Institute Time Capsule
1842 : Roorkee was still a village on the banks of river Solani
1842 : Construction of Ganga canal started
1845 : Training school at Saharanpur started under the supervision of Baird Smith
1847-1947 : The college remained as Thomason College of Engineering
1847-1852 : Duration of first tenure of R Maclagan, the first Principal
23 Sep 1847 : Sir James Thomason proposed for an Engineering College
25 Nov 1847 : College Prospectus was issued for the first time
1 Jan 1848 : Roorkee College starts functioning
25 Nov 1847 : Notification by the government of North Western Province establishing college of Engineering at Roorkee
29 Aug 1851 : Plan for expansion of Roorkee college was submitted to the Governor General1852Printing Press established in the campus
21 Sep 1853 : Sir James Thomason, L T Colonel of the government of NWP dies and the College was renamed as Thomason College of Civil Engineering
7 Nov 1853: Bengal Sappers and Miners moved to Roorkee
1855: Central instruments depot established
1857: Entrance test for the College was started
1860 : ECS Williams functions as the Principal
1861: Municipality of Roorkee was created
1863: J G Medley was appointed as the Principal
1863: Professional papers on Indian Engineering was started by Principal Medley
1864: Roorkee College was affiliated to Calcutta University
1869: Coopers Hill college opened in England to train civil Engineers for services in India
1870: Publication of college calendar starts
1871: AM Lang was appointed as the Principal who functioned till 1877
1871: Engineering students mess was established properly
1872: Football introduced into the campus
1872: Polo introduced in the campus
1873: Hockey introduced in the campus
1873: Annual athletic meet introduced as an annual feature in the campus
1875: Coopers Hill college renamed as Royal Indian Engineering college
1875: Fees structure changed
1877: Many tennis courts were made
1878: Change in session from Nov-Aug to May-March
1878: Military section of the college was abolished formally
1879: Government of India proposes closure of Coopers hill college at England
1879: Lower subordinate group divided into Group A and B
1880: Course for the Engineering students revised
1880: Gymnasium was set up
1882: Annual athletic meet temporarily abolished
1883: Post of Professor of geology and experimental science was abolished
1883: Assistant Engineers exams were suspended
1883: Establishment of printing press was reduced
1886: Publication of professional paper ends
1886: Professional papers on Indian Engineering ceased publication
1889: Tennis club established by Indian students
1890: Swimming was started as a sport in the campus
1891: Branderth relinquished charge
1891: F D M Brown took charge as the Principal
1892: Short course for the revenue officers set by the college
1893: Course on Telegraphy Engg. was started
1894: Roorkee College affiliated to Allahabad University
1894: Orchid house was built
1896: Lt Colonel Sir A P Macdonnel visits college to investigate plans to reorganize and expand it
1896: Clock presented by Sir Bir Shamsher Jung Bahadur of Nepal set on the dome
1896: Electrical and Mechanical apprentices class were started
1897 : Two posts of assistant Principals abolished
1897 : F W Sidwick joins as an instructor for Electrical Engg.
1897 : Engineering courses were extended to three years from two years with civil and electrical disciplines
1898 : Electricity comes to college
1899 : W D Mclaren joins as an instructor for Mechanical Engg.
