Spin Coating Unit
Spin coating is a technique used to spread uniform thin films on flat substrates by centrifugal force. The apparatus used for spin coating is called a spin coater, or a spinner. A solution of material is dispensed onto the center of a wafer, which is then rotated at high speed.
About Instrument and its Applications:
Spin coating is a method to apply a uniform film onto a solid surface by using centrifugal force and requires a liquid–vapor interface. In a typical procedure, a liquid is placed at the center of a circular surface and is rapidly rotated to produce uniform films of 1–10 μm in thickness.
General Information-
Make - Milman
Model –SPN 2000
Year of Installation - 2012

Measurement Modes:
Rotation continues until the excess solution spins off the substrate and the desired thickness of the film is left on the substrate. The applied solvent is usually volatile and evaporates during deposition. The two main factors that define film thickness are the spin speed and the viscosity of the solution. Other factors considered include spin time, solution density, solvent evaporation rate, and surface wettability.
Sample Requirements-
Only Liquid Samples –Approx. 10ml