Erosion Testing Laboratory
Erosion Testing Laboratory
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Prof. I/C - Prof. B.V. Manoj Kumar ( )

Service Supervisor - Sh. Narendra Kumar ( )

There is huge loss due to erosive wear of components like turbine blades and underwater components. It is a challenge to combat the erosion of steels and other materials. Erosion behavior of the following materials can be measured in this lab by weight loss measurement after regular interval of time

1. Coated surface

2. Surface modified materials

3. Heat treated materials
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Air Jet Erosion Test
Air Jet Erosion Tester

Model- TR-470

Make- Ducom

Erodent- Alumina (50 µ)

Speed of Erodent- 30 – 50 m/s
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Slurry Erosion Test
Slurry Erosion Tester

Make- Indigeneously made

Rpm- 0-2000/min