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Mayank Goswami
Assistant Professor
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Teaching Engagements

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Research Interests
Experimental Physics, Ionizing and Non-ionizing Radiation Detection & Measurments: Statistics & Applications, Instrumentation : Time dependent 3D Non-Invasive / Non Destructive Imaging, Functional Biomedical Imaging In-Vivo, Biophysics: Photodynamic Therapy & Image-Guided Drug Delivery Mechanisms, Algorithm Development: Applications of Inverse Problems via Classical Optimization & AI
Educational Details
IIT Kanpur
PHD, Nuclear Engineering & Technology Programme
IIT Kanpur
M.Tech., Nuclear Engineering & Technology Programme
M.I.T.S. Gwalior
B.E., Electrical Engineering
Professional Background
Post Doctoral Employee
01 Aug 2014 - 08 Aug 2016
University of California, Davis, CA, USA
Assistant Professor
01 Mar 2014 - 31 Jul 2014
Department of Electrical Engineering, NIT Patna, India
Development of Non-invasive non-destructive Imaging / Testing 01 Jan 2018 Radiation measurement Instrumentation & Imaging PI 56 Lakhs SERB DST
X-Ray 4D CT System 05 Oct 2022 Instrumentation PI NA SMILE 2022
Soft hydrogel lens as non-invasive ocular implant for image assisted Treatments 18 May 2022 Animal Imaging and Theranostics PI 40 lacs Chellaram Diabetes Research Centre
CT algorithm to assess quality of space components 25 Jan 2022 Imaging PI 23 Lacs ISRO
Design of Optical CT-Scan Systems for Imaging Assisted Nanodrug Delivery 01 Jan 2018 Imaging Techniques and Instrumentation Development PI 98 + 95 + 90 Lakhs MHRD
Development of non-invasive biosensor for early detection of lung cancer 04 Oct 2021 Sensor Design as CO-PI 86 Lakhs iHUB DivyaSampark, Technology Innovation Hub Prof. P. Gopinath, BSBE; Prof. S. Manhas, ECE
Development of UCT 31 Aug 2017 NDE PI 10 Lacs FIG


Laboratory Link: Divyadrishti Imaging Lab

Research Articles: ORCID

Book Chapters: 

  • Nanoengineering Technology for diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmic diseases, Emerging Nanotechnologies for Medical Applications, Elsevier, 9780323911825. DOI
  • Metamaterials-Based Photonic Crystal Fiber (PCF) Design for Wireless Charging, Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Trends in Computational and Cognitive Engineering, Springer Singapore, 978-981-19-9483-8 DOI


Patents {Granted}:

  • Compact Air-Coupled 2d Ultrasound Computed Tomography (UCT) Scanner Assembly, x-Link
  • A method of preparing biocompatible hydrogel for non-invasive drug delivery, Link


Work in Media/News:


Research Artciles Published in International Journals {specialization wise}: 

Sparse Inverse Problems:

  • Reliable reconstruction strategy with higher grid resolution for limited data tomography, NDT & E Inter., Elsevier, DOI
  • Adaptive Restructuring for Computerized Tomography, Research in Nondestructive Evaluation, ASNT, & T&F, DOI
  • Mollifier Schemes in Limited Data Computerized Tomography, ASNT Digital Library, Weblink


Compact Hybrid Instrumentation:

  • Optimal Spatial filtering schemes and compact tomography setups, Research in Nondestructive Evaluation, ASNT & DOI
  • Non-uniform arrangement of emitter-receiver pairs and compact ultrasonic CT setup, Sensors Journal IEEE, DOI
  • Optimal sensor locations and ultrasound tomography set-up design for limited data problems, BINDT, Weblink
  • Effect of scanning beam size for mouse retinal imaging with SLO, Optics Letter, OSA ,DOIPubMED
  • Optimal frequency combination estimation for accurate Ultrasound Nondestructive Testing, Electronics Letters, DOI, & YT
  • Development of a 3D Printer-Scanner hybrid from e-waste, IJEST- Springer Nature, DOI
  • Sensitivity Analysis of calibration methods and factors effecting the statistical nature of radiation measurement, Journal of Signal Processing Systems, Springer Nature, DOI, arXiv, YT
  • AI based Scintillation Detector Calibration, arXivGitHub YT
  • LabVIEW is faster and C is economical interfacing tool for UCT automation, arXiv,
  • Effect of scattering and electronic noise upon selection of detectors for Gamma Computerized Tomography, DOI
  • Do we really need to recalibrate the CT system Configuration for every experiment?
  • Characterization of Electrical Impedance Tomography System, arXiv, YT, DOI
  • Relative estimation of scattering noise and electronic noise of a radiation detector, MST-IOP, DOI
  • Gamma radiation detector selection for CT scanner, ZFMP, elsevier, DOI


