Mineral Dressing Laboratory
Mineral Dressing Laboratory
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Ball mill size 18”×18”/Ball mill( A.S. Enterprise, Calcutta)
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A ball mill is a machine with a rotating hollow cylinder partly filled with steel or white cast iron balls which is used as grinding media. Ball Mill grinds a material by rotating a cylinder with hard balls, causing them to fall back into the cylinder and onto the material to be ground. The impact of balls is important for reduction in size of the particles.
Lab. Jaw Crusher (A.S Enterprises, Calcutta)

Crushers used to reduce the size of a solid mix of raw material run of mine ore. A jaw crusher uses compressive force for breaking of particle. This mechanical pressure is achieved by the two jaws of the crusher of which one is fixed while the other reciprocates.

Roll Crusher 10ʺ ×6ʺ

Roll crusher is used for secondary crushing in which the product of primary crusher is the feed. The final size of particles can be varied through adjusting space between the rollers.

Centrifugal classifier

It is extensively used for sizing the aggregates of minerals particles into varying size groups by centrifugal force.

Froth flotation cell

Froth flotation is a highly versatile method for physically separating particles based on differences in their wet ability as froth. The particles with attached air bubbles are then carried to the surface and removed, while the particles that remain completely wetted stay in the liquid phase. Froth flotation can be adapted to a broad range of mineral separations, as it is possible to use chemical treatments to selectively alter mineral surfaces so that they have the necessary properties for the separation.

Mechanical sieve shaking machine hanging type

A sieve analysis used to assess the particle size distribution of a granular material. A sieve analysis can be performed on any type of non-organic or organic granular materials including sands, crushed rock, clays, granite, feldspars, coal, and soil, a wide range of manufactured powders, grain and seeds, down to a minimum size. It is a simple technique of particle sizing; it is probably the most common. Sieve shaker is used for shaking the sieves for determination of particle size and its distribution.

Hot Air oven 18ʺ× 18ʺ× 18ʺ

Hot Air Oven is an electrical device, widely used in laboratories for sterilization. It makes optimal use of dry heat to sanitize. It have thermostat for controlling the temperature and digitally controlled to maintain the temperature and fan to circulate hot air.

Wilfley table

The Wilfley Table is simply a large wooden table, on top of which a series of parallel “riffles” are fixed. These riffles increased in length incrementally from the top of the table down to the bottom. The entire table is set at an angle, and the slime is poured onto it from the top corner. The heavier particles would be held up along the riffles, while the lighter particles would roll over them. The whole table is oscillated back and forth many times a minute, which works the heavier particles down the riffles and towards the opposite end of the table. From there they are removed. The basic principle of Wilfley table is flowing film convention in which minerals are separated on the basis of specific gravity and size differences.

Mineral Jig

A jig is a simple mineral separation device using water and the force of gravity to separate minerals depending on the differences in their specific gravity and size.

Disc Type Pelletizer

This equipment used for converting powdered materials into round and uniform size pellets. Which are subsequently used for reduction studies .

Rod Mill

It is used for grinding the ore using steel rods as grinding media. In this mill the uniform particle size is obtained if a raw material is ground by this mill. It consists a long hollow cylinder and grinding action is performed by tumbling of rods inside the mill.

Jar Mill

This machine is used for uniformly mixing the metal powder (blending) which is subsequently used for preparation of compacts.