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Teaching Laboratories
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Sl No. Experiment Name Manual Vedio link
1 To determine the magnetic field of paired coils in Helmholtz arrangement.
2 To determine the e/m by magnetron method.
3 To verify Stokes Low and hence determine the coefficient of Viscosity of a highly viscous liquid.
4 To determine Planck's Constant and work function using photo electric effect.
5 To determine the resistivity of a semiconductor as a function of temperature and to estimate its band gap using four-probe method.
6 To determine the mass susceptibility of a para-magnetic material by Quincke’s method.
7 To determine the first excitation potential of a gas by Franck- Hertz Experiment.
8 To verify the Malus law using laser light.
9 To study the single slit diffraction by laser light.
10 To determine the value of Planck's constant by measuring radiation in a fixed spectral range.
11 To determine the wavelength of sodium light by Newton's Ring.
12 Experiments related to PN Junction

Sl No. Experiment Name Manual
1 Dependence of Hall Coefficient On Temperature
2 Dielectric Constant of Solids & Liquids
3 Study of Dielectric Constant
4 Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) Spectrometer
5 Four Probe
6 Hysteresis Loop Trace
7 Magnetoresistance of Semiconductors
8 Measurement of Dielectric Constant
9 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer
10 P-E loop tracer
11 P-N Junctiuns
12 Solar Cell
13 Sputtering Unit
14 Study of Hall Effect in Metals
15 Study of Magnetic Levitation System
16 Furnace with Programmable Controller
17 Vacuum Coating Unit
18 Zeeman Effect

Sl No. Experiment Name Manual
1 7 segment dispay
2 De morgan's theorem
3 Half and full adder
4 Half and full subtractor
5 Interconversion of universal gates
6 J-K flip flop
7 Logic gates and truth table varification
8 multiplexer and demultiplexer
9 S-R flip flop
10 T & D flip flop

Sl No. Experiment Name Manual
1 Mode Field Diameter of a single mode fiber
2 Near-field intensity profile of a multimode fiber
4 Optical wave guide
5 Characterization of LED
6 Fiber to fiber (multimode) splice loss
7 Bend-Induced loss in a single-mode fiber
8 Faraday Effect
9 Microbending Loss and Applicatioin in sensing
10 Ultrasonic Diffraction
11 Alignment of He Ne Cavity