 Algorithm Development:

  • A New Grid-Based Tomographic Method for Two-Phase Flow Measurements, Nuclear Science and Engineering, ANS, DOI
  • Plasma Diagnostics at Aditya Tokomak by Two Views Visible Light Tomography, Fusion Engineering & Design, Elsevier,  DOI IAEA .
  • Correlation between numerical simulation and limited data experimental technique for estimation of nitrogen flowing in LMMHD loop, Fluid Measurement & Instrumentation, Elsevier, DOI.
  • Deep Learning Algorithm for satellite imaging based cyclone detection, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing,  IEEE, DOI.
  • Deep Learning models for benign and malign Ocular Tumour Growth Estimation, CMIG-Elsevier, DOIPubMEDarXiv, & YT
  • AI Algorithm for Mode Classification of PCF SPR Sensor Design, Plasmonics, Springer-Nature, DOI, arXiv, & YT
  • AI and conventional methods for UCT projection data estimation, Journal of Signal Processing Systems, Springer-Nature, DOI, arXiv YT
  • AI pipeline for accurate retinal layer segmentation using OCT 3D images, Photonics, MDPI, [invited], DOIarXiv YT


Biomedical Instrumentation & Applications:

  • Relative estimation of scattering noise and its utility to select radiation detector for Gamma CT scanner, arXiv
  • Viability studies of hydrogel contact lens on a 3D Printed platform as ocular drug delivery carrier for diabetic retinopathy, Materials Letters, DOI
  • Biocompatible soft hydrogel lens as topical implants for diabetic retinopathy,  Materials Letters, bioRxivDOI.
  • Point-of-care thermal imaging tool assisting in the development of imaging biomarker as pre-diagnostics of graves' disease,
  • Design and fabrication of dual protein based tri-layered nanofibrous scaffold for efficient wound healing, ACS Applied Bio Materials, DOI. 
  • Characterization of 3D Printers and X-Ray Computerized Tomography,
  • Development of an Autonomous Quadrotor with a Robust Real-time Control: A Review on Modeling, Estimation, Control, and Hardware Aspects, TechRxiv, IEEE
  • Methods for non-surgical cancer nano-theranostics of ocular tumors in the mouse eye, Ophthalmic Technologies, DOI.
  • A Novel Window for Cancer Nanotheranostics: Non-invasive Ocular Assessments of Tumor Growth and Nanotherapeutics Treatment Efficacy In Vivo, Biomed. Opt. Express, OSA, DOIPubMEd
  • Mouse eye as a model for non-surical investigation of cancer nano-theranostics, Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual  Science,  ARVO, DOI.
  • Adaptive-optics SLO imaging combined with phase-variance OCT and wide-field SLO enables precise 3D localization of fluorescent microglia and cone photoreceptor cells in the mouse retina, Biomed. Opt. Express, OSA, DOIPubMED
  • Visualization of chorioretinal vasculature in mice in vivo using a combined OCT/SLO imaging system, Ophthalmic Technologies, SPIE, DOI.
  • The rodent eye as a non-invasive window for understanding cancer nanotherapeutics, Cancer Research. AACR, DOI.
  • Fluorescent scanning laser ophthalmoscopy for cellular resolution in vivo mouse retinal imaging: benefits and drawbacks of implementing adaptive optics, Ophthalmic Technologies,  SPIE, DOI.
  • Protective Effect of Intravitreal Administration of Exosomes Derived from Mesenchymal Stem Cells on Retinal Ischemia, Current Eye Research, T&F, DOI, PubMED
  • Combined SLO-OCT for non-surgical cancer nano-theranostics. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual  Science,  ARVO, DOI



