Various facilities available at the Centre for Nanotechnology
The Centre has various dedicated labs for synthesis and characterizations of nanomaterials ranging from quantum-dots nano-rods to nano-sheets and nano-composites. Apart from the dedicated labs at the Centre, the institute has highly specialized fabrication and characterization facilities, including Institute Instrumentation Centre (IIC), having advanced instruments
I C C Tinkering lab
Dedicated Centre's lab
Instrumentation Chemistry Lab
Instrumentation Biotechnology Lab
Instrumentation Physics Lab
M Tech Lab I
M Tech Lab II
High Temperature Lab
Wet Lab
Nanomaterials Lab
Nanoelectronics Lab
Computer Lab
Varian Cary 5000 UV-VIS-NIR spectrometer
Zetasizer nano zs90
Hitachi F-4600 and Nanolog
AMBiOS XP200 Surface Profiler
UV- Visible Spectroscopy-(Hitachi)
Gel Doc- (Bio rad)
Fluorescence Microscope
Probe Sonicator (Sonics Vibracell Model No- CV334)
Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)
Magneto dielectric set-up
ME set-up - PE loop tracer
Four Probe set-up (Keithley and Pro-4 Lucas Signatone QuadPro Resistivity System)
TG-MS (Perkin Elmer)
Autoclave- (Labtech)
Ultra Centrifuge (Beckman Coulter)
Millipore Water Supply System
Microwave synthesizer (Anton Paar)
Ice maker-(Biosync Instrument)
Rotary Evaporators Yamato (Model No:RE301)
Orbital Shaker
Centrifuge- (Beckman Coulter)
Deep Freeze Refrigerator(-20 C)- (Haier)
Deep Freeze Refrigerator(-80 C)
Lyophilizer (Freeze Dryer)
Laminar Flow Cabinet- (Vaiometra)
Weighing Balance
UV-Vis spectrometer for micro volume
Hot-Plate magnetic stirrer
Electrospinning Unit – (ESPIN – NANOPECO)
CVD System
Spin Coater
High Temperature Furnace
Magnetic Stirrer
Heating Mantle
Microwave Heating Furnace
pH and Conductivity Analyzer
Air Compressor
Gas Chromatography
Fume Hood ( Godrej)
Hydrothermal Autoclave
Hot-Plate Magnetic stirrer
Rotary evaporator system (Automated)
Small Scale Mechanical Tensile Tester for Biomaterials
CVD System (Automated)