1901 : Fortnightly test were replaced by end of term exams
1902 : Roorkee college wins Hockey shield six time in a row in the university tournament
1905 : Affiliation to Allahabad University ends
1907 : Royal Indian Engineering college closed down
1909 : Electrification of the college is completed
1909 : Courses on Electrical and Mechanical Engg. were started at par with Civil Engg. courses
1909 : Chemical, Physical ,Mechanical and Mineralogical laboratories, Photomechanical Department, Power installation and electric light was inaugurated
1910 : A course on Textile Engg. was started
1912 : Roorkee College was divested of all low level technical classes
1913 : Association of the old boys of Thomason college was formed and called as the Thomason college Engineers Association
20-Dec-17 : Whole Gymnasium and Convocation hall burns down due to faulty electric wiring during a red cross show
1919 : Cricket in campus revived
1919 : Thomason college Engineers Association collapses, Thomasonian publication comes to an end
6-Jan-19 : Dispensary struck by lightening
1923 : Courses on Electrical and Mechanical Engineering were closed down
1927 : Withdrawal of Guaranteed appointments to Roorkee boys during the period of Depression
1930 : European student mess closed
1931 : College magazine Lion started
1935 : First batch of Indian commissioned officers from IMA joined the college for Engg education
1935 : Indian students messes were started
1941 : Roorkee university alumni association was established, earlier known as old boys association
1943 : A unit of craftsmen called the technical pioneer force was formed
1943 : A school of military Engg started functioning in the campus
1946 : Electrical and Mechanical Engg courses were started and the college was renamed as Thomason college
1947 : Central Building Research Institute established by CSIR
1947 : The military school was shifted to Pune
1948 : Roorkee university act was passed by the provincial legislature earlier this year
1949 : Thomason college elevated to university status.
25-Nov-49 : the university was inaugurated after 100 years of its establishment
25-Nov-49 : Pandit Pant laid the foundation stone of a new building for the University lib.
28-Mar-50 : Dr.C.A Hart joined the university as Vice Chancellor
10-Feb-51 : Foundation stone of a building of CBRI was laid
1-Dec-52 : Foundation laid for the hall to be added to the student's club
1-Feb-53 : Sri Bijawat became the Pro Vice Chancellor
28-Feb-53 : Dr.C.A Hart resigned
1953 : University staff association and club had it's beginning
1954 : Sri Ajudhia Nath Khosla was appionted as Vice Chancellor
1955 : College Magzine was renamed as Alumni Journal
1-Nov-55 : Refresher course were formally inaugurated by Sri V.T.Krishnamchari
25-Nov-55 : Pandit J.L.Nehru inaugurated WRDTC
1956 : Adarsh Bal niketan came into existence
1956 : Student Aid Loan Fund started
1957-61 : Sri K.N.Kathpalia became the Pro Vice Chancellor
1957 : Technical Assistant Course were run for two years
1957 : Hobbies club came into existence
1-Feb-57 : B.Arch was started in the middle of the session
Jun-57 : Telecommmunication Engg. Was sanctioned
25-Nov-58 : Nehru was honoured the honorary degree of Doctor of Science
1959 : Teacher training programme went on
1959 : Rural housing wing was set up
Mar-59 : Foundation stone of NCC Building was laid
Aug-59 : Detailed scheme to establish Pilot Production-cum -training centre
25-Nov-59 : Dr. Rajendra Prasad was similarly Honoured
18-Dec-59 : Khosla relinquished the post of VC
1959 : Building for a small hospital was built
1960 : SRTEE started functioning
1960 : Duration of BE Courses were increased to 4years from 3 years consequently no batch passed in 1963
15-Aug-60 : Separate departments for mathematics, physics, chemistry, geology and geophysics were constituted
1961 : Department. of Architecture got a separate building for itself
1961 : First award of doctorate was made : 20-Mar-61 : Shri Ghananad Pande joined as VC
1962 : A block of building for geophysics and geology in one wing and another for earthquake was completed
1962 : The chinese war threw the BE courses out of gear.
1962 : The batch due to pass out in 1964 was accelerated to go out 5 months earlier in January
1962 : The batch to be passed in 1965 got out in Nov. 1964
1962 : Employment information and guidance bureau was set up
1962 : E.S recreation was renamed as Univ. Sports Association
1962 : Gymnasium building came up
1963 : The centenary gate was remodeled
1963 : Five more ME courses were added to the existing 9 courses since 1958
1963 : Commission for scientific and technical terminology set up a unit to evolve Hindi technical term, it was wound up in 1967
1964 : Humanities section was started, it became a department in 1973
1964 : Decision to wind up polytechnic, last batch passed out in 1966
May-64 : Department. of telecommunication separated from electrical dept, it was renamed to electronics and communication
16-Jun-64 : The foundation stone of DPT was laid
Oct-64 : IIT's pay scale were introduced in the university
1965 : Painting and sculpture section was added to hobbies club
1966 : The entrance test result was for the first time processed in computers
1966 : Sri pande's term as VC came to an end
1966 : A teachers hostel was built in Vikas Nagar
31-Jan-66 : The teacher's wing was closed
26 Nov 66 : Dr. Zakir Hussain inaugurated the LBS, he was also honoured with degree of D.Sc
18-Nov-67 : Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was honored with the degree of D.ENG, she inaugurated the S.block of E&C Department.
