Establishment Services
Establishment Services
List of Faculty
List of Joint Faculty
List of Non-Faculty Group 'A' Officers
List of Group B, C & C-MTS as on 01-05-2023
List of Faculty & Non-Faculty Group A Retirement During 2023
List of Faculty & Non-Faculty Group A Retirement During 2024
List of Group B,C & MTS Staff Retirement During 2023
List of Group B,C & MTS Staff Retirement During 2024
List of Faculty Retirement during the year 2024
Annual Property Return Submission Status 2022
APAR Guidelines
Rules for Internal Recruitment at Group B Entry Level Posts
Evaluation Criteria for Open Recruitment for Group B & C Posts
Vacancy Based Promotion Scheme for Non-Teaching Staff (Group A, B & C)
Compassionate Appointment - English
Compassionate Appointment - Hindi
Code of Conduct
House Allotment Rules (Modification in Clause 8.0)
Medifare Rule Book
Guidelines for Holding International Conference/Seminars/Workshops
IITR Purchase Rules 2018
Amendments of Existing Institute Centralized Purchase Rule 2018
Store Rules
Store Rules Notification Amendment
Office Memorandum regarding guidelines to appoint Consultants
Notification Regarding ACR
Vacation Admissible to New Faculty
Leave Type and Rules
Updated Vacation and Leave Rules
Sabbatical Leave Rules
Leave Travel Concession
Professional Development Allowance (PDA) Guidelines
Children Educational Assistance
Notification for Allowances
Transport Allowance
House Rent Allowance
Notification Regarding Medical Facilities
Personal Computer Advance
House Building Advance
Non Practicing Allowance
Rates for Hiring Taxies for Institute Work
Purchase Order for Hiring Big Vehicles
Rates for Traveling by Own Car for Official Work
Guidelines for Relocation of Group 'A' Officers
Notification Regarding Recording, Classification, and Retention of Files
A.) Old Notification
B.) New Notification
Application Form for Open Recruitment
Application Form for Compassionate Appointment
Identity Card Form
Medical Booklet Form
Medifare Application Form
Appraisal Form for Faculty
APAR Performa for Group A Non-Faculty (Regular Employees)
APAR Performa for Group A Non-Faculty (End of Probation)
APAR Performa for Group B, C Technical Staff
APAR Performa for Group B, C Ministerial Staff
APAR Performa for Group C-MTS
Casual Leave Application Form
Earned/commuted Leave Application Form (Faculty & Group 'A')
Earned/commuted Leave Application Form (Group 'B&C')
LTC Form (Faculty & Group 'A')
LTC Form
House Building Allowance
Transport Allowance
Children Education Assistance
Faculty Page
Annual Property Return Form
Writeoff/Physical Verification Forms (A and B)
Form of Oath of Allegiance
Generating New Employee Number
Medical Board Report
Medical Booklet
National Pension System Form
Form for Hometown Change
Employee ID Form
No-Dues Form
Ex-India Leave for Non-Teaching Staff
Nomination Form-G for Gratuity
GIS Nomination Form
GPF Nomination Form
ID Card Application Form
Medifare Card Application Form
Medifare Reimbursement Form
Medical Booklet form