Supporting Staff
Supporting staff list
1 - Establishment work of teaching staff, managing the HOD office and departmental meetings
2 - Establishment work of non-teaching staff and diary dispatch
3 Mr. Anubhav Supervision of Department office, Accounts/Purchase/Tender work. ext. 4331
4 Mr.Bhopal Singh Rawat Academic Work and Department Caretaker Charges ext. 6379,4331
5 Mr.Sushil Kumar Department Store, Additional department office work ext. 4331,6376
6 Mr. Lokesh Kumar Open the deptt., outgoing dak work ext. 4331
7 Mr. Mohd Aarif HOD Office work and internal dak distribution ext. 5231
8 Mr. Rajeev Gupta CAD Lab & Library ext. 6354, 6365
9 Mr. Jogeshwar Prasad I&SP Lab ext. 6369,
10 Mr. Dinesh Kumar Applied Instrumentation & Bio-Medical Lab ext. 6364, 6381
11 Mr. C.M. Joshi Microprocessor Lab., Embedded lab, Machine learning lab ext. 6367, 6294, 6377
13 Mr. Rajkumar Drives & Machine Lab ext. 6361
15 Mr. Amir Ahmed Civil/maintenance work of the Department & in-charge of Fabrication Lab and Workshop ext. 6379
16 Mr. Ravindra P.S. Lab, H.V. lab, MPV lab ext. 6366, 6520
17 Mr. Pankaj PSS Lab, RTDS lab ext. 6405, 6380
18 Mr. Vipul Saini Drives lab II & CCD Lab ext. 6233, 6357
19 Mr. Sandeep Kumar Control System and Robotics Laboratory, Advance Robotics Laboratory ext. 6362
20 Mr. Agradeep Singh Advance Control Lab
21 Mr. Deepak Kumar Saini EVT Lab
22 Mr. Prabhat Gupta Applied Electronics Lab
23 Ms. Priyanshi Agarwal Bio-Medical Lab and Intrumentation Lab
24 Mr. Jagdish Giri Department Gate Duty, Maintain Class Room and garden work