Institute Instrumentation Centre (IIC) Institute Instrumentation Centre (IIC) houses large number of sophisticated instruments used for high magnification imaging, material characterization, precision chemical analysis, etc. The Centre is run by trained technical manpower and researchers, who are guided by experienced Faculty experts.
Before 2001, when the University of Roorkee was accorded the status of an IIT, the IIC was known as University Science Instrumentation Centre (USIC). Since 2001, expansion of the Centre took place with the addition of new and ultra-modern equipments in order to enhance the efficiency and functioning to desired levels.
Centre Administrative Committee
Instrument Status
Important Information for External Users
1) Our centre receives a large number of samples from all over India, and there is always a long waiting queue. Therefore, kindly cooperate with us and do not dispatch the samples without prior discussion with the lab incharge.
2) Kindly contact the lab incharge of the respective facility before sending the samples for the measurement.
3) Samples received without prior intimation/discussion will be analyzed as and when slots are available.
4) Kindly go through External User Booking for further details.
5) For external users, the refund process may take upto 2 months.
XPS Facility
XPS facility is now functional for powder samples and pellet samples also . Therefore, now XPS facility can be availed for Powder samples, Pellet samples and Solid/Thin Film samples .
SPM (AFM) facility
SPM (AFM) facility is currently non-functional due to unavailability of probes. Kindly do not send samples for the same .
EPMA facility
EPMA is very old instrument, hence only basic imaging is possible at this moment.