Materials Testing Laboratory
Materials Testing Laboratory
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Tensile Testing Machine: 100 kN
Type of machine: Electro-mechanical machine

Make: Instron

Model: 5982

Capacity: 100 kN

Test procedure: ASTM, BIS, JIS, DIN

Temperature of testing: Room temperature only
Type of samples: Flat and round cross-section

Available extensometers: 25 mm and 12.5 mm

Strain rate: Upto 500 mm/min

Funding source: Institute

Words of caution: Prepare the sample following the international standard

Too small samples will be difficult to test

MUST bring own blank, R/RW CD for data transfer
Prof. I/C - Prof. B.V. Manoj Kumar ( )

Staff I/C - Mr. Narendra Kumar (

Room No. - 101

Sl. No. Name of Instruments Brief Description of Use
1 Pendulum Impact Testing Machine Model PS-30 Permits determination of behaviour of metals under impact load. Basically two types of tests are used (i) Charpy Test (ii) Izod Test
2 Universal Testing Machine Model ZD-20 To determine tensile, compressive and bending strength and other properties of materials.Capacity 20 Ton Sample Size used: upto 18 mm Diameter having length upto 9 inch
3 Brinall Cum Rockwell hardness Tester Model HP-250 Suitable for testing hardness of materials and alloys-hard of soft, flat or round
4 Erichon Cupping Test Machine Type-05 Used to check deep draw ability of metal sheets. Thin sheets upto 1 mm thickness are suitable for this test.
5 Rotating bar Fatigue Testing Machine Used to measure the high cycle fatigue strength of materials.
6 Magnetic Crack Deductor Magnetic particle inspection of ferromagnetic materials by mobile magnetic yoke. Method conforms to ASTM 1444 standard.
7 Brinell cum Vickers Hardness Tester Model HPO-250 Suitable for testing hardness of materials and alloys-hard or soft, flat or round.
8 Drop ball impact testing machine This test is used for checking the impact resistance of plastic pipes and ceramics, glass, fiber, acrylic coatings.
9 H-25K Tensile Testing Machine For tensile, compression and bending testing: Capacity 25 KN
10 Computerized Vickers Hardness Tester Advanced Vickers Hardness Tester with computer interface
11 Digital Rockwell Electronic Hardness Tester Used to check Rockwell Hardness on C, B&A scales with the digital output.
12 Ultra Sonic Flaw Deductor Model USM-3.55 Non-destructive test equipment used for internal defect evaluation of castings, weld joints and also can be used for thickness measurements.
13 Current Testing Package Model Locator 25-s Eddy current inspection set up for detection of the surface and sub surface flaws in the materials.
14 Universal Testing Machine Model H-75 KS For tensile compression and three point bending tests: Capacity 75Kn
15 Laser Extensometer (Tenious Olsen make) To check the stain under tensile load for non-metallic materials under non contact conditions.