Metal Forming Laboratory
Metal Forming Laboratory
Sl. No. Name of Instruments Brief Description of Use
1 Birson Friction Screw Press (100 tons) For forging of metals / powders
2 Hydraulic Press (60 Metric Tons) For compaction of powders
3 Hydraulic Press (20 Tons) Hand Operated For compaction of powders
4 Attritor Mill For milling/mechanical alloying of powders
5 Mechanico Ball Mill For milling/mechanical alloying of powders
6 Jar Mill For mixing of powder blends
7 Hydrogen Generator For hydrogen generation / supply
8 Lab Stirrer with Chuck For stirring
9 Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate To provide heating and stirring
10 High pressure Bulldozer Pump To provide pressurized water

Prof. I/C - Prof. Anish Karmakar ( )

Staff I/C - Mr. Anurag Chaudhary ( )

Room No. - 140