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These are independently student managed Activities
Media & Public Relations Cell
Placement Cell
Industry and Academia Relations Cell
Any top-tier B school's performance is primarily a result of its web presence and persuasive content on social media and the website. The social engagement an institute achieves determines its fortune. In today's fast-paced world, where everything is available at the fingertips, B-schools need to provide a proper channel for the outside world to know what is going on in a particular institute. And this is made possible by the Media and PR Cell, which consistently aims to draw attention to the Institute's happenings and maintain a robust social presence online.

The Media and PR Cell acts as the face of the Institute. Any happenings or significant development in the Institute is covered and highlighted by the Media Cell. Be it the Institute receiving the best rankings at the international level, faculties winning prestigious awards in the academic domain, or students making the Institute proud at the national/international level by competing against the best minds of the world, it is all covered by this committee. The primary responsibility of the cell is to collect all the happenings related to the Institute and project them in the best light possible. Social media channels are the most common and frequent gateway to infer anything about the Institute. The cell also looks after this requirement by being active across all the social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, PagalGuy, etc. It oversees all the social media accounts and routinely updates followers on activities at the Institute, including festival celebrations, contests, and guest lectures from industry luminaries (which we do have a lot of). Through these channels, the students and aspirants can track any development in the Institute. All the information regarding the happenings is updated on all the social media platforms by the cell, including the Institute's website. The website attracts a lot of traffic, owing to the caliber of IIT Roorkee, and so it becomes very crucial to operate and update the department in the safe and best way possible.

Also, the Media and PR Cell look out for future competitions. The cell is responsible for maintaining sustainable relationships with other B-schools in the country via their PR cell. And hence, the information about various contests and competitions happening in other B-schools in the country is rendered to the students by the cell. The Media and PR Cell keeps DoMS prominent among other B schools and acts as a point of contact for potential collaborators and promoters as we bridge the gap between the Institute and external stakeholders. And if you already think that the Media and PR Cell has a lot of work to do, wait till you get to know about the chores that the cell does during the admission process for MBA each year. That's right! The Media and PR Cell is responsible for managing and ensuring the seamless operation of the admissions process, which is even more vital. It starts as early as the CAT forms are rolled out. A lot of planning and strategizing is done on the Institute's part before kickstarting the admission process. By the time the CAT results are out, it's time to roll out the application forms. Here on, the Media and PR Cell members become the point of contact for every single person who is facing any sort of difficulty in filling up the form. After the application forms are filled up, it is time to screen the large pool of candidates and prepare a feasible schedule for their personal interviews. The aftermath of the personal interviews, where the results are declared and the eligible candidates start getting their offer letters from the Institute, is also coordinated by the Media and PR Cell. The Media and PR Cell overlooks the process until the final candidates physically report to the campus and register themselves after their document verification.

Being in such a dynamic position is challenging, but as a team, we have and will maintain our efforts to boost DoMS's prestige as we attempt to elevate DoMS and IIT Roorkee's stature in the corporate world.
The Placement Committee at the Department of Management Studies IIT Roorkee is responsible for managing the complete placement process for the department. The team communicates with the corporate in regards to meetings, talks, negotiations, invitations, and the final selection of students to ensure that everyone participating in this process benefits.
The DoMS IIT Roorkee Placement Cell works to ensure that the recruitment process is successful for all candidates, with the goal of achieving a 100% placement record every year. The committee consists of members selected through a layered process. The placement committee is headed by the Training and Placement Officer(TPO) who collectively works towards the objective of acquainting the students of the department with industries. The process is centralized, with placement committees vetting the CVs, forwarding them to companies, setting up interviews, and communicating job offers. The final placement is an activity that every student looks forward to with tremendous anticipation and hope. Since students enter employment and begin on yet another road of self-reliance and self-fulfillment, it marks the conclusion of hard work, optimism, and goal for the future. As a result, it is an important milestone for each student, and the placement committee serves as a facilitator to assist students in reaching this goal. The cell organizes and extends services toward collaborative placement activities to attain the ultimate objective.

