Dean's Structure
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Academics Affairs
The Academic Affairs Office (AAO) handles all academic administration activities of the Institute which has nearly ten thousand students currently enrolled in its 18 undergraduate programs, 58 master’s programs and doctoral programs offered by 23 departments, six academic centres and one school. The fully residential Institute is adored for its delivery of the cutting-edge academic contents and state-of-the-art research outputs; presently, it’s the sixth top Indian technical institution and among the top universities of the world. The academic activities are offered through three campuses located in three different places – Roorkee, Saharanpur and Greater Noida. The office is headed by the Dean of Academic Affairs (DoAA) in coordination with three Associate Deans and other Officers. The need-based programs in the institute and the academic rigor provided with ample academic flexibility, including the avenues to exit a program, makes the institute as one of the most sought after destinations for the national as well as international students aspiring for world-class education.
All the IITs are administered centrally by the IIT Council, an apex body established by the Government of India. The Minister of Human Resource & Development, Government of India, is the Chairman of the Council, while each Institute has a Board of Governors responsible for its overall administration and control.
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Dean of Student's Welfare
The Students’ Welfare office assists the students in various ways like the formulation and implementation of institute policies and guidelines, most often those that directly affect students’ needs. The Students’ Welfare office helps new students get acclimated to campus life, in addition the Student Welfare Office provides campus security, hostels, meal and day/night canteens, general shops for daily need items and other basic amenities on the campus. We also assist students in financial aid, medical & wellness-related facilities and all aspects of their careers. Apart from this the Students’ Welfare office also includes programs focusing on social events, extracurricular activities and sports. Under students’ activities we have units named Cinema Club, NCC, NSS, Cultural Council, SPIC MACAY, Himalayan Explorer Club, Thomso and Cognizance. DOSW is essentially the students’ voice when it comes to managing academic and personal issues, making recommendations and outlining procedures relating to new guidelines or policies.
Faculty Affairs
The main aim of Dean of faculty Affairs (DoFA) office is to oversee the functioning and well being of all the faculty members and facilitate their professional development.

The office of DoFA handles all the matters related to the faculty of the institute. These include matters related the recruitment and establishment of faculty members, sanction of leave, LTC, foreign travel, issue of various NOCs, maintaining service records, pay & perks (fixation and upgradation) of faculty members, retirement and pension related issues. The office is involved in organizing the orientation program for new faculty members and awarding Institute research Fellowships (IRFs) to outstanding young faculty members to recognize excellent research work carried out in the institute. This office is also involved in organizing Teacher’s Day function where Outstanding Teachers Award in UG and PG category, Bal Krishna Outstanding teacher Award and Ram Kumar Prize for Outstanding teaching and Research are bestowed on the selected faculty members. The DoFA office is also involved in appointments of Distinguished Visiting Chair Professor/Visiting faculty/adjunct faculty, Emeritus Professors/Fellows, Sponsored and Institute Chair Professors positions and Higher administrative Grades. It also coordinates the review and selection process for hiring postdocs for faculty members under Institute Postdoc Scheme. It is also responsible for convening different meetings like DFAC/IFAC, Standing Committee, Selection Committees, meeting of Deans & Heads and for supervision of student other than IIT Roorkee.
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Finance and Planning
This page is the gateway to various payment related portals and handles financial accounts of IIT Roorkee.
The Institute Works Department (IWD) , one of the pillars of IIT Roorkee is responsible for creation and maintenance of Civil infrastructure, Electrical systems, Furniture, Water supply, Sanitation, Horticulture, HVAC systems, Lifts, Fire fighting systems and Solar PV systems. Currently, IWD is managing approximately 400 acres of campus area at Roorkee, Saharanpur and Greater Noida campuses of the Institute. The IWD thrives to enhance user satisfaction through effective facility management conforming to the relevant national standards. The IWD has taken several sustainability initiatives which include adoption of PV system for renewable energy generation, LED lighting for improved energy efficiency and water recycling & reuse. In the recent past, the IWD has added 22350 sq. mt. of built-up area in the year 2021-22 and 53440 sq. mt. in year 2022-23. The IWD is headed by the Dean Infrastructure with three Associate Deans providing assistance for works related to projects, civil infrastructure and electrical infrastructure. The Engineering and planning staff includes Institute Engineer, Institute Architect, four executive engineers, six assistant executive engineers and ten junior engineers. Dean Infrastructure also oversees the operations of Estate office with respect to house allotment of group A staff.
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International Relations
From the inception of this institute in 1847 its international character is quite strong. Several engineers trained here were deployed in other parts of the world to carry out major projects. For example, William Willcocks (1852–1932), a British civil engineer who graduated from 1872 batch, is remembered as a renowned irrigation engineer, having proposed the first Aswan Dam and undertaken major projects of irrigation in South Africa and Turkey. IIT Roorkee has a long history of having African & Asian students, especially in the areas of Water Resources. Students from 55 different countries have been educated at IIT Roorkee.
Resources and Alumni Affairs
The mission of the Dean of Resources & Alumni Affairs (DORA) Office is to foster and strengthen the bond between alumni, students, and the institute which forms a “golden triangle”. You would be happy to learn that the DORA office has started several initiatives and programs to improve the institute–alumni relationship. Alumni play a very vital role in the growth of any academic institution. Please browse through the DORA Office website and learn about various avenues of institute-alumni connect. There are also a number of schemes to promote excellence in students, faculty and departments. From that perspective, IIT Roorkee has a distinct edge over other institutions in India given an alumni base spanning over 175 years. You are always welcome to visit IIT Roorkee and have a walk down the memory lane. The DORA office would be more than happy to help you have a comfortable stay on the campus.
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Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IITR) recognizes Sponsored Research (SR) and Industrial Consultancy (IC) as the essential attributes of research and development. A full-fledged office operating under Dean (SRIC) provides administrative and accounting support to the faculty undertaking sponsored research and consultancy work. The Sponsored Research & Industrial Consultancy (SRIC) office of IIT Roorkee manages all of IIT Roorkee's sponsored research initiatives, which includes project submission, project management with accounting, hiring of research staff, communications with the funding agency, MoU signing, functioning of Students Technical Council, IPR protection, and technology transfer. SRIC also has a significant impact on the launch of new Institute research projects as well as the execution of numerous national and international programmes.