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About The Department
The history of the Department dates back to 2006, when based on a plan prepared with the contributions of experts (from Academic Institutions, Industries, R&D and Strategic Sectors, and Management Institutions), the Department started a 5-Year (B.Tech + M.Tech) Integrated program in Polymer Science and Technology. The 5-Year course was designed to cater to the needs of the Polymer industry and simultaneously impart knowledge of the allied chemical, petrochemical industry, and applied sciences. In 2008, the Department also initiated a 5-Year Integrated Dual Degree program (B.Tech in Process Engineering + MBA). This new course offered a Bachelor’s Degree in Process Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration upon successful completion.
Later, the intake in the two aforementioned dual degree courses was dropped. The Department focused on supporting a B.Tech in Polymer Science & Engineering, keeping in line with the dynamic needs of the industry and society. The course was an effective integration of courses in Polymer Science, Polymer Engineering, Chemical engineering, and Basic sciences. Currently, the Department offers only a two-year M.Tech program with a current intake of 22 students. The department faculties are engaged in performing cutting-edge research in various fields of Polymer Science and Technology, as well as chemical process engineering and management, through national and international collaborations. The Department offers a doctoral program wherein many bright research scholars join the course from various eminent institutes such as IITs and NITs from different corners of the country.