Research Scholars
S.No Enrollment No Name of the Student Status Email Id Supervisor, Co-Supervisor Topic
1 21926011 Mr. Perwez Alam MHRD Thanga Raj Chelliah Marine Propulsion System
2 21926010 Ms. Neeraj Yadav UGC JRF Prof. Idhaya Chandhiran Carbon And Nitrogen Dynamics In Agricultural Landscapes And Small Inland Water Bodies
3 21926009 Ms. Neenu MHRD Prof. M.L.Kansal Prioritisation Of River Reaches For Rejuvenation Using Mcdm
4 21926008 Mr. Ajit Kumar MHRD Prof. Basant Yadav Design Of Soil Aquifer Treatment (Sat) Based Managed Aquifer Recharge (Mar) Strategy For Water Reuse In Argo €“ Industries
5 21926007 Ms. Sakshi Gupta QIP Prof. Deepak Khare, Dr. P. K. Mishra (NIH) Urban Water Management Considering Water Harvesting And Climate Change
6 21926006 Mr. Ruchir Patidar MHRD Prof. Deepak Khare, Dr. Santosh Pingale (NIH) An Integration Of Multiple Hydro-Meteorological Variables For Comprehensive Drought Characterization In The Changing Climate
7 21926004 Mr. Mukund Narayanan MHRD Prof. Idhaya Chandhiran Modelling Soil Climate Crop Management Nexus And Its Effects On Crop Yield And Soil Fertility
8 21926003 Mr. Kapil Bhoutika MHRD Prof. Ashish Pandey Study On Crop Yield Forecasting And Crop Water Requirement Using Different Techniques
9 21926002 Mr. Dev Anand Thakur MHRD Prof. Mohit Prakash Mohanty A Unified Framework Of Multi-Hazard Flood Risk Mapping Under Changing Climate: An Application Over A Coastal Catchment In India
10 21926001 Mr. Akash Bajpai MHRD Prof. S.K.Mishra Real-Time Leakage Detection In Water Distribution Systems
11 20926021 Mr. Manish Rawat Full Time Project Prof. Ashish Pandey Historical Trend Analysis Of Ramsar Wetlands In India: A Remote Sensing And Modeling Approach
12 20926020 Mr. Vadher Chandrakant Pravinbhai MHRD Prof. T.R.Chelliah Prof. Deepak Ronaki High Power Converter For Marin Propulsion System
13 20926019 Ms. Surabhi Verma PMRF Prof. T. R. Chelliah Black Start Capability Of Hydro Generating Unit.
14 20926018 Mr. Sambare Rohit Sampatrao Part Time Prof. Deepak Khare Dr. Santosh Pingale NIH Roorkee Wetland Functions, Functional Assessment And Geospatial Applications For Wetland Monitoring
15 20926017 Ms. Pooja Singh MHRD Prof. Basant Yadav Understanding The Fate And Transport Processes Of Contaminants In Lentic Small Water Bodies Through Experimental And Numerical Investigation
16 20926016 Mr. Damodar Sharma MHRD Prof. S.K.Mishra Soil Conservation Service Curve Number Technique And Its Application In Drpught Analysis
17 20926015 Mr. Chandra Mohan Bhatt Part Time Prof. Ashish Pandey Prof. Dharmendra Singh, Deptt of ECE Dr. Prakash Chauhan IIRS, ISRO Geospatial Assessment Of Changing Flood Pattern In The Lower Gangetic Plains Of Bihar Usng Multi-Temporal Satellites And River Gauge Data
18 20926014 Mr. Barada Prasanna Nayak Full Time Project Prof. T.R.Chelliah Prof. Premalata Jena Hydropower Modelling And Simulation
19 20926013 Ms. Aakriti Gupta Project MHRD Prof. T.R.Chelliah Analysisand Mitigation Of Active Power Osecillations In Hydro-Generators,Fed High Vkoltage Transmission Lines