  • The photosensitivity of Rhodopsin Bleaching and changes in Ocular Fundus Reflectivity measured in vivo in mice with scanning laser ophthalmoscopy,  Investigation Ophthalmol Visual Science, ARVO, DOIPubMED
  • Loss of cone function without degeneration in a novel Gnat2 knock-out mouse line,  Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, ARVO, DOI.
  • Rapid monocyte infiltration following retinal detachment is depended on non-canonical IL6 signalling through gp130 Journal of Neuroinflammation, Springer-Nature, DOIPubMED
  • In vivo photoreceptor optophysiology: G-protein activation triggers osmotic swelling and increased light scattering of rods, PNAS, DOI,  PubMED
  • Light induced increases of photoreceptor layer reflectance in response to rhodopsin bleaching in mice measured in vivo with optical coherence Tomography: Optophysiology, opthalmic Technologies, SPIE, DOI.
  • There and Back Again: Transient Microglial Responses to Localized Neuronal Damage In Vivo, Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science,  ARVO, DOI.
  • Novel features of optophysiological signals from mouse rod outer segment tips observed by optical coherence tomography, Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual  Science,  ARVO, DOI.
  • Non-invasive multimodal imaging of Diabetic Retinopathy: A survey on treatment methods and Nanotheranostics, Nanotheranostics, DOIPubMED
  • Biocompatible soft hydrogel lens as topical implants for diabetic retinopathy,  Materials Letters, bioRxiv, DOI.
  • Prolonged in-vivo tracking of vitreous fluid and its early diagnostic imaging biomarkers for cancer growth, Biorxiv
  • Ketamine-Induced Ego Dissolution is Related to the Functional Connectivity Reconfiguration of the Posteromedial Cortex,Biological Psychiatry, DOI




  • Project Y: Summer Internship project for building Mini-Health-Pod Link
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  • Teaching and Laboratory Details:                      
    Microprocessor and Peripheral Devices: Lab. Experiments Videos
  • Signals and Systems: Lab. Experiment and Theory Validating Videos 
  • Other Links:   1.   Arduino 
Honors And Awards
IIT Roorkee
Institute Research Fellowship for Outstanding Young Faculty
IIT Roorkee
Ashok Soota Insititute Research Fellowship
Early Career Research Award
UC Davis
Post Doc Fellowship RISE Eye-Pod
British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing
International Conference Attendance Award
Indian Nuclear Society, Anushakti Nagar, BARC, Mumbai
07 Jul 2020 - Present
{ Lifetime Member }
American Society for Non-Destructive Testing
07 Jul 2020 - Present
{ Member }
Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology
07 Jul 2020 - Present
{ Resident Member }
Indian Physics Association, T.I.F.R, Mumbai
12 Mar 2021 - Present
{ Life Member }
European Society for Hybrid, Molecular and Translational Imaging
10 Jan 2020 - Present
Teaching Engagements
Teaching Engagements
Nuclear Instrumentation ( PHN-631 )
Numerical Analysis and Programming ( PHN-701 )
Applied Linear Algebra ( DA-201 )
Modern Physics ( PHN 007 )
Microprocessor & Peripheral Devices ( PHN210 )
Electronics Lab ( PH-302 )
Signals & Systems ( PHN 313 )
Engineering Mechanics ( PHN-001 )
Applied Physics ( PHN 004 )
Advanced Characterization Tech. ( PHN 788 )
Future aspects of 3D Imaging, Printing and Additive Manufacturing
01 Jan 2018 - 02 Jan 2018
IUAC Delhi
Various related workshops at IUAC, Delhi.
Administrative Positions
DOC Microprocessor Lab
01 Jan 2017 - 01 Jan 2018
IIT Roorkee
20 Oct 2020 - 05 Jul 2021
Jawahar Bhawan, IIT Roorkee
Cognizance Coordinator
14 Jan 2019 - 22 Jul 2022
Physics IIT Roorkee
Member DAPC
02 Jul 2021 - 31 Jul 2023
Physics IIT Roorkee
Prof. Incharge Multimedia Facility
07 Sep 2021 - Present
IIT Roorkee
Officer Incharge Microprocessor Lab
01 Jan 2018 - Present
IIT Roorkee
Member Center Research Committee, CAIDS
25 Jun 2021 - 25 Jul 2023
IIT Roorkee
Member Faculty Search Committee Dept. of ECE
09 Feb 2021 - 31 Dec 2021
IIT Roorkee
Website (OC)
01 Jan 2018 - 01 Aug 2021
Physics, IITR
Member DAPC
01 Jan 2017 - 01 Jan 2019
Physics IITR
DOC Instrumentation Lab
01 Jan 2017 - 01 Jan 2018
Physics, IIT Roorkee