The primary responsibilities of the placement committee include:
1) Managing and maintaining corporate relations of the Department of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee
2) Organizing and coordinating recruitment activities and other related engagements on campus
3) Responsible for identifying the prospective recruiters based on batch profile & requirements
4) Exploring new opportunities for student live projects and student corporate interactions in addition to the placement activities
5) Creating awareness among students regarding available career options, helping them in identifying their career objectives, and acting as a bridge between students, alumni, and recruiters
We are tasked with not only bringing recruiters to the campus but also training and preparing the students for the placement cycle. The committee helps right from building the CV of the students to that of giving them an idea of how to tackle personal interviews. The students are assigned placement representatives who guide them with placement training, queries, and other placement-related activities. The relatively small batch size helps the students as well as placement representatives to better focus on the training of students which in turn helps the department achieve splendid placement figures year on year.
The Industry Academia Relations Cell (IARC) is a student-driven body that works under the aegis of Department of Management Studies with the sole aim of enhancing and maintaining the corporate presence of IIT Roorkee, DoMS, by acting as a facilitator for interaction between the students, academics, alums, and industry for all the non-placement activities.
IARC has two primary functions- It acts as a link that connects IIT Roorkee, and DoMS to the corporate world and provides the platform wherein students, academia, industry stalwarts, and leaders from all spheres of life come together and share ideas, thoughts, vision and more! Through its various initiatives around the year, IARC ensures that budding managers stay in touch with the natural world while honing their classroom skills IARC is committed to forging a long-term symbiotic relationship between the institution and the industry.

We are fortunate to boast of a nexus of extremely effective brand ambassadors, there are over 2000 alums who are pursuing rewarding careers in more than 300 blue-chip companies across India and abroad, and their success in the corporate world is a testimony to their skills, abilities, and hard work, as well as to the quality and rigor of business education at IIT Roorkee. IARC helps the alumni stay connected to their alma mater. Through regular events and interactions with the students, the aalumsget a chance to share their experiences and impart the knowledge they have acquired to the next generation of DoMSonians.

IARC conducts four significant events across the year, which includes:
Avenir:the two-day flagship annual business conclave of DoMS IIT Roorkee.
Reminiscence:An event where the graduated batch, the incoming batch and the senior batch have a chance to reminisce the memories that they have made.
Regalia:Alumni meets organized across all the major regions, where alumni get to interact and relive their life at DoMS, IITR.
Confluencia: Leadership Summit for industry stalwarts. IARC is also responsible for conducting all year-round workshops and guest lectures from industry practitioners and has conducted more than eighty of them in the previous year. The Industry Academia Relations Cell is looking forward to a successful academic year ahead with a number of guest lectures and events lined up.
Domination Committee
Communication Committee
Competition Committee
Sports Committee
The DoMination Committee is the official design and editing committee of the Department of Management Studies at the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. This committee sits at the nerve centre of the Clubs and Committee structure at DoMS, IIT Roorkee as we coordinate and collaborate with our sister committees for the smooth and sound functioning of the student bodies at DoMS. DoMination acts as the firm backbone of our department's communication strategy.

The moniker of our beloved DoMS inspires our name, and we seek to live up to this great honour and privilege. We imbibe its ideals in our functioning and high work standards. We strive to give utterance to its wisdom and colours to its imagination.

Our work includes conceptualizing, designing, editing, and publishing the departmental Magazine named Domination. We also publish the department's newsletter. The Domination magazine is our department's platform for informing the world about the latest developments and ideas in the field of management, geoeconomics and technology. It also gives a glimpse into the minds of our scholars who adorn its pages with their wisdom. The DoMination Committee is also the official note taker and minute maker of DoMS. We summarize all industrial exchanges and knowledge-sharing sessions with guest speakers.

We are also integral to Avenir, our department's two-day annual business conclave where we provide design and editorial input for the event.