20 20926012 Mr. Sandeep Kumar Chourasia Full Time Project Prof. Ashish Pandey Irrigation Efficiency Improvement Through On-Farm Water Management
21 20926010 Ms. Chandni Full Time Project Prof. K .S. Kasiviswanathan Assessment Of Hydrological Changes In Response To Impacts Of El -Niã±O Events In Indian River Basins
22 20926009 Mr. Vijay Pandurang Mohale QIP Prof. T. R. Chelliah Analysis Of Sub Synchronous Oscillation In Hydropower System
23 20926008 Mr. Subramanya K QIP Prof. T. R. Chelliah Simulation And Experimental Investigation On Dc Current Capability Of Power Transformer
24 20926007 Mr. Sonandkar Sunny Sardar MHRD Prof. T. R. Chelliah Design And Development Of An Energy Efficient Solar-Powered Electric Marine Propulsion Drive
25 20926005 Mr. Prashant MHRD Prof. S.K.Mishra Rainfall Runoff Sediment Yield Modelling
26 20926004 Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Bich Sponsored or Prof. M.L. Kansal Prof. Nguyen Hai Hoa Mangrove Health Assessment For Its Sustainability In Part Of North Vietnam
27 20926003 Mr. Dhananjay Paswan Das MHRD Prof. Ashish Pandey Application Of Remote Sensing And Machine Learning In Agricultural Water Management
28 20926002 Mr. Ankit Sharma MHRD Prof. Idhaya Chandhiran Small Inland Water Bodies: Mapping, Monitoring And Hydrological Predictions
29 20926001 Ms. Abhinanda Roy MHRD Prof. K. S. Kasiviswanathan Reservoir Operation Hydrological Modelling Uncertainty Quantification Flood And Drought Management
30 19926016 Ms. Massouda Sidiqi Sponsored Prof. K. S. Kasiviswanathan Assessment Of Climate Change Impact On Hydrological Components In Hindu Kush Himalaya
31 19926014 Mr. Rahmatullah Dost Sponsored Prof. K. S. Kasiviswanathan Spatial Variation Of Drought In Afghanistan
32 19926013 Mr. Koustav Nath MHRD Prof. K. S. Kasiviswanathan Flood Modelling
33 19926012 Mr. Fida Mohammad Sponsored Prof. Idhaya Chandhiran Greenhouse Gas Emission Modeling In The Indian Agricultural Landscape
34 19926011 Mr. Melese Baye Hailu Sponsored Prof. S. K. Mishra Rainfall-Runoff And Sediment Yield Modelling Under Climate Change
35 19926010 Mr. Ayano Hirbo Gelebo Sponsored Prof. Deepak Khare, Prof. K. S. Kasiviswanthan Hydrological Modelling Of Groundwater & Surface Water Resources For The Large-Scaled Catchments
36 19926009 Mr. Yogesh kumar kushwaha MHRD Prof. Ashish Pandey Smart Irrigation System Using Machine Learning Techniques
37 19926008 Mr. Wasu Manawko Sponsored Prof. K. S. Kasiviswanthan Development Of Multi Criteria Decision-Making System For Hydropower Potential Assessment
38 19926006 Mr. Sourav Choudhary MHRD Prof. Deepak Khare, Dr. Santosh Pingale NIH Ground Water Management In Changing Climate By Developing A 3-D Groundwater Balance Model
39 19926005 Mr. Sachchidanand Singh MHRD Prof. M. L. Kansal A Study Of Cloudbursts Events In The Himalayan Regions Of India
40 19926004 Mr. Praveen kalura Full Time Project Prof. Ashish Pandey Dr. V.M.Chowdary Assessment Of Water Resources Systems Using Remote Sensing Based Water Accounting Plus Framework For Sustainable River Basin Management.
