PhD. Degree Awarded
Research Scholars
Ravikumar Guntu (2023)-Investigation of Characteristics, Drivers, and Predictability of Compound Dry and Hot Extremes.
Tegegn Kassa Beyene (2023)-Hydrological Drought Propagation and Vulnerability in Ethiopia.
Jagdeesh Kumar (2023)-Innovative Treatment of Metallic Industrial Effluents with Resource Recovery.
Shubham Tiwari (2023)- Managed Aquifer Recharge for Saune Groundwater Regions for Enhanced Recovery of Freshwater.
Anuradha Garg (2023)-Assessment of Napl And Heavy Metal Co-Contamination in Soil-Water System.
Ms. Anooja Thomas (2022) -Water Uptake by Plants Under Varying Soil Moisture Conditions: An Experimental and Numerical Study for Unravelling Compensated Root Water Uptake and Hydraulic Redistribution.
Mr. Jitendra Kumar Vyas (2022) - Non- Contact Discharge Estimation Using Entropy Theory.
Shashi Ranjan(2021) - In-Situ Remediation of Arsenic contaminated groundwater using Permeable Reactive Barrier.
Aliva Nanda (2021) - Understanding Runoff Generation Mechanism in the Lesser Himalayan region of India.
Rahul Kumar Singh (2021) - Quantifying Anthropogenic and Climate Change Impacts on Hydrologic Regime Alterations.
Bratati Chowdhury (2021) - Climate Extremes in India in a changing climate.
Mulugeta Musie Abdi (2020) - Hydrologic Impacts of Climate and Anthropogenic Changes on an Ethiopian Rift Valley Lake
Vivek Gupta (2020) - Impact of Climate Variability and Change on Droughts Over India
Shachi (2020) - Geological Aspects of CO2 Sequestration and Its Risk Assessment
Niraj Kr. Agrawal (2019) - Development of an Operational Inflow Forecasting System for Tehri Dam
Titas Ganguly (2019) - Development of a Framework for studying the effect of Climate Change on dams
Ajay Kumar (2019) - Arsenic Removal from Groundwater using Nanomaterials
Pankaj K. Gupta (2019) -Multi-Scale Fate and Transport of LNAPL under Varying Subsurface Flow Conditions
Vikram Kumar (2019) -Hydrological Response of an Experimental Watershed of Lesser Himalaya
Ajay Ahirwar (2018) -Formulation and Validation of Hybrid Conceptual Models for Runoff Generation
Litan Kumar Ray (2018) -Climatic Variability Studies Over Parts of India with Focus on Hydro-Climatic Variable
Jahangeer (2018) -Soil Water Flow and Nitrate Transport Study Through Heterogeneous Vadose Zone
Pinki Sharma (2016) -Pretreatment Options with RO as Tertiary Treatment of Distillery Spent Wash
Mahendra Kumar Choudhary (2016) - Optimal Planning And Operation Of A Water Transfer Link
Chandra Sekhar Padhi (2016) - Optimal Large Scale Water Transfers In Space And Time
Manoj Chandra Garg (2015) -Performance Evaluation of PV Driven NF-RO Hybrid Water Treatment System
Asmita Ramkrishna Murumkar (2015) - Impact Of Climate Change On Hydrometeorological Variables In Bhima Basin (India)
Anil Kumar Kar (2012) - Flood Estimation and Forecasting in Mahanadi River Basin Using Soft Computing Techniques
Chintalacheruvu Madhusudana Rao (2012) - A Hydrometric Data-Based Flood Forecasting Model Using A Simplified Routing Technique
Negash Wagesho Amencho (2012) - Impact Of Climate And Catchment Dynamics On Runoff Generation
Salil Kumar Shrivastava (2011) -Evaluation of Temporal and Spatial Climatic Variability over Indian Himalaya
Ashoke Basistha (2010) -Climate Change Studies: A Spatio – Temporal Analysis For Part of India
Kale Ravindra Vitthal (2010) -Overland Flow Modelling Using Approximate Convection-Diffusion Equation
Rakesh Kumar (2010) -Regional Flood Frequency Estimation in India
Sanimer Kaur (2010) - Optimal Water Utilization And Management Of An Irrigation System
Santosh Rangrao Yadav (2010) -Sustainable Development of Water Resources in an Intermontane Sub-Himalayan Watershed
A.K. Lohani (2007) - ‘ANN and fuzzy logic in hydrological modeling and flow forecasting
Aruna Dattatraya Thube (2007) - ‘Optimal Development of Water Resources in Krishna River Basin’.
B.K. Sethi (2007) -’ Optimal Development of Water Resources of Cauvery Basin.
P.K. Parhi(2007) -’ Management of Irrigation Water in a command area
R.P. Pandey(2007) - ‘Characterization of Droughts’.
Richa Babbar(2007) - ‘Decision Support System for Water Quality Management’.
Bhabagrahi Sahoo( 2007) -Hydrological Land Surface Schemes Suitable for Climate Change Studies.
Jaivir Tyagi (2007) -Modelling Sediment Yield From Natural Watersheds.
V.K. Sharma, ‘Geohydrological Studies of Saharanpur Town, UP (India)’ with Earth Sciences.