The strength of our name, 'DoMination,' is also reflected in our vision. With our weapons, the mighty pen and the artistic paintbrush, the committee endeavours to facilitate our department's domination of the business school landscape.
The Communications Committee at the Department of Management Studies (DoMS) plays a pivotal role in orchestrating a diverse array of events, guest lectures, and workshops. Formerly known as the Compering Committee, our responsibilities have expanded to encompass a broader spectrum of communication-related tasks, reflecting the evolving needs of our department.

As the custodians of event management, we are the linchpins that ensure the seamless execution of every initiative within DoMS. From meticulously crafting event itineraries to coordinating with guest speakers and participants, we take pride in our ability to curate memorable and impactful experiences for all involved.

Our selection process remains rigorous, requiring candidates to demonstrate proficiency in language, analytical thinking, and interpersonal skills and a broader range of communication competencies. Through multiple rounds of interviews and task assessments, we identify individuals with the acumen and dedication required to excel in our dynamic environment.

At the core of our responsibilities lies the art of effective communication. We serve as ambassadors between students and guests, facilitating dialogue and fostering engagement throughout each event. By conducting thorough background research on guest speakers and topics, we ensure that introductions are informative and captivating, setting the tone for an enriching experience.

Our role extends beyond event management to encompass a diverse array of communication-related initiatives. In addition to hosting events and guest lectures, we now spearhead orientation meetings for junior batches, organise workshops on speech writing, presentation skills, and resume building, and facilitate extracurricular activities such as debates, group discussions, and mock interviews.

As Masters of Ceremonies, we are adept at navigating a myriad of challenges that may arise during events. Whether addressing technical issues, resolving linguistic barriers, or managing time constraints, we remain steadfast in ensuring that every event runs smoothly and seamlessly.

Central to our mission is cultivating a vibrant and inclusive learning community. Through our efforts, we strive to create opportunities for students to enhance their communication skills, foster peer learning, and develop the confidence and acumen necessary to succeed in their academic and professional endeavors.

The transition from the Compering Committee to the Communications Committee reflects our broader mandate to serve as catalysts for communication excellence within DoMS. As we embrace this new identity, we remain steadfast in our commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism, innovation, and collaboration in all that we do.
What is the one thing that would set you aside from your fellow batch-mates during your MBA?

Academics? Well, not that much cause all of you would have the same profile. Courses? Well, anyone can pay for the course that you did and win a degree in the same! So, the differentiating factor would be the competitions that you would win in your days in college and Competition Committee provides you with just the perfect opportunity to help you with that.

The competition committee is one of the most prominent and vibrant committees of DoMS IIT Roorkee. The competition committee works on various domains, all of which are related to competitions. To start with, the competition committee would host various competitions across the year for the students of the departments. These competitions generally clone well-known competitions across the nation. However, the committee also hosts intra-department and intra-college events around the year.

The next initiative of the competition committee is to arrange regular classes and seminars for students on various topics which would make the students ready for competitions, this includes the likes of basic concepts of various management courses which would mean that the students would have the basis on which they can come up with best solutions in any competition and much more. Over time, this initiative has bought in really great results in the form of well-informed students who are not just able to make the mark in the competitions but also stand out among the other leading B- Schools when it comes to PPOs and placements.

Last but not the least, the competition committee keeps informing the students across the year about the various competitions happening in various b-schools and other institutes which helps them apply in the same and gives them an opportunity to make their mark among the best in the trade. Here, it should be added that there are various companies which include the likes of Microsoft and American Express and many others, who offer PPO and PPI opportunities to the winners of the competitions that they host. The committee, thus keep the students informed and help them in converting the PPI and the PPO.

The preparations so conducted by the committee also help the students bag great placement opportunities as there are several companies which take in students who participated and won in the competitions that they hosted. Also, several competitions also come up with Pre-Placement Interviews and Summer Internships, which again are quite appealing for the students.

The committee is active around the year and helps the students gear up well for some of the most daunting days of their lives. Overall, the objective of the club is to make the students; industry ready and as well help the students develop confidence in their skills and showcase them on the national stage.
“Sports do not build character. They reveal it.”

