Joining Of Materials
Joining Of Materials
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The goal of Metal Joining Laboratory in Metallurgical and Material Engineering Department of IIT Roorkee is to promote the advancement of quality welding in the industry and to teach welding in UG, PG and PhD level. The Metal Joining Laboratory provides an excellent educational environment where students learn the latest techniques for shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), metal inert gas welding (GMAW) , submerged arc welding (SAW), and tungsten inert gas welding (GTAW).
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ESAB Welding Power Source
A, ESAB make Aristo 2000 – LUD 450 UW model, direct current (D.C) welding power source along with a MEK 44C wire feeder was employed in the present investigation. The power source is capable to operate for different welding processes such as SMAW,GTAW, GMAW and P-GMAW in both the synergic and non-synergic modes at a given command regarding the material and diameter of electrode/filler wire as well as shielding gas.
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Lincoln Powerwave 455M/Powerfeed
10M LINCOLN ELECTRIC CO. USA inverter based synergic pulse MIG/MAG welding power wave 455 machine. The power feed 10M single feeder is well suited for all MIG welding processes, giving premium arc performance especially with unusual alloys and out of position work. The power wave is capable to operate for different welding processes such as SMAW, GTAW(Touch Start TIG only), GMAW, P-GMAW and FCAW in both the synergic and non-synergic modes.
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Submerged Arc Welding Machine
On Going Research Projects
Investigation on effect of pulsed current gas metal arc welding on joint characteristics of scandium inoculated high strength aluminium alloy, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research,(CSIR) India.
Investigation on advanced welding technique to improve properties of dissimilar weld joint of austenitic stainless steel to high strength low alloy steel, Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), India.
To study critical application of pulse current gas tungsten Arching Process in surface processing of steel for desired properties, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), India.
On Going Ph.D. Work
Surface modification of steel by TIG arcing process.
Narrow gap gas metal arc welding of dissimilar weld joint of stainless steel and HSLA steel.
Effect of TIG surfacing on fatigue properties of steel.
Development of a concept to control pulse parameter in GMAW process by considering their summarized influence through a dimensionless hypothetical factor.
Development of newly designed narrow GMAW torch nozzle device with appropriate cooling system to facilitate narrow gap P-GMA welding of thick wall stainless steel pipe.
Reduction of shrinkage and stresses in multi-pass and multi-seam narrow groove weld of thick (25mm) HSLA steel plate prepared by P-GMAW process.
Design and development of advanced active cooling system in a narrow gap GMAW torch nozzle for multi-pass single-seam per layer extra narrow gap welding of thick steel plates.
Development of a controlled arc of pulsed current TIG arcing process to develop high wear resistant surface modification of steel.
GMAW Torch nozzle device for narrow gap welding, Application No. 1245/DEL/2009 dated 17.06.2009.
Single Seam Multilayer Narrow Gap Pulse Current Gas Metal Arc Welding Technique, Application No. 1023/DEL/2010, dated 29.4.2010.