Materials Processing Laboratory
Materials Processing Laboratory
Sl. No. Name of Instruments Brief Description of Use
1 Friction Stir Processing Equipment For friction stir processing of├┐ Al and Mg alloys
2 Superplastic forming facility For superplastic forming by using gas pressure blowing
3 Ultrasonic Processor 1500W Model no. VCX-1500 For ultrasonic processing of metals such as Al and Mg, during solidification. It can do degassing, homogenization etc. of molten metals.
4 Traveling Microscope in three Motions Traveling microscope is and instrument for measuring length with resolution of about 0.01 mm. Position of the microscope is read by a vernier. Purpose of the microscope is to aim at reference marks with much higher accuracy compared with bare eyes.

Prof. I/C - Prof. Vivek Pancholi ( )