R.K. Rai(2007) - ‘Rainfall-Runoff-Sediment Modelling of a Natural Watershed’.
A.R.N. Al-Hello (2006) - ‘Assessment of Water Quality and Sediments in Shivalik Watersheds’.
Bibhash Sarma (2006) -Planning for Optimal Inter-Basin Water Transfer.
Rabindra Kumar Panigrahi (2006) -Optimal Water Utilization of Mahanadi River Basin.
Manohar Arora(2006) - ‘Climatic variability influences on Hydrological responses’
H.M. Hussain, (2005) ‘Ground Water Pollution Potential for Alluvial Areas’.
A.H. Jawad, (2005)‘Assessment of Non-Point Pollution from Urban Area’.
M.Ashraf. Saleem(2005) ‘Environmental Impact of Irrigation Return Flows on Ground Water Quality of parts of Roorkee Area, Haridwar District, UP’.
M.S.A.G. Al-Hadithi,(2004) ‘Groundwater Resource Evaluation in Ratmau Pathri Rao Watershed, Distt. Haridwar’.
J.G. Jena, (2004)‘Optimal Planning for Hydropower’.
T.A.M. Awchi, (2004)‘Optimal Planning and Operation of a Reservoir’.
Deepti Rani (2004) ‘Multi-level Optimization of a Water Resources System’ ( with Maths Department)
M.D. Patil (2004) ‘Optimal Water Utilization and Intra Basin Water Transfers in Cauvery Basin, India’.’( with WRDM)
K.R. Harne (2003) - ‘Treatment of Domestic Wastewater by Constructed Wetlands’.
Vinod Kumar Bhatt (2003) -Estimation of Extreme Flows for Ungauged Catchments.
M.K. Sharma, (2001) - ‘Studies on Hindon River System with Special Reference to Heavy Metals’
P.D. Dahe, (2001) - ‘Planning for Optimal Development of a Large River Basin’.
M.L. Gaur, (2000) - ‘Modelling of Surface Runoff from Natural Watersheds with Varied Roughness’.
Bipul Talukdar, (2000) - ‘Reservoir Operation Using Dynamic Programming’.
S.K. Tyagi, (1999) - ‘Geo-Environmental Studies in Parts of a Mountainous Watershed, Kumaun Himalaya, India’.
S.K. Mishra, (1999) - ‘Operation of a Multipurpose Reservoir’.
M.L. Waikar, (1998) - ‘Capacity Expansion of Water Resources Systems’.
Sunita Devi (1998) - ‘Optimisation of a Large Size Water Resources System’ with Maths Department
Mohammad Shakeel (1997) -An Integrated Approach for Evaluation of Hydraulic Properties of Alluvial Aquifers.
Anupma Sharma (1997) -Numerical Modelling of Seawater Transport in Coastal Aquifers.
R.S. Kurothe, (1997) - ‘Development of Physically Based Flood Frequency Models’.
Jose C. Samuel, (1996) - ‘Sediment Load Criteria for Prioritising Watershed for Resource Development Programme’.
Vidya Sagar Katiyar (1996) -Hydrological Studies of Disturbed Mountainous Watersheds.
Kota Sri Rama Sastri (1995) -Space-Time Characteristics of Rainfall in East Rajasthan.
Abdullah Taheri Tizro, (1995) - An Integrated Hydrogeological Study of Mahendragarh District, Haryana, India.
Assadullah Kohistani, (1995) - ‘Integrated Planning and Operation of a Reservoir’.
Arun Kumar Tiwari (1995) - Temporal Variation of Sediment Yield from Small Catchments.
Mohammad Sadegh Sadeghian, (1995) -Systems Analysis of a Complex Water Resources System.
Mohammad Reza Najafi Shahri, (1994) - ‘Modelling of Flood Flows in Natural Watersheds’.
Saleem Ahmed, (1994) - ‘Numerical Modelling of Two Dimensional Transient Subsurface Flow to Ditches’.
Kiran Bhatt, (1994) - ‘Hydrogeological Studies in the Southeastern Coastal Tracts of Kutch with Special Reference to Quality of Groundwater’ with Earth Sciences
Sulekha Gupta, (1993) - ‘Modelling of Solute Transport Through an Unsaturated Zone Extending from Ground Surface to Water Table’.
Md. Mubarak Hossain (1991) -Application of Kinematic Wave Theory to Small Watersheds.
N.K. Goel (1991) - Modelling for Flood Flows.
Dwarka Nath Bhargava (1988) -A Study of Unconfined Seepage from Parallel Canals.
K.M. Mohan Rao (1986) -Hydrological Response of Unsaturated Zone upto Water Table.
G.G. Dikshit (1985) - Optimal Water Use of Crop Production.
Mahendra Datt Nautiyal (1984) -Flow to a well in Multiple Aquifer System.
Ashok Kumar Seth, (1983) - Hydrochemical Studies in Upper Hindon Basin Distt. Saharanpur, U.P., India’ with Department of Chemistry
Devendra Kumar (1982) -Optimal Design of Barrage on Permeable Foundation.
Deepak Kashyap (1982) -Mathematical Modelling of Groundwater System.