41 19926003 Ms.Jagriti jain MHRD Prof. Deepak Khare Dr. Francisco Munoz-Arriola, University of Nebraska, USA Towards The Building Of Urban Water Resilient Infrastructure In The Socio-Environmental System
42 19926002 Ms. Alka yadav UGC JRF Prof. M. L. Kansal Wetlands Sustainability Index
43 19926001 Mr. Akash Jaiswal MHRD Prof. S. K. Mishra, Prof. Z. Ahmad Hydraulic Structures
44 19548017 Ms. Ritu Tiwari Switchover MHRD Prof. T. R. Chelliah Dr. Venkata Dinavahi Deppt of ECE Alberta, Analysis And Mitigation Of Active Power Oscillation In Hydogenerator Fed Transmission Lines
45 18926010 Mr. Vidyasagar Tummakuri MHRD Prof. Thanga Raj Chelliah Design And Experimental Validation Of Battery Operated Short Endurance Marine Vessels
46 18926009 Mr. Debasis Senapati Part Time Prof. Ashish Pandey Crop Yield Modeling Under Changing Climate
47 18926008 Mr. Sabyasachi Swain Full Time Project Prof. S. K. Mishra, Prof. Ashish Pandey A Study Of Sediment Yield, Droughts And E-Flow
48 18926006 Mr. Beker Bahar Adem Full Time Sponsored Prof. M. L. Kansal Performance Evaluation Of An Urban Water Supply System
49 18926005 Ms. Osheen MHRD Prof. M. L. Kansal Performance Evaluation Of An Urban Drainage System
50 18926003 Mr. Javed Ali MHRD Prof. Thanga Raj Chelliah, Prof. Pramod Agarwal, Deptt of EED Investigation On Electromagnetic Vibrations In Asynchronous Hydrogenerator
51 18926002 Mr. Ishan Sharma MHRD Prof. S. K. Mishra, Prof. Ashish Pandey A Critical Investigation Of Scs-Cn Methodology For Rainfall-Runoff Modelling
52 18926001 Mr. Gagandeep Singh MHRD; Prof. Ashish Pandey Flash Flood Modeling And Assessment In The Mountain Catchments Of The Northwestern Himalayan Region
53 18548007 Mr. Esmatullah Sangin Sponsored Prof. S. K. Mishra, Prof. Sumit Sen Deptt of Hydrology, Rainfall-Runoff And Sediment Yield Modeling Of Guaged And Unguaged Catchments
54 17926005 Mr. Lingaraj Dhal MHRD, Prof. M. L. Kansal A Study Of Watershed Health And Its Resilience
55 17926003 Ms. Tanmoyee Bhattacharya MHRD Prof. Deepak Khare, Dr. Manohar Arora NIH
56 17926002 Mr.Vikas Gunvantrao jadhao Part Time Prof. Ashish Pandey, Prof. S. K. Mishra Experimental Verification Of Rainfall, Runoff And Sediment Yield
57 17926001 Mr. Deen Dayal Project MHRD; Prof. Ashish Pandey, Dr.Praveen Kumar Gupta, S.A.C ISRO.Ahmedabad, River Basin Management Using Remote Sensing Data
58 16926001 Mr. S. Raghu Part Time Prof. T. R. Chelliah Prof. Deepak Khare Fault Tolerant Control Strategies For Multimegawatt Power Electronic Converters Fed Variable Speed Pumped Storage Units
59 15926002 Ms. Priyanka Gunjan MHRD Fellowship Expired Prof. S. K. Mishra, Dr. A. K. Lohani (NIH) Comprehensive Hydrologic Study And Impact Assessment Of Land Use And Climate Change On Runoff
60 14926005 Mr. Nand Kishore Sharma Part Time Prof. S. K. Mishra, Prof. Ashish Pandey Sediment Yield Modelling Of A Hilly Catchment
61 14926001 Mr. Amar Kant Gautam Part Time Prof. Ashish Pandey Hydrological Modelling Using Satellite Based Precipitation And Impact Off Climate Change
62 13928010 Mr. Deepak Maurya Part Time Prof. Ashish Pandey, Prof. S. K. Tripothi Effect Of Different Nutrient Management On Growth, Yield And Quality Of Rice.