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Course 2020-21


S.No. Department Course Name Course Coordinator Duration Sponsoring Agency
1. Mathematics Optimization Theory, Methods and Applications Prof. S.K. Gupta Aug. 18-20,2020 Open
2. HRED Solar Power-Emerging Technology and O&M issues of Solar Power Plants Prof. R. P. Saini Sept. 21-25, 2020 NHPC
3. HRED Distributed Control System Instrumentation, SCADA System and Communication Network-3 Prof. Arun Kumar Sept. 28-30,2020 NHPC
4. HRED Pump Storage-Design, Operation & Integration with Renewable Energy Prof. Arun Kumar Oct. 05-09, 2020 NHPC
5. HRED Regulatory Framework and Operation of Power Station Prof. Arun Kumar Oct 12-16, 2020 NHPC
6. HRED Small Hydro Power Projects – Cost Effective Implementation Dr. S. K. Singal "October 19-21, 2020" NHPC
7. HRED Modeling and Simulation of Energy Systems Dr. Rhythm Singh Oct. 19-23,2020 "AICTE (under ATAL Academy)"
8. HRED Wind Power Emerging Technology Prof. R. P. Saini Nov. 02-06, 2020 NHPC
9. HRED Assessment of Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control in Hydro Power Projects Prof. Arun Kumar Nov 23–27, 2020 NHPC
10. HRED Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage Prof. Amit C. Bhosle Nov. 23-27,2020 "AICTE (under ATAL Academy)"
11. HRED Advanced and Disruptive Technology Trends in Energy Sector Prof. Arun Kumar Dec 01–03, 2020 NHPC
12. MIED Design of Vibration &Shock isolation system Prof. Anil Kumar Dec. 1-4,2020 BEL
13. Civil Landslide Mitigation & Detailed Project Report (DPR) Preparation "Dr. Mahendra Singh & Dr. S.P. Pradhan" Nov. 23-27, 2020 NDMA
14. HRED Solar Power-Emerging Technology and O&M issues of Solar Power Plants” Prof. R. P. Saini Dec. 07-11, 2020 NHPC
15. HRED Renovation & Modernization of Power Plants (Technical Challenges, Regulation of CEA / CERC etc.) Prof. Arun Kumar Dec. 14-16, 2020 NHPC
16. WRD&M Applications of Multi-megawatt Power-electronic System Prof. T.R. Chelliah Dec. 01-05,2020 ME&IT
17. HRED Safety and Operational Risk for Hydraulic Structures at Hydro Power Station” Prof. M.K. Singhal Dec. 28-30, 2020 NHPC
18. HRED Hydraulic Turbine Testing Prof. R. P. Saini Jan. 04-08, 2021 NHPC
19. HRED Regulatory Framework and Operation of Power Station” Prof. Arun Kumar Jan. 11-15, 2021 NHPC
20. Civil Road Safety Auditors Prof. Indrajit Ghosh Feb. 22 – March 08, 2021 MoRTH and IRC,
21. Earthquake Refresher Course on Building Designed Construction Prof. P.C.Ashwin Kumar Feb. 22-24,2021 DTC,Jaipur