Cyro Mill Machine
About Instrument and its Applications:

The CryoMill is a cryogenic grinder designed with user safety in mind. The liquid nitrogen flows through the closed system and the user never comes into direct contact with LN2 which ensures a high degree of operational safety. The automatic cooling system guarantees that the grinding process is not started before the sample is thoroughly cooled. This results in reduced consumption and guarantees reproducible cryogenic grinding results.

General Information-
Make - Retsch
Model –Cryomill
Year of Installation - 2014

Applications: Size reduction, mixing, homogenization, cell disruption
Field of application: Agriculture, biology, chemistry, plastics, construction materials, engineering and electronics, environment, recycling, food, geology, metallurgy, glass, ceramics, medicine, pharmaceuticals
Size reduction principle: Impact, friction Material feed size: <= 8 mm
Final fineness: ~ 5 µm
Batch size / feed quantity: Max. 20 ml
No. of grinding stations: 1 Vibrational frequency: Digital, 5 - 30 Hz (300 - 1800 min-1)
Typical mean grinding time: 10 min / 4 min (cooling / grinding)
Dry grinding: Yes
Wet grinding: Yes
Cryogenic grinding: Yes
Cell disruption with reaction vials: Yes
Self-centering clamping device: Yes
Type of grinding jars: Screw top design
Material of grinding tools: Hardened steel, stainless steel, zirconium oxide, PTFE
Grinding jar sizes: 5 ml / 10ml / 25 ml / 35 ml / 50 ml
Autofill: 50 l
Setting of grinding time: digital, 30 s - 99 min
Storable SOPs: 9
Electrical supply data: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power connection: 1-phase
Protection code IP 30
Power consumption: 260 W W x H x D closed: 395 x 373 x 577 mm (D: 710 mm with exhaust tube)
Net weight: 45 kg

Sample Requirements-
Hard, medium-hard, soft, brittle, elastic, fibrous