Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory is one of the main research laboratories of the department. It houses a 128 core high performance computing cluster and supports REDHAT operating system. The system is loaded with latest software and computing suite such as: INTEL compiler, OpenFOAM, STARTCCM, MATLAB, ANSYS, PBS pro system management tool and support various types of parallel computing features. The laboratory also provides various small computing workstations for use for research by Masters and PhD students. There are around 8 PhD students working in this lab and many students are using the facility of the lab remotely.

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Prof. K.M. Singh
Room No:146, East Block
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Prof. Nikhil Kumar Singh
Assistant professor
Room No:219, East Block
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Faculties working in this lab:

1) Prof KM Singh
2) Prof Ankit Bansal

Past Scholars:

1) Akriti Masoom
2) Ankita
3) Uttam Singh Rajput
4) Shesh N Dhurandhar