FT-IR Spectroscopy
FTIR stands for “Fourier transform infrared” and it is the most common form of infrared spectroscopy. All infrared spectroscopies act on the principle that when infrared (IR) radiation passes through a sample, some of the radiation is absorbed.
About Instrument and its Applications:
Portable Spectrum Two FTIR Spectrometers by PerkinElmer ideal for everyday analysis in onsite and remote testing environments Low maintenance spectrometer available as a standard unit or with a Peltier stabilized detector
Ideal for QA and QC analysis in pharma labs, nutraceuticals, waste water monitoring and academia Provides fast and accurate infrared analysis of sample identity, composition, quality and consistency
Features: optical system with KBr windows for data collection, Dynascan interferometer, OpticsGuard technology, Atmospheric Vapor Compensation™ (AVC) and Sigma-Delta Conversion for accurate, reproducible results by improving dynamic range, reducing spectral artifacts and increasing ordinate linearity Includes: Spectrum Touch software
Detector: LiTaO3 (lithium tantalate) MIR detector with a SNR of 9,300:1
Operating Range: 5 - 45 °C
General Information-
Make - Perkin Elmer
Model –Spectrum Two
Year of Installation - 2012
Wave Number: 4000 to 400 cm-1

Sample Requirements-
For Solid Samples:- minimum 2mm X 2mm, maximum 1 inch
For Liquid Samples –Approx. 5 ml (Mild acidic and Mild Basic)
For Powder Samples- Approx. 10 mg