List of Faculties in Hydro and Renewable Energy Department
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Pratham Arora
Assistant professor
Techno-Enviro-Economic Assessment, Process Modelling, Simulation and Optimisation, CFD, Renewable Energy Systems, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Biofuels and bio-energy, Sustainable chemical and fertilizers, Carbon capture , Integrated assessment modelling
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Amit Bhosale
Assistant professor
PEM Fuel Cells, Electrolysers, Stack Development, Contact Resistance Management, Cylindrical Fuel Cells
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Himanshu Jain
Assistant professor
Grid reliability and resilience under very-high variable renewable energy penetration;, Blackstart of bulk power and distribution systems using inverter-based generation resources;, Modeling and simulation of utility-scale transmission, distribution, and integrated transmission and distribution systems at multiple timescales;, Developing software tools for improving the modeling accuracy of power grids under very-high variable renewable energy penetration;, Using distributed energy resources (DERs) for improving grid reliability and resilience.
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Arun Kumar
Specialisation - Hydropower Development, Environmental Management, Energy Economics and Policy, Sand Erosion, Hydraulic Turbine, Floating Solar
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Head of department
Planning, Design & Analysis of Civil Works of SHP, Planning, Design & Analysis of Civil Works of SHP, Related Software Development, Related Software Development
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Sanjeev Kumar Prajapati
Assistant professor
Environmental Engineering, Biogas Technology, Commercial Compressed Biogas Gas, TEA , Bioprocess, Climate Change, Biofuel, Rural, Water & Wastewater, Algal Tech., Biofuel, Waste Valorisation, GHG emissions, Water bodies
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Deepak Ronanki
Assistant professor
Multilevel converters, traction motor drives, renewable energy systems, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, transportation electrification, electric energy storage systems, switched reluctance motor drives, PWM schemes & advanced digital control methods
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R.P. Saini
Small Hydro Power-Hydro Turbine Design and Performance Testing, Hydrokinetic Energy, Silt Erosion in Hydro Turbines, Optimal Selection of SHP Equipment, Cost Optimization of SHP Schemes, Solar Energy-Solar Thermal Energy Utilization-Performance Enhancement of Solar Air Heaters, Solar Thermal Energy Storage-Packed-Bed Sensible Heat Storage System, Integrated Renewable Energy Sources-Modelling of Renewable Energy Systems, Modeling of Hybrid Energy Systems
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S.K. Singal
Small Hydropower - Resource Assessment Investigations and Planning, Designs of civil works, Cost Optimisation and Tariff Analysis, Integrated Renewable Energy Systems, Planning of Water Resource
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Rhythm Singh
Assistant professor
Grid-connected renewable energy systems, Potential estimation, grid integration issues and long-term planning, Solar PV systems, Rooftop applications, Solar resource variability assessment
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Sonal K. Thengane
Assistant professor
Biomass conversion technologies (Torrefaction, Pyrolysis, Gasification, Biomethanation); Biochar applications; Carbon capture and storage; Waste management; Wastewater treatment; Hydrogen production and storage; Life cycle and techno-economic analysis
Retired Faculty
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M.P. Sharma
Retired faculty
Bio-Energy, biodiesel production & utilisation, biomass gasification; biogas generation from agricultural wastes, Biomass Conversion and Environment Conservation, Bioenergy, IRES, HES, water quality, Ecological Health, & carrying capacity of rivers, GHG Emission , Waste Water Treatment Plants, Cumulative Environment Impact Assessment, Water Quality Mapping of Rivers, GHG Emissions from Hydropower Reservoir & MSW Dumping sites
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S.N. Singh
Ex faculty
Small Hydro Power, Hydro Generator design, control and protection , Solar Energy, SPV Monitoring systems, MPPT of SPV, Grid connected PV systems , Power electronics, Transformer-less Inverters for grid-tied SPV.