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Message from the Head...
The Department of Metallurgical Engineering was established in 1963 with a four year B.E. program in 1963. Subsequently, the M.E. programs in (i) Physical Metallurgy and (ii) Extractive Metallurgy was started in 1969. The department has been actively involved in research since its inception with the first Ph.D. degree awarded in 1970. With the broadening of the scope of research output and curriculum revision to adapt to the changes in engineering materials to meet sustainable development goals-2030 in various advanced technologies the name of the Department was changed to Metallurgical and Materials Engineering at the turn of the century.

The department takes pride in hosting several high end processing and characterization facilities to carry out high impact research work. High temperature furnaces, Spark plasma sintering, Vacuum arc melting, Rolling mill, Forging press, etc are routinely used for sample processing. Gleeble thermo-mechanical simulator, Scanning electron microscopy, 300 kV Transmission electron spectroscopy, Digital optical microscopes, X-ray diffractometer, Instron machine for fatigue testing and high temperature tensile test are some of the popular characterization facilities accessed inhouse and independently operated by research scholars.

Over the years, the department has broadened its scope to include high temperature and wear resistant materials, nano- and bio-materials, composites, ceramics, energy materials, along with traditional metallurgical areas such as beneficiation of lean ores, corrosion, diffusional studies, and recycling from e-waste. In recent times the department is looking to enlarge its footprint in niche and emerging areas such as green steel for improving the output and quality of steel, e-waste recycling, and development of advanced materials and coatings for boiler applications and wear resistance.

I welcome you to browse through our Department website. If you are seeking to use any of the research facilities of the Department, you may contact the Professor or Staff-in-charge of the concerned laboratory who can give you additional details regarding using the facility. If you are a student looking for internship opportunities or for future studies, I welcome you to browse through the faculty pages and write an email to establish contact with my colleagues who are also seeking bright research scholars to join their research group.

Thank you for visiting our Department website. I hope you will find it informative.

B.S.S. Daniel
Head, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee