee Design of Adaptive Control System Dr. L.M. Ray
7 1970 Suresh Chandra Gupta Static Poly-Phase Distance Relay Scheme for the Protection of Transmission Lines Dr. T.S.M. Rao
6 1970 Krishna Behari Misra Redundancy Allocation in Electronic Relay Circuit Dr. T.S.M. Rao
5 1969 S.K Jain Behaviour of Schrage Motor Under Abnormal Conditions of Operation Dr. L.M. Ray
4 1969 Harpipada Bhaumik on Some Extension & Application of Popov Condition for Stability Dr. L.M. Ray
3 1969 Dev Raj Kohli Transients in Rotor-Fed Shunt Commutator Motor of Schrage Type Dr. L.M. Ray
2 1969 Saurabh Basu on Some Problems of Electromagnetic Fields in Electrical Machines Dr. P. Mukhopadhyaya
1 1969 Madhukar Dave Application of Non –Linear Control Theory to Power System Stability Problems Dr. P. Mukhopadhyaya