Sponsored Projects
Sponsored Projects
Key areas in which department offers sponsored research support:
Pure Mathematics:
Approximation theory, Functional analysis, Coding theory, Number theory, Orthogonal polynomials and special functions, Operator theory, Analysis of Partial Differential Equations
Applied Mathematics:
Large-scale scientific computing, Inverse problems and regularization theory, Numerical solutions of ODE and PDE, Computational fluid dynamics, Control theory and optimal control, Image processing, Machine learning, Financial mathematics, Mathematical modeling, Stochastic processes, Robotics.
Operations research and Statistics:
Nonlinear optimization, Nature inspired optimization algorithms, Fuzzy, Mathematical programming, Reliability and Queuing theory, Computerized tomography, Data envelopment analysis, Estimation theory, Probabilistic boolean functions.
List of Sponsored Research Projects (Ongoing)
Name of PI Month Grant No. Sponsor Agency Sanction Letter no. Title of Project Total Outlay (Rs. in Lacs) Project Status
1 Prof. Manil.T.Mohan 25.09.2018 DST-1263-MTD DST, New Delhi DST/INSPIRE/04/2017/003018 Dtd. 13.02.18 INSPIRE Faculty Award 86.27 5 years
2 Prof. Sandip Banerjee 04.10.2018 SER-1270-MTD SERB, NEW delhi EMR/2017/001884 Dtd. 06.09.18 Mathematically Modeling of Phytoplankton Dynamics with highly irregular distribution 18.4 3Years
3 Prof. Chaman Kumar 27.03.2019 SER-1329-MTD SERB, NEW delhi No. MTR/2018/001194 dt.8.3.2019 Higher order approximation of stochastic differential equation 6.6 3 Years
4 Prof. Ram Jiwari 08.08.2019 CSR-1409-MTD CSIR, New Delhi No.25(0299)/19 EMR-II, dt. 16.05.2019 Theoretical Analysis and Numerical Simulation of unsteady-state Singularly Perturbed parabolic models 16.06 3 Years
5 Prof. Aditi Gangopadhyay 13.08.2019 DST-1410-MTD DST, New Delhi DST/ICPS/Cluster/CS Research/2018 (General) 13.03.2019 Detection of Data Attaacks and Design of a Resistance Mechanism in smart Grids 2.39 3 Years
6 Prof. A. K. Giri 17.09.2019 DST-1420-MTD DST, New Delhi DST/INT/DAAD/P-18/2019 dt. 18.07.2019 analysis and numerical method for population balance equations 5.71 2 Years
7 Prof. Ameya kumar Nayak 21.01.2020 SER-1479-MTD SERB, new delhi CRG/2019/000990 dt.01.01.2020 Thermokinetic transport and microfluidic mixing of newtonian/non-newtonian fluids through patterned micro systems 21.25 3 years
8 Prof. A.Swaminathan 22.01.2020 SER-1480-MTD SERB, new delhi CRG/2019/000200 dt.01.01.2020 Spectral properties of perturbed Biorthogonal polynomials generated by rational functons and their analogue 26.37 3 years
9 Prof. A.Swaminathan 02.03.2020 SER-1505-MTD SERB, new delhi MTR/2019/000029 dt.11.02.2020 Zeros of R-11 type biorthogonal rational functions and corresponding numerical quadrature rules 6 3 years
10 Prof. Ram Krishna Pandey 05.03.2020 SER-1508-MTD SERB, new delhi MTR/2019/000299 dt.05.03.2020 Certain inverse problems associated with the sum of dilated sets of integers 6.6 3 years
11 Prof. Pratibha 15.07.2020 SER-1535-MTD SERB, New Delhi MSC/2020/000078 dt.30.06.2020 Identification of possible cure of COVID-19 through study of DNA structures through Iterated function systems 5.5 1 years
12 Prof. Sandeep Banerjee 29.07.2020 YUC-1542-MTD York university Canada York university reference - 524808 dt.13.04.2020 Evaluation of intervention strategies in response to the COVID -19 outbreaks $29,000/- (Canadian Dollar) Transferred in IIT Roorkee Rs. 15,32,380.30 2 years
13 Prof. Sanjeev Kumar 29.10.2020 DST-1577-MTD DST, New Delhi No.DST/INT/Czech/P-10/2019 dt.28.08.2020 Development of advanced computational algorithms for evaluating post-surgery rehabilitation 32.02 3 years
14 Prof. Premanand Bera 10.12.2020 SER-1595-MTD SERB, new delhi EEQ/2020/000101 dt. 04.12.2020 Transition characteristics of isothermal and non-isothermal poiseuille flow in a fluid overlying a porous medium 22.91 2 years
15 Prof. Arbaz Khan 29.12.2020 SER-1621-MTD SERB, new delhi MTR/2020/000303 dt. 11.12.2020 Analysis of an efficient and fast numerical method for poroelasticity with uncertain inputs 6.6 3 years
16 Prof. Sanjeev Kumar 12.01.2021 SER-1623-MTD SERB, new delhi CRG/2020/002040 dt. 13.12.2020 Development of encryption and secret sharing schemes for quantum Images 20.53 3 Years
