Faculty Presentations
List of Faculty Presentations
Name Details of Conf./Semi./Symp./ Workshop/Guest Lecture Venue Date
Prof. Bhaskar Jyoti Deka "Securing sustainable treatment for drinking water production and water recycling with focus on anionic contaminants (SuWaRec)" Institute for Water Resources and Water Supply, Hamburg University of Technology July 20-22, 2022
Prof. Ankit Agarwal "Network Techniques in Hydro-Climatology" Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology. 21st July 202
Prof. Brijesh Kumar Yadav "Applied Numerical Modelling Techniques for Water resources systems" department of Civil Engineering, NIT Jamshedpur 6/26/2022
Prof. Himanshu Joshi Innovation to IP management National Institute of Hydrology 26-04-2022
Ashutosh Sharma Climate Change Impacts on Hydrological Systems And Terrestrial Ecosystems Department of Civil Engineering, Himachal Pradesh University (HPU), Shimla 22-Jan-22
Sumit Sen "Terrestrial Water Budget: The Himalayan Region" Himalayan Biosphere-Atmosphere-Hydrosphere Interactions: Status, Challenges, and Way Forward under National Mission on Himalayan Studies (NMHS) 14-Dec-21
"Fundamentals of Springshed Management: Water security through science based participatory approach" Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust (HIHT), Key Resource Centre (KRC) 5th October & 15th December 2021
Brijesh Kumar Yadav "Engineered Bioremediation of Polluted Land and Groundwater Sites" Ministry of Home Affairs, in collaboration with Amity University Lucknow 17-Nov-21
Remediation of Polluted Groundwater Sites using Engineered Bioremediation and PRB Techniques  Department of Mathematics & Computing, IIT (ISM) Dhanbad 23-Dec-21
Groundwater Contamination and Engineered Bioremediation of Polluted Sites NIH Roorkee Dec 06-10, 2021
Scientific and Technological Research for Pollution Prevention & Control Amity Institute of Environmental Sciences, Amity University Uttar Pradesh. 03 December, 2021
Ashutosh Sharma "Analyzing Hydrological Impacts of Climate Change: Working with Climate Model data" IIT Jammu 28-Oct-21
Ankit Agarwal "Multi-scale approaches in forecasting extreme floods and their global connections" School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford
Brijesh K Yadav "Overview of Applied Modeling for Water Resources System" GEC Bhavnagar, Gujarat 25-Oct-21
"Overview of Managed Aquifer Recharge in (semi)-arid regions of India" Department of Soil & Water Conservation Engineering, College of Technology, GBPUA&T Pantnagar Oct 23-24, 2021
"CO2 Geo-sequestration in Deep Subsurface to Mitigate Climate Change" Virtual conference cum training on "Climate-Induced Hydrological Disasters, Policies & Management" Oct 7-9, 2021
"Rejuvenation of Water Bodies: Case Studies" Dr. S. & S. S. Ghandhy Government Engineering College, Surat Oct 4-8, 2021
Expert talk on "Movement of LNAPL under dynamic groundwater flow conditions" University of Bergen Norway Oct 1-2, 2021
Brijesh K Yadav A talk on "Geo-sequestration of CO2 in saline Aquifers" G B Pant University of Agriculture and Technology 21-Sep-21
Bhaskar Jyoti Deka "Water treatment processes and disinfectant requirements" 26-Aug-21
"Wastewater collection, treatment & Disposal" Department of WRD&M, IIT Roorkee and ITEC 25-Aug-21
Ankit Agarwal "Multi-scale approaches in forecasting extreme floods and their global connections" RISK-KAN lecture series
Sumit Sen Public Talk State Level Stakeholders' Consultation on Springshed Management for Nagaland. 25th May, 2021
Prioritization of Land Parcels for Capturing Rainwater: Two Case Studies of Contrasting Biogeographic Regions." Aligrah Muslim University 7th July, 2021
Brijesh K Yadav Application of Numerical Techniques in Groundwater Modelling" NIH Roorkee 15-Jun-21
Chaired the technical session ‘Water, Environment and Health’ Department of Water Resources Development & Management and the Indian Water Resources Society (IWRS)  June 18-20, 2021
Brijesh K Yadav "Geo-sequestration of CO2 in Deep Saline Aquifers: An efficient measure for curbing GHG emission" Amity University, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 17-May-21
"Engineered Bioremediation Techniques of Polluted Land and Groundwater sites" M S University of Baroda 6-May-21
Sumit Sen A workshop on Innovations in Non-contact Hydrometry Central water Commission engineers and staff 23rd April, 2021
Brijesh K Yadav "An Overview of Remediation Techniques used for Treatment of Polluted Land Sites" Veda Vyas DAV Public School Delhi 24-Apr-21
Brijesh K Yadav "Applications of Permeable Reactive Barrier for the Remediation of Groundwater pollutants" The 4th Indian National Groundwater Conference (INGWC-2021) conducted online by JNTU Hyderabad 23-Mar-21
"Remediation Techniques of Polluted Groundwater" Central University of Haryana 22-Mar-21
Bhaskar Jyoti Deka Online talk on "Advanced membrane technologies for desalination" 15-19  March 2021
Ashutosh Sharma "Climate Change and its Impacts" Rajkiya Engineering College (REC), Azamgarh.
