Nano Materials and Application Laboratory
Nano Materials and Application Laboratory
In Nano Materials and Application Lab, we are working on large scale synthesis of nanomaterals such as Graphene (for application in flexible transparent field emitters, other transparent conducting electrodes), Carbon Nanotubes (for electronic and electrochemical applications), Boron Nitride ( for application in composites, piezoelectric cells and bioimaging).For more information about the research group please visit:

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Controlled Atmosphere High Temperature Tubular Furnace
The furnace is a tube type furnace; tube is made of quartz for high temperature heat treatment controlled by PID. The furnace is a specially designed with three zone of heating in which we can set different temperature for each zone. The furnace is also equipped to give different atmosphere such as argon, hydrogen and ammonia.

Make- Custom made

Technical Specifications:

Tube type furnace

Three zoned furnace with a quartz tube

PID controller for each zone

Controlled atmosphere

Maximum temperature 1100 °C

Different heating rate selectors
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High Voltage Power Supply:
Make: Stanford Research Systems, Inc.
Model: PS350

Technical Specification:
Dimensions: 16.0" x 8.1" x 3.5" (L x W x H)
Weight: 8 lbs
Input Power: 50 W, 100, 120, 220, 240 VAC ±10%, 50 or 60 Hz
Output Voltage: 50 to ±5000 V
Maximum Output Current: 5 mA
Voltage Resolution: 1 V
Current Resolution: 1 μA
Voltage Display Accuracy: V set Accuracy ±1 V, typ (±2 V, max)
Current Display Accuracy: I set Accuracy ±1 μA, typ (±2 μA, max)
Stability: 0.01% per hour, <0.03% per 8 hours
Temperature Drift: 50 ppm/˚C, 0˚ to 50 ˚C, typ
Recovery Time: 12 ms for 40% step change in load current, typ
Discharge Time: <6 sec (to <1% of full scale voltage with no load, typ)
Trip Response Time: <10 μs
Minimum Trip Current: 10 μA
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Arbitary Function Generator:
Made: Tektronix
Model: AFG3022C

Technical Specifications:

Channel: 2
Sine: 25 MHz
Pulse: 25 MHz
Memory: 2 to 131,072
Sampling Rate: 250MS/s
Amplitude: 10Vp-p
Interface: USB,LAN, GPIB
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Mixed Domain Oscilloscope:
The MD03024 oscilloscope is intended for traditional analog signal measurement and analysis, and also for solving problems requiring use of its built-in-arbitrary function generator, mixed signal (digital and analog) , and spectrum analyser capabilities.

Made: Tektronix
Model: MDO3024

Technical Specifications:

Analog Channels: 4
Digital Channels: 16
Analog Width: 200 MHz
Analog Sample Rate: 2.5GS/s
Digital Sample Rrate: 500MS/s
Spectrum Analyze Input: 1
Spectrum Analyzer Frequency Range: 9KHz-200MHz
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Digital Multimeter:
Made: Keithley

Model: Keithley-2010/E

Technical Specifications