Courses Offered
Programmes Offered
The Department offers the following academic programmes:
P.G. Diploma (Hydrology): It is a 12-months academic programme, which includes classroom lectures, tutorials and practicals and a seminar.
M.Tech. (Hydrology): It is a 24-months academic programme. It includes classroom lectures, tutorials and practicals and a seminar in the first year. In the second year, the student devotes himself to research topic and continuously works on it, leading to the completion of dissertation.
Ph.D. (Hydrology): The Department also offers Ph.D. programme. For more information, please refer to our website Currently, 48 scholars are registered for pursuing their research leading to Ph.D. degree.
Specializations in P.G. DIPLOMA/ M.TECH.
A candidate can opt for pursuing P.G. Diploma/M.Tech. studies in any of the following specializations offered by the Department:
1.Surface Water Hydrology
2.Groundwater Hydrology
3.Watershed Management
The courses offered under these specializations consist of core courses and elective courses. The core courses of different specializations are as follows:
Surface Water Hydrology Groundwater Hydrology Watershed Management
Channel and Fluvial Hydraulics Groundwater Hydrology Hydrologic Elements and Analysis
Deterministic Hydrology Geophysical Investigations Watershed Behaviour and Conservation Practices
Stochastic Hydrology Environmental Quality Remote Sensing and GIS Application
Surface Water Modeling and Simulation Groundwater System Analysis Watershed Modeling and Sim ulation
Environmental Planning and Assessment of Projects Soil and Groundwater Contamination Modelling Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
Hydrometeorology and Climate Change Multi-phase Flow throug h Porous Media Planning and Management o f Watersheds
Bigdata and Hydroinformatics Vadose Zone Hydrology Experimental Hydrology

The students are free to choose elective courses offered by this Department as well as other departments to strengthen their base depending upon their inclination towar other disciplines. Delivering a seminar in the second semester is now an integral part of P.G. Diploma/M.Tech. programme.
Working on a dissertation problem is an important aspect of the M.Tech. programme. The students carry out hydrological analysis required for a comprehensive thesis in their fields of specialization.