17 Prof. Ameeya Kumar Nayak 11.01.2021 SER-1627-MTD SERB, new delhi MTR/2020/000071 dt. 11.12.2020 Implementation of multi-fluid population balance method for the nonlinear coupled Maxwellian averaged transport equations 6.6 3 Years
18 Prof. Maheshanand 22.01.2021 SER-1630-MTD SERB, new delhi CRG/2020/003785 dt. 06.01.2021 Construction and analysis of Locally Recoverable Codes 5.06 3 years
19 Prof. Premanda Bera 11.01.2021 SER-1631-MTD SERB, new delhi MTR/2020/000187 dt. 11.01.2021 Non-Linear stability theory of non-isothermal parallel flow in a vertical annulus filled with high permeable porous medium 6.6 3 years
20 Prof. Ram Jiwari (Co-PI.) 19.03.2021 DST-1657-MTD DST, New Delhi INT/UZBEK/P-05 dated 09.02.2021 Lie symmetry analysis, simulation and lyapunov stability analysis of the hyperbolic systems 13.50 3 years
21 Prof. Shiv Kumar Gupta 26.03.2021 UST-1661-MTD Uttarakhand state council for science & Technology UCS&T/R&D-19/20-21/19222 dt. 12.03.2021 Formulation and developing solution methodologies of various optimization models under uncertainty with applications in environmental managements 1.61 2 years
22 Prof. Ram Krishan Pandey 06.07.2021 CSR-1696-MTD CSIR No.25(0314)/20/EMR-II Dated 05.01.2021 various coloring parameters of distance graphs and motzkin's maximal density of sets 13.30 3 years
23 Prof. Ram Jiwari 07.07.2021 DAE-1698-MTD DAE, Mumbai 0211/3/2021NBHM (R.P.)/R&D II/6974 dated 17.06.2021 Theoretical analysis and simulation to capture complex patterns of nonlinear reaction-diffusion models 15.14 3 years
24 Prof. A.Swaminathan 07.07.2021 DAE-1699-MTD DAE, Mumbai 0211/5/2021NBHM(R.P.)/R&D II/6973 dated 17.06.2021 Computational aspects in biothogonal rational function related to infinite gap jacobi matrices logarithmic capacity and their asymptotics 15.15 3 years
25 Prof. Ram Krishna Pandey 28.07.2021 DAE-1706-MTD DAE, Mumbai NO.02011/15/2021 NBHM (R.P.)/R&D II/8161 dt. 13.07.2021 Inverse problems associated with certain sunsets in additive number theory 15.15 03 years
26 Prof. Ankik kumar Giri 26.08.2021 IFC-1727-MTD INDO-FRENCH CENTRE FOR APPLIED MATHEMATICS (IFCAM) MA/IFCAM/19/58 dated 15.07.2019 Collision-induced fragmentation and coagulation : dynamics and numerics 14.99 3 years
27 Prof. Kusum Deep 12.10.2021 SER-1729-MTD SERB, new delhi File No. SPG/2021/001416 dated 31.08.2021 Minimizing the side-effects of various vaccines for Ncovid-19 using advanced Data Analytics and Nature Inspired Optimization Techniques 31.06 3 Years
28 Prof. Mahendra kumar Verma 21.02.2022 SER-1818-MTD SERB, New Delhi MTR/2021/000655 DT. 15.02.2022 On certain multiplicity one results 6.60 3 years
29 Dr. Amit Maji 22.02.2022 SER-1820-MTD SERB, New delhi MTR/2021/000695 dt. 15.02.2022 BCL Representation for ISOMETRIES AND INVARIANT SUBSPACES 6.60 3 years
30 Dr. Amit Maji 24.02.2022 SER-1821-MTD SERB, New delhi MTR/2021/000695 dt. 15.02.2022 BCL Representation for ISOMETRIES AND INVARIANT SUBSPACES 6.60 3 years
31 Prof. Manil T. Mohan 28.02.2022 SER-1827-MTD SERB, new delhi MTR/2021/000066 dt. 17.02.2022 Stochastic analysis of the convective Brinkman Forchheimer equations perturbed by levy noise 6.60 3 years
32 Prof. Ramjiwari 04.03.2022 SER-1833-MTD SERB, New Delhi MTR/2021/000059 dt. 21.02.2022 Fast and Robust numerical algorithms for 2D unsteady state convection Dominated singularly perturbed parabolic models : Theoretical analysis and computational modeling 6.60 3 years
33 Prof. Arbaz Khan 11.03.2022 SER-1840-MTD SERB, new delhi CRG/2021/002569 dt. 03.03.2022 Optimal Control of doubly diffusive flows : theoretical sudies and numerical analysis 26.81 3 years
34 Prof.. Uaday Singh 11.03.2022 SER-1842-MTD SERB, new delhi MTR/2021/00445 dt. 21.02.2022 A study of convergence Properties of the corrected fourier series and its applications 6.60 3 years
35 Prof. Dwijendra Narain Pandey 11.03.2022 SER-1845-MTD SERB , New Delhi MTR/2021/000592 dt. 18.02.2022 A study of Semilinear differential equations with non-densely defined operators 6.60 3 years
36 Prof. Dwijendra Narain Pandey 11.03.2022 SER-1846-MTD SERB , New Delhi CRG/2021/003343 dt. 03.03.2022 Qualitative analysis of differential equations and inclussions with general nonlocal conditiions 21.96 3 years
37 Prof. Aditi Gangopadhyay 31.03.2022 DRD-1865-MTD DRDO, Bengaluru CAIR/CARS 74 dt. 20.01.2022 Development of lattice-based encryption and digital signature algorithms for quantum - safe cryptography 42.9 3 years