Special Publications
Special Publications
Secretary, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Govt. of India Shri BS Bhalla released a comprehensive study titled "Advanced Grid-Scale Energy Storage Technologies," conducted by IIT Roorkee under the leadership of Prof Arun Kumar in the august presence of Dr Ajay Mathur, Director General, International Solar Alliance and Prof KK Pant Director, IIT Roorkee, at Atal Akshaya Urja Bhawan, MNRE, New Delhi on Nov. 29, 2023.
Kumar A, Arora P, Jain H, Sharma AK, Bhosale AC, Rakshit D and Singh R; "Advanced grid-scale energy storage technologies", A study for India, October 2023.
Advanced Grid Scale Energy Technologies
Publications in the field of Small Hydro where HRED provided all technical input
Performance Testing of SHP Stations: A Guide for Developers, Manufacturers and Consultants, Dec 09
Syllabi of Additional Courses for Leveraging Rich Potential of Water and Hydro Resources in Uttaranchal, Oct. 2006
Niyojan, Nirman Evam Rakh-Rakhav Marg Darshika, (Para –Technician Heth), Sept, 2006
Micro Hydro Quality standards, Sept. 2005
Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual for Multipurpose Power Unit at Munar, Oct 2005
Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual for Improved Water Mills, March 2004
Water Mill - Multipurpose Power Unit
Improved Water Mill - Installation and Maintenance Manual
Development of Water Mills under UNDP-GEF Hilly Hydro Project
Small Hydro Programme in India 1999 - for MNES
Low Head Small Hydro Turbine (State of Art) for UNESCO 1986.
Small/Mini Hydro Power Technology, Research and Education (State of Art) for UNESCO 1983.
Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual for Improved Water Mills at Ramtoli, March 2004
Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual for Improved Water Mills at Pahalgaon, March 2004
Zonal Plan-SHP Resource Assessment for MNES, UNDP
Zonal Plan – SHP Resource Assessment for MNES, UNDP/GEF.
Vol.1 Main Report
Vol.2 Thematic Maps
Vol.3 Regional Flow Duration
Publication in Hindi and English (4 volumes)
Manuals for Micro Hydro Power Development-Material Provided by ICIMOD – Reprinted in 2002.
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Urja Bharati Special Issue
Urja Bharati Special Issue on Small Hydro for Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources August 1992 and 2nd issue