1. Intake systems-
    This section covers the research topics related to the intake systems of a hydropower plant, including diversion structure, intake gate, trash rack, desilting structure, water conductor system, main inlet valve, surge tank, fatigue loading in penstock, hydraulic transient, etc.

  2. Hydraulic turbines-
    This section covers all the components of hydraulic turbines such as spiral casing, stay vane, guide vane, runner, labyrinth seals, and draft tube. The potential areas of interest are design and optimization, multidisciplinary design optimization, unsteady flow phenomena, performance prediction and enhancement, erosion and cavitation flow, etc.

  3. Pump turbines-
    This section covers all topics related to a centrifugal pump, pump as turbines, reversible pump turbines, including its design, optimization, performance, cavitation, vibration, phenomena in pumping and turbine mode, etc.

  4. Hydropower-
    This section covers topics related to sustainable development and challenges in the hydropower projects, including small hydropower, mini and micro-hydro, decentralized development, load flexibility, environmentally friendly turbine design, innovations in sustainable hydro, and energy-efficient application, etc.

  5. Multiphase flow-
    This section covers topics related to two or more phases of flow study in the hydraulic machinery, including cavitation, erosion, aeration, synergic effect, etc.

  6. Vortex breakdown-
    This section covers topics related to vortex breakdown in hydraulic machinery, including trailing edge vortex, leading-edge vortex, inter blade vortex, draft tube, etc.

  7. Recent measurement techniques-
    This section covers topics related to recent measurement techniques used in hydropower plants, including measuring efficiency, pressure, velocity, strain, and vibration. The section also focuses on the measurement techniques of suspended sediment and hydro abrasive erosion in the hydraulic machinery.

  8. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)-
    This section covers topics related to numerical techniques used in hydraulic machinery. The potential area of interest is high-quality CFD simulations, development of numerical models, turbulence modeling, detached eddy simulations, large-eddy simulations, direct numerical simulations, etc.

  9. Fluid-structure interaction and fatigue loading-
    This section covers experimental or numerical analysis topics, including fluid-solid interaction, vibration, resonance, damping, stress-strain measurement, crack development, estimating fatigue lifetime, finite element method, etc.

  10. Ocean hydro machinery-
    This section covers wave energy, tidal energy, and marine current energy topics. It focuses on the ocean hydro types of machinery mainly used to convert the ocean hydropower into mechanical energy to generate electricity finally.

  11. Energy storage and flexibility-
    This section covers topics related to hydropower energy storage, market, scheduling, energy management, transient operations such as load variation, start-stop, load rejection, no-load, runaway. Energy generation and management with multiple turbines, load sharing, ancillary services, load ramping are potential areas of interest.

  12. General topics-
    This section invites the topics which are not covered in the above sections and are explicitly in the context of hydropower and hydraulic machinery e.g., recent manufacturing techniques for hydraulic turbines, refurbishment, life assessment, turbine testing, calibration method, prototyping, scaling, turbine blade material and metallurgy, data acquisition and data processing.