Media & Public Relations Cell
Any top-tier B school's performance is primarily a result of its web presence and persuasive content on social media and the website. The social engagement an institute achieves determines its fortune. In today's fast-paced world, where everything is available at the fingertips, B-schools need to provide a proper channel for the outside world to know what is going on in a particular institute. And this is made possible by the Media and PR Cell, which consistently aims to draw attention to the Institute's happenings and maintain a robust social presence online.

The Media and PR Cell acts as the face of the Institute. Any happenings or significant development in the Institute is covered and highlighted by the Media Cell. Be it the Institute receiving the best rankings at the international level, faculties winning prestigious awards in the academic domain, or students making the Institute proud at the national/international level by competing against the best minds of the world, it is all covered by this committee. The primary responsibility of the cell is to collect all the happenings related to the Institute and project them in the best light possible. Social media channels are the most common and frequent gateway to infer anything about the Institute. The cell also looks after this requirement by being active across all the social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, PagalGuy, etc. It oversees all the social media accounts and routinely updates followers on activities at the Institute, including festival celebrations, contests, and guest lectures from industry luminaries (which we do have a lot of). Through these channels, the students and aspirants can track any development in the Institute. All the information regarding the happenings is updated on all the social media platforms by the cell, including the Institute's website. The website attracts a lot of traffic, owing to the caliber of IIT Roorkee, and so it becomes very crucial to operate and update the department in the safe and best way possible.

Also, the Media and PR Cell look out for future competitions. The cell is responsible for maintaining sustainable relationships with other B-schools in the country via their PR cell. And hence, the information about various contests and competitions happening in other B-schools in the country is rendered to the students by the cell. The Media and PR Cell keeps DoMS prominent among other B schools and acts as a point of contact for potential collaborators and promoters as we bridge the gap between the Institute and external stakeholders. And if you already think that the Media and PR Cell has a lot of work to do, wait till you get to know about the chores that the cell does during the admission process for MBA each year. That's right! The Media and PR Cell is responsible for managing and ensuring the seamless operation of the admissions process, which is even more vital. It starts as early as the CAT forms are rolled out. A lot of planning and strategizing is done on the Institute's part before kickstarting the admission process. By the time the CAT results are out, it's time to roll out the application forms. Here on, the Media and PR Cell members become the point of contact for every single person who is facing any sort of difficulty in filling up the form. After the application forms are filled up, it is time to screen the large pool of candidates and prepare a feasible schedule for their personal interviews. The aftermath of the personal interviews, where the results are declared and the eligible candidates start getting their offer letters from the Institute, is also coordinated by the Media and PR Cell. The Media and PR Cell overlooks the process until the final candidates physically report to the campus and register themselves after their document verification.

Being in such a dynamic position is challenging, but as a team, we have and will maintain our efforts to boost DoMS's prestige as we attempt to elevate DoMS and IIT Roorkee's stature in the corporate world.
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