Adhesive Joining Laboratory
Adhesive Joining Laboratory
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Prof. I/C - Prof. Indranil Lahiri ( )
Service Supervisor - Mr. Dhan Prakash
The goal of Adhesive Joining Laboratory in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department of IIT Roorkee is to promote the advancement of polymer nanocomposite in the industry and to teach polymer composite and adhesives in UG, PG and Ph.D. level. Adhesive Joining Laboratory provides an excellent education environment where student learn techniques for Epoxy-CNT composite, In-situ grown nanocomposite, PMMA-graphene composite, Inorganic nano particles filled epoxy based adhesives, Similar and Dissimilar metals joints by modified epoxy based adhesive.
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Make: Sonics vibra cell

Model: VCX750

Power: 750 watts

Frequency: 20 kHz

Probe: 13 mm diameter titanium alloy
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Ultra high vacuum pump
Make: Edwards

Model: E2M 18
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Vacuum oven
Make: matrix scientific instruments

Model: MW2

Temperature: up to 300 degree Celsius
Research Projects
Optimization of ultrasonic dual mixing for homogeneous distribution of inorganic nano particles in epoxy based adhesive affecting its thermal and mechanical properties, Department of Science and Technology, India, (2012-2015)
Studies on ambient and elevated temperature properties of joints of metals prepared by adhesive joining using nano-particle filled adhesive, Department of Science and Technology, India, (2007-2010).
On Going Ph.D. Work
Structure-Property Relationship of Inorganic Nanoparticle Filled Epoxy Adhesive (Kaushal Kumar) In Progress
Epoxy Based Carbon Nanotube Composite with Advance Physical and Mechanical properties (Arun Kumar) In Progress
An interesting dual mixing ultrasonic processing technique has been developed in our laboratory which could effectively change the matrix structure of epoxy based polymers instrumental considerable improvement in their mechanical and physical properties that primarily includes the strength, modulus, toughness, safety and durability. The process is ready for application on many other polymeric materials for modification of desired properties.
Neat epoxy adhesive with excellent thermal and mechanical properties.
Nano- particulate composite adhesive for advanced automobile application.
Adhesive joint on aluminum substrate for automobile and aerospace applications.
A multifunctional technique for dispersion of thoroughly broken agglomerates of inorganic nano particles in viscous fluid, Application No. 1554/Del/2008 dated 27.06.2008