Under Graduate Courses
Under Graduate Courses
IAH-301 Small Hydro Power Development
Necessity and Importance of harnessing Small Hydro Power; National Policies, Laws and Clearances; Small Hydro Power scenario and type of schemes.
Site selection and investigations; Environmental aspect; Flow duration, Water power studies; Cost estimation, Economic and financial aspects.
Diversion structures & power channels; Desilting arrangements, Forebay tank and balancing reservoir, Penstock and power house building.
Type of turbines and their selection; Gates and Valves; Governing system (Mechanical & Electrical). Load forecasting.
Types of Generators - Synchronous and Induction; Protection & Controls, Power Evacuation System.
IAH-301 Small Hydro Power Development
Energy sources & demand in different sectors, Conventional & Non-conventional energy sources; Importance of new and renewable energy sources in the present energy scenario and type of resources.
Small Hydro:
Small Hydro Power potential and classification of SHP projects; Basic components of Civil Works; Selection of Electro-Mechanical Equipment.
Estimation of Biomass resources, Biomass Technologies for thermal and biological conversion; Biomass based Electricity Generation and application of bio-fuels.
Solar Energy:
Solar Energy estimation and different routes of solar energy applications; Technologies for solar thermal power generation; Photovoltaic power generation system.
Wind Energy:
Estimation of wind energy potential and site selection; Types of wind mills, their basic characteristics and applications; Recent Technologies of wind energy conversion system (WECS), wind farms.
Ocean energy-potential, method of harnessing; Geothermal Energy; New technologies for renewable energy; Integrated renewable energy systems.