A winning team is not made up of the best individuals but one that fits together the best. Besides teaching us how to work together, sports also teach us how to lead and never give up. The DoMS sports committee promotes a vibrant sporting culture at IIT Roorkee by bringing people together through sports. The DoMS sports committee provides every student and faculty an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents. Taking the challenge by the horn and jumping high to score the winning basket is taught in sports, and we believe that sports are the best teachers in life.

The DoMS IIT Roorkee Sports Committee is a student-run organization. For this Committee to succeed, students must lead, show interest, be involved, and participate. To encourage interest in sports among participants, the sports committee organizes sports to help them stay physically fit and to enhance their interest in sports. From an extracurricular perspective, the sports committee intends to increase the level of commitment to sports. The purpose of a sports committee is to promote and develop student interest in a particular sport or physical activity. Depending on its constitution, our Committee focuses on recreational, instructional, competitive, or a combination of these activities. The Committee is responsible for conducting two significant events: Sangharsh and Exuberance.

With IIT Roorkee’s world-class sports facilities at our disposal, the Department of Management Studies hosts a three-day sports extravaganza, aptly named “Sangharsh”. It is a national-level sports fest that pits India’s premier B-Schools against each other to know who reigns supreme. With an assortment of indoor and outdoor games, “Sangharsh” provides the platform for budding managers to flex their muscles and brains. Football under the floodlights of Dhyan Chand stadium, thrilling badminton smashes, Basketball in glorious indoor courts, and mind-bending night events which showcase chess, carrom, and foosball, “Sangharsh” has got it all.

Exuberance is the Annual Sports Festival of DoMS IIT Roorkee. The event gives first- and second-year students a chance to show off their skills and prowess in sports like Cricket, Football, Badminton, Basketball, Chess, Cycling, Carrom, Snooker, Table Tennis, and Volleyball. The event fosters camaraderie among juniors, seniors, students, and faculty. It provides a platform for students to hone valuable traits and skills like teamwork, leadership, persistence, hard work, and, most notably, how to embrace success and failure.
Business Management Analytics
Management Consulting Club
"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest" -Benjamin Franklin

Vittarth, the finance and investments club of the Department of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee, is a student-run initiative that works towards nurturing interest, creating awareness, promoting student-industry interaction in the field of finance and investments, and provides a platform for like-minded finance enthusiasts. It aims to provide students with insights into different domains of the financial services industry, such as investment banking, equity research, corporate finance, retail banking, and microfinance. Vittarth organizes various knowledge sharing sessions, quizzes, workshops and activities. It also coordinates with finance clubs of other B-Schools to hold inter college competitions. Students of Department of Management Studies also take part in national level competitions related to finance and investments through Vttarth. Its mission is to increase financial literacy of the students and to make students future ready. To provide free finance knowledge to everyone, Vittarth have some publications which are given below.

Publications Instagram Currently there are two series running on our Instagram handle which are posted once or twice a week. These provide a quick and to-the-point explanation of finance concepts and recent developments.

VITT GYAN: A sequel of brief descriptions of finance concepts that aid readers to get more knowledge about finance.

VITT KHABAR: A series of infographic posts on the latest happenings in the market that assist readers in comprehending the current financial news more deeply.

We are Planning to start two more series in near future-

VITT BAZAAR: A Series where we briefly explain basic and some advanced concepts of the trading, and investing in different financial instruments like stocks, crypto, bonds, mutual funds etc.

VITT ROZ: A daily dose of information related to the stock market, about Nifty, Sensex, Banknifty, Top-Gainers, and Top-Losers.


On LinkedIn also, we are posting posts related to the latest development in the market, and some knowledge about finance. We also contact learned and experienced people which are involved in the field of finance and investment and invite them for guest lectures.
Marketing & Innovation makes Money , everything else is a cost.

-Peter F. Drucker

MARKIIT, as a club, continuously strives to put all the marketing theories into practice while integrating the experience of its members across functions and industries such as in Marketing, Brand Management, Product Development and Management, Digital and Social Media Marketing. It is done by offering students a comprehensive learning experience of marketing through industry interactions and on-campus activities.

