Phase Transformation
Phase Transformation
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Steel is an ever green material without saturation in application. So much of our energy is devoted to develop iron based alloys, both conventional and unconventional, with the fundamental base of theoretical calculations and experiment. The recipes to change the microstructures and properties for our case are according to the priority below:

I. Heat Treatment in controlled atmosphere, employing Gleeble 3800.

II. Selection of alloy element by Calphad calculation and theoretical investigation.

III. Non-equilibrium synthesis of alloys.
Right now, we have picked up few challenges in hand for investigation and alloy development:

1. Identifying role of the ternary element (Si/Al) in bainitic cementite formation. The effort to solve this problem is going on for some times in international research domain, as intention is to obtain high ductility though a large amount of carbon may be present.

2. Developing interstitial free (IF) steel for automobile application, with the minimum alloy addition for a low cost.

3. Synthesizing new grade of iron based alloys by additive manufacturing (International collaboration) with a laser source, and mechanical alloying in Retsch Planetary ball mill. The non-equilibrium synthesis incorporates phase changes in iron and its alloys in so many ways that it rekindles our hope generating a seemingly infinite variety of microstructures and properties as our long term interest.

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Planetary Ball mill
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