1968 : Expansion in post -graduate courses, becoming 21
2-Oct-68 : Mahila work Centre was established . Later renamed as Mahila work and welfare centre
1969 : 25% seats got reserved for direct admission in UG courses Top
1970 : Horticulture and gardening section was added to Hobbies club
1970 : Badminton court was completed
1970 : Alaknanda club was opened, name was given in 1979
1970 : D Class goes to strike on March 1st
1971 : First batch of industrial branch was admitted
1971 : Five year term of Sri Chopra come to an end
1971 : QIP was set up in the university
1971 : Dr . Jai Krishna was appointed as VC in September
1972 : NSS was started
1973 : The Mechanical departmant was renamed the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engg.
1974 : Mangal Ram Memorial Open Billiards Championship started
1974 : STREE was incorporated as one of the university's regular departments in April
1974 : Constitution of RUSA was passed and it became operative in October
1975 : E&C Tower was completed and inaugurated by VC Sri Reddy on 26-November
1975 : Philately and numismatic section was added to hobbies club
1976 : Traditional way of making all admission through exam was resumed
1977 : Dr. Jagdish Narain joined as new Vice Chancellor
1977 : Bloody fight between rival factions of students during RUSA election
1978 : The university broke ground by taking over DPT(Saharanpur)as one of its integral parts
1978 : College Magzine was renamed as Lion
1978 : Stargazing section was added to hobbies club
1979 : NIH was established in the campus of the Roorkee University
1979 : The Roorkee University Regional Computer Centre started functioning in November
1981 : Welding research lab. Was established under Indo-German Technical Cooperation Program
1982 : Centre for Microprocessor Application came into being
1982 : AHEC was set up
1982 : President of Tanzania Mr. Julius Neyrere and his wife visited the campus on 2nd April
1983 : Duration of ME courses were reduced to one and half years from two years
1983 : UG course in Computer Science and Technology was started
1984 : AVRC was established
1985 : Seven more centres were added
1986 : The USIC (university science instrumentation Centre) was recognized as a Instrumentation Centre
1986 : Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology
1987 : E&C dept. was renamed as E&CE
1987 : STEP Roorkee was registered as a society
1989 : Three more centres were set up
9-Jan-90 : The constitution of the Roorkee school for the deaf was approved by the syndicate
1992 : The construction of Rajendra Bhawan was completed
1994 : A community centre was built near the hangar
1996 : Another fifteen centres had been added to the list
1996 : Information Superhighway Centre(ISC) was established
1998 : Department of Manangement studies was started.
2000 - Ongoing
21 Sept 2001: At the turn of the century, the University of Roorkee was converted into an IIT by an act of Parliament. Dr. D.V. Singh, the last vice chancellor of University of Roorkee, took charge as the first director until the appointment of a new director.
Dec 2001: Dr. Prem Vrat took charge as Director of IITR.
2005: Three Centres of Excellence, namely Nanotechnology, Disaster Mitigation and Transportation Systems (CTRANS) established Sports facilities spruced up to international standards for the 41st Inter-IIT sports meet hosted at the institute.
2006: NC Nigam Guest House completed.
2006: Dr. S.C. Saxena joined as new Director on 1st June 2006.
2007: Mahatma Gandhi Central Library set up
2009: IIT Roorkee named the mentoring IIT for IIT Mandi in Himachal Pradesh. Classes for IITM started in Roorkee.
2011: The Greater Noida Campus of IITR launched.
2015: The main building is renamed James Thomason Building.
2022: Mehta Family School for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence launched, ranks among top such schools in its first year.
Oct. 2022: Prof. Kamal Kishore Pant took charge as Director of IITR.