The purpose of these activities is to offer the budding marketeers of IIT Roorkee an avenue and opportunity to explore their creativity & bringing solutions to marketing problems of today’s fast paced world. Marketing in the 21st century combines both traditional and digital channels to promote products and services. Before the 21st century, organizations had no advertising options other than conventional channels such as newspapers, television, flyers and radio to reach their target customers.

They focused on mass marketing campaigns to create awareness in the target market and influence potential customers to make purchasing decisions. With the arrival of the internet there has been tremendous transformation in the concept of promotion from outbound marketing to inbound marketing . It facilitates two-way interactive communication between organizations and customers through search engines and social media platforms, emails and content strategies. So to get familiar with these requirements of industry MarkIIT takes several initiatives to help our fellow students.

The initiatives of MARKIIT involve various case study competitions, interactions with industry leaders, quizzes, monthly newsletters, peer learning sessions, and concise summaries of current marketing trends through social media platforms. All of these events are kept in mind to help the brilliant minds of our fellow students to find a visible platform where they can unleash their creativity and “Out of Box Thinking.”

To keep the student community “ au fait “ with the latest happenings around the marketing world, we publish monthly newsletters and bi-weekly marketing Impressions on social media. We also keep the students proactively engaged with the latest trends developed in the marketing sphere through various social media handles and interest groups.
The Operations Club of DoMS, IIT Roorkee is a students' association, which strives to foster interest in Operations Research and Supply Chain management. Seeks to equip the students with resources to make informed decisions on Operations careers, exposure necessary to build successful careers in Operations and opportunities to promote extra-curricular excellence in Operations.

 Since its inception, the club has organized events which were met with remarkable vigour and enthusiasm. Through these events, the club has tried to engage students and align their interests towards Operations Management and SCM. During the academic year 2021-22, the club conducted certification sessions from CII Institute of Logistics, and a guest lecture on Supply Chain Management and Logistics. This club bridges the gap between classroom teaching and practical application in various fields of Operations - Operations Strategy, Logistics and Supply Chain Planning, Constraint Management, Inventory Management etc through Simulation Games, Case Competitions, Quizzes, Live Projects, Industry Visits and Conferences.

The club will anchor these efforts by creating forums for aspirants to learn and imbibe skills and best practices from industry experts and harnessing initiatives that enable students to assimilate the learning into practical application. The club currently has members from diverse backgrounds who bring valuable industry experience. 

Operazione also organises various guest sessions on an interactive forum with industry stalwarts to discuss industry paradigms and relevant trends. The aim of the sessions is to bridge the gap between classroom learning and practical application in the field of operations and supply chain. Our focus remains on the latest trends on prominent areas such as Supply Chain and Logistics Management, Production and Inventory control, Quality management, and Healthcare operations, among others. 
We believe that “SELF MANAGEMENT” is essential for success in the workplace. This goal is achieved through the consistent pursuit of professional and overall development of the members as perfect individuals. This is fostered by encouraging the members' abilities and competencies through learning and sharing. We support the growth of leadership abilities through collaboration and active participation. VyavaHR helps and supports, the making of future leaders using a range of cutting-edge techniques, including simulations, real-world projects, and hands-on learning.

It aids in the development of interpersonal skills required for the job and an interest in HRM. The goals of VyavaHR are to enhance human resources and sustain constructive working relationships. To achieve the goal, the group arranges a range of activities during the academic year. In the area of teaching management ethics and human resources, we aim for academic and professional excellence and to establish a network of professionals and students from various colleges, organizations, and institutions that work in this field. We try to give a platform where one may test and advance their expertise in the area of human resources through workshops, seminars, guest lectures, and summits. we also keep our students well versed in the contemporary developments and issues in the domain of human resources management.

VyavaHR helps students to acquire the communication skills necessary in the corporate world, the "VYAVAHR Club" aims to bring together students who are interested in the topic of human resources management. Encourage them to network with experts in the human resources management industry. Students can learn more about human resources and the work that human resource professionals conduct by joining this group.