Brijesh K Yadav Online talk on “Engineered Bioremediation of Polluted Sites" during the NHP training course on "Groundwater Salinity Issues and Management Solutions" NIH Roorkee February 17 -19, 2021
Brijesh K Yadav Engineered Bioremediation of Polluted Land and Groundwater Sites" for Institutions of Engineers (India), Northeast Chapter NERIST, Nirjuli (Arunachal Pradesh) 6-Feb-21
Ankit Agarwal Hydro-meteoerological Extreme events and Disaster Risk Management lecture series Discipline of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Indore and National Institute of Disaster Management 3rdJune-18th June 2020
Brijesh K Yadav Global Sustainability Summit-The New Normal Amity University, UP June 3-5, 2020
Ankit Agarwal Invited guest lecture on Wavelet entropy-based evaluation of intrinsic predictability of time series GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, Potsdam, Germany 11th March 2020
Dr. Brijesh K Yadav 3rd Indian National Groundwater Conference on Groundwater Resources Management for Sustainable Development (Keynote talk) CWRDM Kozhikode, Kerala Feb 18-20, 2020
Ankit Agarwal Invited seminar on Wavelet analysis of precipitation extremes over India and teleconnections to climate indices Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Potsdam, Germany 12th December 2019
Dr. Brijesh K Yadav The 1st Indo-China Research Webinar Series 2020 in Civil and Environmental Engineering Webinar May 8-19, 2020
Sumit Sen EGU 2019 Austria 7-12 April, 2019
Brijesh K Yadav Sustainable Technologies for Environmental Management (STEM-2019) Delhi Technological University 25-26 March, 2019
Sumit Sen World Water Day Event 2019 University of Birmingham, UK 22-Mar-19
Brijesh K Yadav 3rd international conference on Environmental Health Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, Iran Feb 26-28, 2019
D S Arya International Conference on Sustainable Water Management,  Chandigarh 10-11 December, 2018 
Sumit Sen Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction 2018 (AMCDRR), Mongolia Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia July 3-6, 2018
Brijesh K Yadav Delivered a research seminar as a part of a prestigious program, namely, the Institute Advanced Study (IAS) of LU, UK Loughborough University, UK June 22-29, 2018
Dr. M. Perumal International conference on Sustainable Technology for Intelligent Water Management. Organised by IWRS, WRDM, Roorkee IIT Roorkee Feb. 16-19. 2018
Delivered Lectures on the Short-term course on Hydrology of Floods, Jan., 18-19, 2018 G.B. Pant University of Agriculture, Pant Nagar Jan. 18 and 19, 2018
2018 International Watershed Modeling (SWAT) Conference IIT Madras Jan. 10-12, 2018
EWRI-2017 Conference- World Environmental and Water Resources Congress Sacramento, United States of America May 21-25, 2017
Dr. Manoj K. Jain International conference on Sustainable Technology for Intelligent Water Management. Organised by IWRS, WRDM,Roorkee IIT Roorkee Feb. 16-19. 2018
2018 International Watershed Modeling SWAT Conference IIT Madras 8-12 January, 2018
Brainstorming Workshop at ICAR-Indian Institute of Water Management, Bhubaneswar on Converting Extreme Rainfall Events into Opportunities on 22 Nov,2017 ICAR-Indian Institute of Water Management, Bhubaneswar. 22 Nov. 2017
General Assembly 2017 of the European Geoscience Union, Vienna, Austria Vienna, Austria 23-28 April, 2017
Dr. Sumit Sen 2018 International Watershed Modeling SWAT Conference IIT Madras 8-12 January, 2018
Guest Lecture Cranfield University, United Kingdom 26th May, 2017
Dr. D.S. Arya Thirteen WMO Symposium on Education and Training (SYMET-XIII) Bridgetown, Barbados Oct 30-Nov 2, 2018
DST'sNational workshop on Urban Climate: Science, Impacts and Adaptation Bhubaneshwar Sept 21-22, 2018
ICMS Math Workshop Edinburgh Feb 26-Mar2, 2018
Workshop on Hydrologic Forecasting for Flood and Water Management New Delhi Aug 2-3, 2017
IAHS Scientific Assembly 2017 Port Elizabeth, South Africa July 10-14, 2017
Dr. Brijesh Kumar Yadav A couple of talks on"Groundwater Contamination and Engineered Bioremediation of LNAPL Polluted Sites" during five-day training course on Ground water quality modeling on held at NIH Roorkee. NIH Roorkee, Haridwar Uttrakhand. Feb 12-16, 2018
