Fabrication Laboratory
Fabrication Laboratory
Sl. No. Name of Instruments Brief Description of Use
1 Spray forming setup with air compressor and a resistance heating furnace Temp. 11000C Can be used for spray forming of low melting metal/alloys
2 Wooden lathe Machine For wooden work
3 Drilling Machine, Drill size 1-12 mm
4 Lathe Machine Bed length = 3 feet Job dia = 2"
5 Shaper Job size = 12x5 inch
6 Grinder Surface grinder & table grinder
7 Small Rolling Mill Roll dia = 15 cm
8 Forging/Hammering Machine For medium size job upto 20 mm

Prof. I/C - Prof. Indranil Lahiri ( indranil.lahiri@mt.iitr.ac.in )

Service Supervisor - Mr. Dhan Prakash