  The group encourages students to participate fully. The events are planned primarily by the vyavaHR club. This helps students learn how to properly plan and organize events. The club events are planned on a regular basis to foster teamwork and realistically apply HR ideas.

Our Goals :

1. To serve as a resource to individuals interested in entering the HR profession.

2. To conduct, monitor, and disseminate research and analysis on major workforce issues.

3. To establish a mechanism to monitor legislation and other factors that affect HR aspirants and to develop strategies that effectively represent interests.

4. To provide opportunities for professional development which advances and expands the knowledge of HR aspirants.


1.Connections / Relationship

2.Integrity / Trust/Honesty

3.Quality / Professionalism

4.Unbiased / Neutrality

5. Diversity of ideas
The Business Management Analytics (BMA) Club is working to cater to the fastest-growing demand for Data Analytics in the industry and equip students with these skills.

The objective of the club is to provide the students with the necessary knowledge and skills to become good decision-makers in the field of analytics. We believe that this process should be done with a blend of theory and practical knowledge. As IT & analytics has become core of the businesses and are required in every specialization be it Finance, Marketing, HR, or Ops. So, with these changing demands in the industry, we need some extra focus on analytics and be learned about it and also look upon what are the industry trends, and what could be the future of business, how the competition is dynamically taking decisions, and what could be the way forward for our business all these comes with data analytics.

Business Analytics may be defined as refining past or present business data using modern technologies. They are used to build sophisticated models for driving future growth. A general Business Analytics process may include Data Collection, Data Mining, Sequence Identification, Text Mining, Forecasting, Predictive Analytics, Optimization, and Data Visualization. We organize national-level case study-based competitions that help students apply the knowledge practically and create a zeal amongst them to study more about the current trends in data analytics, which helps them in various aspects.

The competitions organized by us are majorly on unstop, dare2compete which helps us connect with unstoppable talent and the world of opportunities. It enables our batchmates and other b-school students across domains and irrespective of their background to learn, practice, and participate in gamified engagements like hackathons, quizzes, case competitions, simulations, etc. organized by Business Management Analytics (BMA) Club, IIT Roorkee.

This helps enrich our experience and network with a good amount of people, and have more peer learning. We also conduct knowledge-sharing sessions for the batchmates as many of them are from non-IT backgrounds and enabling them with this basic knowledge helps develop their interest and makes them explore more in the vast field of analytics.

We believe in continual improvement and hence we are putting efforts in the direction of conducting workshops related to analytics tools like Python, R, PowerBi, Tableau, SAS, SPSS, etc. under the guidance of faculty members, Alumni, and Ph.D. scholars. We would also look towards developing relations with the industry experts through the means of annual summits organized by our department as well as by conducting guest lectures’ so that students can get a grasp of it.
The Management Consulting Club (MCC) is a student club with the mission to help students cope with the growing influence of Consultancy in the Job Market. This is a club dedicated to educating students of the DoMS-IIT Roorkee about the consulting industry and various consulting methodologies. The club seeks to assist students in developing consultative approaches to problem-solving that can be applied in any career field. We also pursue recruiting and functional project opportunities as and when available.

MCC collaborates with key players in the industry to enhance the experience of our club members. This partnership benefits both parties – the students learn first-hand from practitioners about careers in consulting. The firms are offered unique exposure and the chance to interact with business students. The MBA program prepares us for problem-solving, developing hypotheses, collecting and analyzing data, drawing conclusions, and making recommendations. This business knowledge can be invaluable in solving client problems. 

MCC is a Club for students interested in the field of Management Consulting. It seeks to equip the student body with resources to make informed decisions on consulting careers, and the tools necessary to build successful careers in consulting.

 Its main objectives are:

• To equip and build awareness among the students with the tools and resources necessary for careers in the consulting domain.

 • To create a forum for information exchange and networking with organizations to fetch real-time consulting project opportunities across specializations.

  MCC aims to bring live projects, organize case studies competitions, guest lectures, and increase Industry Interaction for its members' personal and professional growth.