Groundwater contamination and Engineered Bioremediation of NAPL polluted sites College of Technology, GBPUA&T, Pantnagar 16-Sep-17
Groundwater contamination and Engineered Bioremediation of NAPL polluted sites NIH Roorkee, Haridwar Uttrakhand 22-Aug-17
Dr. Himanshu Joshi Lecture Delivered in Short-term course on "Open Data Sources: Introduction and Spatiotemporal Analysis" Ministry of Water Resources of India 19-24 March, 2018
Member of the selection committee of Chairperson and other Member of Uttar Pradesh Water Management and Regulatory Commission(UPWaMReC) Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 4-Jan-18
Workshop on “Establishment of National Ganga Monitoring Center (GMCs)" Organized By Ministry of Water Resources New Delhi 26-Dec-17
Participate in meeting organized by the UK Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the Indian Department of Science and Technology (DST) with support from RCUK India, New Delhi 17-18 November, 2017
Sumit Sen Indo-French Thematic School on "Water Treatment Technologies for water challenged sites in India: Opportunities for Research Based Solutions" Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Roorkee 25th Feb., 2017
Third National Dam Safety Conference at IIT Roorkee UJVNL, Roorkee Feb. 18-19, 2017
Expert committee meeting held for the research project "Political Economy Water Security, Ecosystem Services and Livelihoods in the Western Himalayas". CEDAR, Dehradun 23rd August 2016
N.K. Goel Simulation of June 2013 flood at Tehri dam,Third National Dam Safety Conference IIT Roorkee Feb.18-19, 2017
Climate Change and Challenges for water and Food Security,presented in National workshop on"Challenges in Irrigation Management for Food security". IIT Roorkee, Roorkee November26-27, 2016.
Hydrological & Eco-environmental Aspects and the Protection Strategy of River Ganga,invited guest lecture in China Yagtze River Forum 2016 Wuhan, China. November 17-19, 2016,
Brijesh K. Yadav Conf.: ETWREE 2017 MVGR College, Vijaynagaram 30-Mar-17
Guest Lecture: Phyto-remediation for improving water quality of lakes during short term training on ILBM approach for conservation and management of lakes. NIH Roorkee 23-Mar-17
Guest Lecture: Modelling aspects of (sub)surface water resources systems in basin planning during a training course on River Basin Planning using HEC. Department of Hydrology, IITR 24-Feb-17
Conf.: WSCC 2016 AIT, Thailand Nov 29-Dec 2, 2016
Workshop: Sustaining Himalayan Water Resources in a Changing Climate (SusHi-Wat) Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Roorkee October 19-21, 2016
Conf.: INGC 2016 JNTU, Hyderabad Oct 5-7, 2016
Guest Lecture: Modelling aspects of (sub)surface water resources systems in basin planning during a training course on River Basin Planning using HEC. Department of Hydrology, IITR Sept. 07, 2016
D.S.Arya Review Paper On Impact Of Climate Change On Dams IIT Roorkee Feb.18-19, 2017
Dr.M.Perumal Delivered two lectures in National workshop on "Recent Trends in Civil Engineering" (RACE-2017) during March 02nd - 04th 2017 sponsored by TEQIP-II Department of Civil Engineering, NIT Jamshedpur March 02-04, 2017
Invited lecture in the area of risk management and risk reduction pertaining to floods and flood related hazards, Organized by Department of Civil Engineering in coordination with NDMA, New Delhi I.I.T. Delhi 26th Oct., 2016
Delivered key note lecture on "Appraisal of various variable parameter Muskingum methods" in the 3rd National Conference on "Sustainable Water Resources Development and Management", SWARDAM-2016 Sponsored by Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme Department of Civil Engineering, Government College of Engineering Aurangabad, Maharashtra State 4-5 July,2016
Brijesh K Yadav The third International Conference on Water Energy and Environment (ICWEE) Sharjah, UAE March 24-27, 2015
Brijesh K Yadav American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting held in San Francisco San Francisco, California December, 14-18, 2014
Sumit Sen 21st Century Watershed Technology Conference and Workshop Hamilton, New Zealand Nov. 03-07, 2014
D. S. Arya International Conference on Hydroinformatics 2014 The City College of New York, New York August, 17-21, 2014
M. Perumal Dooge Nash International Symposium Dublin, Ireland April, 24-25, 2014